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Post # 71 - Mr. President, we see you want to continue our B2 conversation!

As you all know, through Q1675 and B2, Trump has established communication with our Movement at the Great Falls rally. In response to B2, he said “organ”, in response to “organ”, we said “Hammond”, in response to “Hammond”, he pardoned the Hammonds.

Many among our brilliant anons have already made the connection between Oregon and organ and between the Hammonds, uranium, Uranium One and HRC. Yes, we all know the Hammonds were the subject of a violent and unfair harassment from the Bureau of Land Management and other federal entities with the goal of depriving them of their property to further sell and exercise mining rights. We all know how the Russian company Rosatom, through Uranium One, acquired mining rights in the US with the complicity of HRC though the Clinton Foundation links.

We now see the Q1675 riddle offers an external tangent to Uranium One but that tangent would have never been possible if Trump did not force it through the pardon of the Hammonds.


For the purpose of rhetoric esthetics, the interesting question would be: is there any information within the riddle hinting at a tangent leading to uranium? Wouldn’t it be genius if Q’s riddle was as self-sufficient as being able, on its own, to generate the uranium component? Can we deduce uranium from an Apple logo reflected on Air Force One’s wall a day prior to celebrating Independence Day? If the answer is yes, that would confirm that the goal of the riddle was to effectively lead us to uranium and Uranium One as one of its tangents. At that point, Q’s message would be clear and we would not consider the occurrence of uranium as a coincidence.

Ready for the challenge? Do you think we can extract “uranium” just with Q1675 and Q’s board?

Let’s try.

First, let’s remember, Q said:


Placing that mug holder near the lamp was the hook.



Since the mug is the hook, a relevant question would be: is there any other place in Q’s board where a mug is mentioned? If you enter “mug” in the search box, you only have one reference, which is Q1675. But. Do you remember my Q1304 decoding?


Emmy awards.

Red carpet event?


If you have not read that post, please go read it and come back for this to make sense for you. For those who read it, you remember I have shown the Emmy Awards and similar events were platforms used by bad actors for secret communications. They know everything is tracked and recorded so the only way for them to communicate is to use public platforms (TV, social media, websites, newspapers, online games, newsletters, etc…). We established in that post that the whole conversation with Peter Marshall was code for uranium, Uranium One and how bad actors were trying to move the uranium from Syria back to Ukraine. Now, if for some odd reason “mug” was to appear in the Peter Marshall conversation, you would agree we would have had made the connection between Q1675 and uranium right? What are the odds? Well, listen for 30 seconds: video.

Did you catch it?  “You are old school like a mug”.

There you have it.

Solving the riddle Q1304 extracted uranium and linked it to mug, this is why Q created the Q1675 riddle with the mug holder as the hook so that uranium could be brought in through Q1304.

Phew! I know right? :)

Now the other interesting question would be: Q probably created Q1675 with the mug as the hook assuming Q1304 was solved AND that the one who solved it would have remembered hearing “you are old school like a mug”. What if these 2 conditions are not met? Well, I will show you Q gave another route to solve uranium in Q1675.

First, I want to introduce you to what I call elliptic language.

It’s a language based on expressing something you are not directly speaking of.

Example: if I say 1,2,3,4 and 5 what would immediately come to your mind?

Yes: 6.

If I say A, B, C and D?

Yes: E.

How about if I say: 1,2,4,5 and 6?

What am I really saying?

Yes: 3.

In this case, I have expressed 3 without naming it.

Elliptic language.

Trump does it often in his tweets, with multiple declensions…

Now let’s apply this to B2. B2=123.47 but what is 1,2,3,4 and 7?

Yes:5,6. Elliptic language.

Now what is 56?

You remember we have established in the Q1304 solution that Mario=56, which is the category in the periodic table of elements where uranium is!

And there you have it: B2 leads to 56 which leads to Uranium.

