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[Two of Four posts with no post number]

We have successfully started to re-group at VOAT, now we need to start posting. But...

Ok, you guys are fantastic.

Our transition is a success. Many have joined https://voat.co/v/theawakening and it seems the server/bandwidth issue is now resolved.

I am still exploring other options but I feel VOAT is a good stop for now and if things work well, we may all stay there.

Now, we have to go back to business as usual ASAP. I have this post that just came out of the oven but I can't post it on VOAT unless I get at least 8 Comment Contribution Points. Very strange because I already have +250 comment upvotes here: https://voat.co/user/SerialBrain2/comments but my CCP account is still 0 Imgur. Others have less comment upvotes and already have the CCPs. So? 2 possibilities:

  1. wait until this mystery is resolved and it will not be business as usual for an undetermined amount of time.

  2. Find someone trustworthy or a mod who already has the CCP's and who can post on my behalf.

I think you will all agree option 2 is the coolest. Next step: let's find that person!

Edit: The VOAT CCP Mystery Solved!

Thanks to u/Angry_Bald_Guy  and  u/Abby_Normal1776, we now know the following:

"the voat system is working perfectly, you dont get ccp on your account from a subverse that has miniumum ccp requirements set up, like this one, all the upvoats in this subverse mean nothing essentially. it stops bots and spammers from making private subverses to farm points to downvoat everything they dont agree with". "Just interact with non CCP limited subs until you get your 10 upvotes. Don't immigrate then attempt to abuse the system. Just assimilate and use the service normally, everything will be fine.".

Thank you for these excellent contributions!

You now know what to do: walk around VOAT OUTSIDE of theawakening sub and comment here and there to get these points.

EDIT: here is one VOAT comment where I will need your upvotes:


[Archiver's note: Here is the comment from Voat mathematics by SerialBrain2]


2 reasons The Jedi sucks at math:

  1. He can only count up to 7: JEDI=28=1+2+3+4+5+6+7.

  2. When I claimed in a dissertation that "THE JEDI SUCKS" is a sentence that SOUNDS GOOD, I got an A+


Thank you


You can find my latest post at VOAT in these 2 subs:



Enjoy and see you there! :)

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