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Post # 9 - Dow plunging 666 points: so far Trump has won 2 battles out of 3, will he win the last one?

The powers driving a nation are 3: Social power (beliefs, myths, social justice, media...)

Political power (legislative, judiciary and executive infrastructure...) and Economical power

(money supply, markets...).

The one who controls these 3 components, controls the Nation. And the one who controls the most powerful nation of the world, controls the world. God knows it, Satan knows it, Trump knows it, the Vatican knows it, the Deep State knows it, Bohemian Grove knows it, pretty much everybody knows it...

The Hollywood debacle, the NFL and MSM meltdown, the Grammy's plunging ratings, the statue debate along with other matters show America is going through a deep and irreversible transformation since Trump's election. All the myths that were misleadingly strengthening the fabric of the Nation are being destroyed one after the other. Trump's ability to raise a major social question, extract the BS out of it and expose those who have undermined America, knowingly or not, has enabled him to start putting the social power back into the hands of the People. First win.

The infiltration of our political infrastructure by evil and secret powers is not a conspiracy theory. Unless President Kennedy was a conspiracy theorist. Which I doubt. That being established, Strozk text message referring to a secret society is proof our political infrastructure has been compromised. Using secrecy, blackmail and other occult means, evil powers have controlled the majority of our politicians for decades. This control, transcending party lines, explains why America has carried on with destructive foreign and domestic policies written decades ago without any incoming president challenging them. Until Trump. The way he handled TPP, Immigration, Global Warming and the UN demonstrated his personal freedom. Second Win.

The process which led Congress to produce and release the memo would not have been successful if these Congressmen were not freed. Conspiracy? Think about it. At his first attempt to tell the truth, Nunes had to temporarily step down as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee and go through an investigation! This time, the GOP stood still, remained united and even enjoyed the luxury of producing All-Stars like Gowdy, Ratcliffe and Jordan and a new MVP with Gaetz ! This was a major setback for the former controllers. They had to retaliate. Hence the train “accident”. Fortunately, with God’s help, the casualties were limited to the death of the driver for whom we pray. Now let’s stop and think about this: imagine if this “accident” was successful. We would be in a situation where there would be no elected majority. The evil forces at work would regain power in Congress and Senate because they would have successfully demonstrated Trump’s inability to protect their members against them. Now that they played this card and it did not work, they know Trump’s administration will now take all the necessary steps to physically protect Congress and Senate members. So… What’s left ? Remember ? 3 powers.

You guessed it. The economy. Since the train 'accident' did not work, they figured: let’s show him we control the economy. Hence the Dow plunging 666 points. Coincidence? This number was carefully chosen referencing Trump’s family building located at 666 Fifth Avenue. Now the question is: how can they control the stock market like that, aren’t the markets supposed to drive the numbers, how can they control uncertainty and volatility? Well, that’s the final red pill only Trump, a Wharton graduate who became President of the United States, can pull off. After hypocritical Hollywood, misleading MSM, a blackmailed political infrastructure and an infiltrated judiciary system, the final myth America needs to wake up to is the Economy: it’s rigged. From the artificial production of the money supply to the mathematical models driving the stock market, it’s all rigged. This article would be too long to explain it. But those who want to know should research Alan Greenspan who chaired the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006 and who, in his early career days helped build the mathematical infostructure and technological infrastructure common to the Fed and the Stock Exchange. Folks, it’s all rigged: those who write the programs decide who wins. Do you believe in coincidence? The same day the train “accident” occurred, Alan Greenspan, out of the blue says on Bloomberg:

“There are two bubbles: We have a stock market bubble, and we have a bond market bubble,”.

And 2 days later, the Dow plunges 666 points!

That’s the third battle.

Will Trump, the Wharton graduate who became POTUS, win the war against those who have turned our economy into a rigged casino where they are the only winners?

When Trump and his Generals respond to the attack (which we should all hope they do) and move their forces to that battlefield, the coming months will be deadly.

This war will not stop until the dollar returns to gold and the Federal Reserve to ashes.



Signal to POTUS they control the market?



Welcome to the Global War.


Those who pray should pray.

Nothing new under the sun. The Money Changers against Christ.

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