This is the other route Q provided in Q1675 to establish the tangent leading to uranium in case we did not solve Q1304 and/or only had a Commodore 64 memory (my case). So you see? If you did not solve Q1304 or if you did and don’t have a good memory, your knowledge of elliptic language and a little chemistry saves the day and you gives you a direct route to Uranium from B2=123.47!

Do you now realize how Q’s board is structured and how the riddles are interconnected?


I am sure Q’s board will be a research subject in Ivy Leagues, the day they break free and get real…

I have summarized the 3 possible routes in this image: Imgur1

Now that we know for sure that Trump has established a direct communication with our Movement at the Great Falls Rally, we need to pay a little more attention to the details to identify all the components of his message.

Let’s listen to the part where he talks to us and that MSM claims to be “nonsensical”: video.

What is the context?

We have just celebrated Independence Day and Trump is about to go meet the Queen of England.

Who is the Queen of England?

What does she represent?

Who did we get our Independence from?

Are we subjects of the Queen of England?


Is Elton John a subject of the Queen of England? Yes!

He was so a subject of the Queen she made him a “Sir”.

“Elton John has an organ, I don’t have an organ”….


Before our Independence, were we recorded as subjects of the Kingdom of England? Yes!

Were we recorded in their registers? Yes!

What happened when we got our Independence?

We “broke” the records! “We broke a lot of records”…


You see it? Trump is talking to the Brits!

This whole “nonsensical” speech is Trump reaching out to us, connecting with us, the Fighters for True Freedom and, with us, he is talking to the Queen of England and is essentially saying the essence of the message decoded in Q1675: our Independence is renewed, we are free, we are not your subjects, we are not serving your bogus NWO that was controlling our politicians in the past and stealing our wealth.

Reaching? You need more to be convinced? Okay…

The rally happens in Great Falls and Trump talks about music. Sounds familiar? Great Fall… Music… Do you see it? Look: Imgur2

Now let’s talk about Elton John. Why is Trump insisting he did not have an organ but Elton John did? I thought Elton John was known for playing the piano right? Well, I have now learned with Trump, every time he says something and you don’t understand it, you’d better go look it up because he is always saying something profound and does not care if you don’t get it and start mocking him. I did not know until the covfefe episode. When he made that covfefe tweet and I found out what he was saying, I started really paying attention. So? I looked it up and this is what I’ve found: video

We learn Elton John was a very average week end student at the Royal Academy of Music where he attempted to learn classical piano. He later bifurcated to become a famous pop star and, to “give back”, he donated an organ to the Academy.

Did you catch what the interviewer said? You can’t make this stuff up.

He said: “Elton told me what compelled him to become such a unique organ donor”.

Organ donor?! I mean what?!!!

The post would be too long if I entertain this tangent.

So happy hunting!

Did you also catch what the host said at 2:20?

He said the organ was also funded by the percussionist Ray Cooper.


Okay, so let me get this straight.

The Royal Academy of Music had a pre-historic organ and had to wait for Elton John do donate a new one, but since Sir Elton John is probably not as rich as we all thought, he could not finance the operation by himself so percussionist Ray Cooper was called to help. Hmmmm… Makes sense to you?


When I got here, I knew there was something going on. I kept on digging, and I found the official video from The Royal Academy of Music, with the official PDF about the organ: video - pdf.


As you can see, the official name is

“The Sir Elton John and Ray Cooper Organ”.

Yeah, I know these royal guys like pompous stuff.


But do you see it? Elton John Ray Cooper Organ, let’s take the initials, we get: EJRCO.

Let’s re-order: JERCO.


This looks like the pronunciation of Jericho, the place Joshua conquered with the trumpets!

But where is the “i”? We need an “i” to get the pronunciation Jericho right?

What if I told you Trump gave it to us in his speech?

Yes he did! Listen to the first 15 seconds of the video

Did you catch it?

He says:

“I call them the Democrat Party, it sounds better rhetorically”.


Trump removed the “ic” from “democratic”.

You remember what I said about elliptic language?

That is exactly what he is doing here, by saying “democrat”, he’s dropping the “ic”.


