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Post # 83 -  561=3X187:

The 3 times the Deep State tried to assassinate Trump.

Did you know Q told us the Deep State tried 3 times to assassinate Trump?

Today, I will walk you through these 3 attempts recorded in Q board.

First Assassination Attempt: Las Vegas

We went through this in detail in a previous post.

This is connected to the October 1st 2017 shooting at the Mandalay Bay. Reading correctly Q92  [or here] gives us a clear understanding of what happened that night: Trump had a classified meeting with who appears to have been Crown Prince Salman in the top floor penthouse of the Hotel. One of the owners of the top floor being Prince Al Waleed (the other is Bill Gates), we can safely assume he was made aware of Prince Salman’s date of presence there. The attack of the penthouse was conducted by members of MS13 and all the eyewitnesses who saw what really happened were later eliminated. The reference to the JFK files is a hint that the final purpose of the MS13 mission was to assassinate Trump.

The shooting at the concert was used as a decoy, a diversion and, probably ultimately as a cover centered around Stephen Paddock, just like the JFK operation was centered around Lee Harvey Oswald.


One of the ways that was used to kill eyewitnesses was to cause car accidents through electronic remote control, as Wikileaks revealed about the CIA. From this, Q is inferring a rogue part of the CIA was involved in this assassination attempt, in complicity with bad actors in Saudi Arabia among whom Prince Al Waleed and Prince Mansour bin Muqrin who was later reportedly killed in a helicopter crash north of the Yemen border. From this, we can safely deduce responsibilities: financing of the operation: Prince Al Waleed and Prince Muqrin, planning: rogue part of the CIA, execution: MS13.


The picture in Q1411 titled by Q “LV remove” is a hint Prince Salman was successfully removed by the US Military and safely flown back to Saudi Arabia. November 4th 2017, pay back: under the disguise of fighting corruption, Prince Salman undertakes the largest political purge of the Kingdom’s history. He arrests Prince Al Waleed along with other high profile personalities of the kingdom and hundreds of government officials. We all know what happened next. We all know about the Q1675 mug riddle.

Second Assassination Attempt: The Moon Township Rally in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

This one went unnoticed.

But it’s right here:


CNN airing assassination of JFK.

CNN 3 sec delay - speech.

CNN Jim’s finger on button ready to stop transmission.

These people are sick.


March 10 2018, Trump is holding a MAGA rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. As usual, because Trump rallies are the most entertaining political events, several thousands of people tried to attend: video.


Trump started his speech at 7:05 PM Eastern and left the stage at 8:25 PM. Did you analyze that speech? What was it about? Did you know Trump’s speech always have a “theme”? What was the theme here? Did you notice Trump used the verb “kill” 23 times in this speech? Yes, 23. Coincidence? Let’s analyze. First, you need to read Trump’s last tweet before the event: tweet

With this tweet, Trump is setting the stage. He is signaling we should focus on the part of his speech that will address the related issues. Then, you have to notice how Q “warms up” the audience a few hours before the rally and what he reveals about CNN and Jim: Imgur1

Then, you listen to his speech and triangulate with the tweet and Q’s post. You get you should focus on the following first part, let’s listen until 31:35 video. Did you catch the threat on the German cars? Now let’s listen to the second excerpt until 36:12: video. Did you catch how Trump insists on the German cars? He says: “So I said, open up your barriers, get rid of your tariffs and we'll do this. We'll have a nice, fair, open - and if you don't do that, that's okay. And that's where the cars come in”. Trump knows this is Germany’s Achille’s heel. Imgur2

Trump knows Germany is the EU’s main engine, if he defeats Germany, he defeats the EU. Why should Trump defeat the EU? I will tell you again: the EU was created and firstly presided by a Nazi in 1958. His name was Walter Hallstein. He was the Dean of the University of Rostock in 1936 and in June 1938, Hitler and Mussolini missioned him to create Das Neue Europa, the 'New Europe'. He was captured by American troops in 1944 and in 1951 they recycled him as Germany’s Secretary of State under Konrad Adenauer. From there, he ‘microwaved’ his 1938 project document which became the basis of the EU as we know it today. And, to make sure the EU would take the direction they wanted, his puppet masters let him be its first president! So you think the Nazis lost WW2?! Think again. I summarized the work of French presidential candidate Francois Asselineau in this video 3:30.

[The account associated with the preceding video was banned by YouTube- and video was not archived]

Once again, who won World War II?

Now that we have a clear understanding of what is really at stake in Trump’s speech, we go back to Q’s posts and expand our scope of research. We discover that before starting his exposé on Nazism and how it infiltrated our political system, he posted this: Imgur3 


Wow.  Is the puzzle coming together? Q is essentially telling us that Trump was targeted in this rally by the real forces behind the creation of the EU: the Nazi World Order which infiltrated our political system (research Operation Paperclip and study Q142) and which continued to rule Germany after Hitler though his daughter Angela Merkel! The reason for this assassination attempt was his stance on trade with the EU and his threat against the nerve center of Germany’s international trade: the car industry. CNN was aware of this assassination attempt and broadcasted the event with a 3 second delay. Jim had his finger on the button to interrupt transmission at the fatidic moment.

Then, Q says this:


You witnessed a strength test tonight.

Speech promoted here/POTUS to gauge response.

Net slowed.

Protections in place.


Do you realize what is being said here? Trump knew about this assassination attempt, he nonetheless made it to the rally and had Q send the following message to the perpetrators before the rally: we know what you are trying to do, we know exactly who you are, let’s get to it. Did you notice the acronym of Moon Township Rally, Pennsylvania? Reorder and dismiss the vocalizing vowel, just like in Hebrew. Coincidence? No. This is a lesser manifestation of the strength test Q is talking about in Q943…

Third Assassination Attempt: The Air Force One Missile

This one is pretty obvious, we are all aware of it and it does not need much explanation.

Q clearly says:


Unauthorized missile fired.

Unauthorized emergency incoming missile threat activated Hawaii.


POTUS re-routes.


NO MSM investigations?

Biggest threat to the American people!


I have shared in Post # 80 how this unauthorized missile firing is made possible on American soil. Let us notice Trump was coming back from the June 12 2018 Singapore Summit. I have also explained in my article titled Post # 56 -The Establishment against Trump or the birthday gift from Pyongyang how Trump was constantly undermined by the Establishment in general and the Bush family in particular. The article shows how Trump picked the June 12 date as a way to troll the Establishment, making it coincide with George H. W. Bush’s birthday. Well, knowing this, it perfectly makes sense to expect retaliation from the military industrial complex that is so very dear to the Bush family right ? link1  link2  

Do you know of a better way to show its power and sign its misdeed than to fire a missile at Air Force One?


To conclude, we need to stop at Q133:


Hard to swallow.

Important to progress.

Who are the puppet masters?

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+ Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+ Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Focus on above (3).


Triangle has (3) sides.

Eye of Providence.

Follow the bloodlines.

Q explains in this drop how the Deep State rules its kingdom occupying the 3 angles of an evil power triangle. I have explained in detail in this post how this triangle operates. Here is the summarizing picture: Imgur4

Do you see it? Do you see how each angle of the triangle has tried to assassinate Trump?

Before looking at the following solving image, try to identify which attempt belongs to which angle.

Here is the solution: Imgur5

So there you have it. As you can see, the Deep State has been very busy but there is no doubt our prayers to keep our President and our Country safe are being answered.

Q587 PRAY. PREY. Notice the similarity? Q

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