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Post #79 - Trump’s latest tweet: the pain and the servers!

Just a quick update.

Did you catch that Trump is about to take away Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, and McCabe’s security clearances?! video.

Now comes the pain 23!!! Popcorn please! Yes, the large one over there! 5 will be fine…

Now, I want to give some help to those who are still skeptical about Trump directly communicating with our Movement since his Great Falls speech. I am happy to see it is now a minority but we still have to try to get everybody on board.

In my last two posts link1  link2, I have established that Trump gave us 2 ways to connect the servers to the Q1675 riddle using the string NT: the first one was through “wouldn’t”, the second one was through “Apprentice”. Is it a coincidence the next day I posted the “Apprentice” connection, Trump tweets this: Imgur1

No it’s not a coincidence.

Trump is confirming that the decoding is correct and he is giving us, as a reward, a proof and a confirmation, a third path to the servers.

Thank you Mr. President, message received.

The Q1675 now has 3 connections to the servers and we can draw the following image: Imgur2

Now question, I have to insist: are you tired of winning yet?!


We are talking to you.

Proofs only meant for you.


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