Let’s grab that “ic” and add it to our JERCO and we have the pronunciation of Jericho!

Stop for a minute and let that sink in.


Connect with Trump and see what I see...

They will never understand him.

His cerebral and psychological state is in a place they cannot comprehend.

He tries to give them hints about what’s going on, he’s even obvious about it but they don’t get it: video.


You now see why they needed to add Ray Cooper to the organ donation?

They needed his initials to achieve Jericho.

Trump knows his audience does not know how Hebrew vocalization works, this is why, in an unexplainable digression, he bothers to drop the “ic” from “democratic but if you research it or know how to read Hebrew, you will see JERCO was sufficient to solve the riddle and conclude.

Here is the summarizing picture: Imgur3

Now, why is this relevant?

Trump is showing through this example that he has a clear understanding of what these people are doing. He knows scriptures, knows who these royalties are, what they are all about and how they use secret messages and occult practices to maintain their domination and control over the planet.

His Great Falls speech was immensely spiritually charged and is proof Trump knows his war against the Establishment can only be won if he also and even primarily fights them on the spiritual battle field.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

You now have an idea why Q1675 happened in Air Force One… The aircraft symbolizes things that are happening in higher planes, higher levels, other dimensions… Now, what do you think God is teaching us with the Fall of Jericho and why Trump insisted on the musical instruments? The Bible teaches the trumpet made the walls fall. Sounds familiar? I can see from here some anons taking the 9/11 tangent…


Yes, this is about the power of sound over matter.

Where does that take you?

Waves vs chemical structure. Waves vs biology. Waves to achieve mind control.

Watch: video.


If waves affect matter and can shape it, and if the mind has a biology, then waves affect the mind. This is how they have been in control for centuries… With Pharaoh’s technology… So you thought the story of the Children of Israel in Egypt was just about slavery? No, it was about mind control. You thought Moses’ staff and serpent was just about a staff and a serpent? No. It was about waves and the Fourier Transform link,  just like the Ark of Noah was about genetic manipulation…

If you know how to use waves, meaning sound and light, you can control minds. If you can control minds, do you need to finance costly wars? No! All you need to do is to control the king of the place you want to conquer. Does that ring a bell?


Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected?
Fantasy right?
When Trump was elected you can’t possibly imagine the steps taken prior to losing power to ensure future safety & control.

You see that “safety & control”?  Couple it with “device” and you understand why General Kelly had to make the walls of the White House “fall” and renovate it link.


I am saying the devices that were placed in the White House to control the mind of our Presidents were removed when Trump got elected. And Trump gave us an idea of who gave the order to place them there in his Great Falls Montana speech. Read again.

Once these devices are removed from the White house, this can happen: video.

You thought Trump did not have the time to study British royal protocol? No. He is making a point: he is saying I am the President of the United States, I know what you are all about, I am not your subject and I don’t care.

Do you think they understood Trump’s Great Falls speech?  The answer is no.  How do I know? Because Trump re-tweeted this: Imgur4  Do you see how Trump in continuing our Q1675/B2 conversation with the world “reflect” appearing twice? Trump’s tweeter account is not a photography museum, there is no particular reason for him to re-tweet this picture other than us and Q1675.

Do you see what this NY Times photographer is hinting at? Do you see why he managed to also have Pompeo and Bolton in the picture? Wouldn’t it be cool to also control the Secretary of State and the National Security Adviser? Do you see what’s going on here?

If you don’t, here is another picture from the same photographer, same day, where things get more obvious: Imgur5

Trump is disclosing amazing things here. I never thought I would witness this in my lifetime.

He is going to the bottom of why we are here.

Do you realize how huge this is? Everything we have been talking about, the Cult, the Satanists, their occult demonic practices and religions, their mind control, their human sacrifices, their hate towards humanity, their violent and criminal control over our wealth is actually true and for the first time, we have someone in office who knows these things with a rare expertise and the might to fight them.

Q917 We appreciate all of the prayers. We really do. Thank you. For GOD & COUNTRY (& WORLD). Q


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