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Post # 7 - Q Occult Series. Q #133: [Hard to Swallow – Important to Progress. Q] This is key guys! Part 1.

Let’s continue our analysis of Q posts from the occult perspective. Once again, take the time to read previous posts for foundation.

The following video is from YouTube channel LK Dark to Light - and is Part 4 & 5 of the Occult Series.

Watch below or go to the Video on YouTube.

Q #133 is essentially telling us that power is a triangle (3 sides): financial, military and political. 3 bloodlines have partnered to occupy the powers on each side of the triangle:

1. Financial, controlled by the [H]ouse of Saud: through slush funds, they buy politicians and policies and finance rogue operations (Isis). The recently arrested Prince Al Waleed is the front but he is not the ultimate owner of the funds. His prince reputation is used by the real puppet masters so they can remain in the dark. This is what Trump meant with the word ‘daddy’ in this tweet.

Q confirms it here: Q #133: [Public wealth disclosures – false] and here: Q #134: [What will bank records provide? List names, family history, investment/ownership stakes, and point-to-point contacts].

The day Al Waleed is released, with the lumbering help of Mockingbird MSM, he sends a secret message to his 'daddies' insisting on a mug (mug shot?).

Watch: video 02:47.

2. Military, controlled by the [R]othschild: through ownership of the banking system and its Bretton Woods consolidation (not to confuse with the slush fund above) they control the military-industrial complex: who has money to buy weapons and who does not, who has weapons and who does not. Watch: video 01:53.

3. Political, controlled by [S]oros:through the hype up of bogus ideas like TPP or climate change leading to environmental pacts and comparable scams, they create NGO’s and international bureaucratic infiltration structures that supersede government policies.

The creation of the European Union by the CIA (yes, quietly declassified in 2000) is an example of such a scam. Did you know the EU was created and firstly presided by a Nazi in 1958? His name was Walter Hallstein. He was the Dean of the University of Rostock in 1936 and in June 1938, Hitler and Mussolini commissioned him to create Das Neue Europa, the 'New Europe'. He was captured by American troops in 1944 and in 1951 they recycled him as Germany’s Secretary of State under Konrad Adenauer. From there, he ‘microwaved’ his 1938 project document which became the basis of the EU as we know it today. And, to make sure the EU would take the direction they wanted, his puppet masters let him be its first president!

So you think the Nazis lost WW2?!

Think again.

I summarized the work of French presidential candidate Francois Asselineau in this video (French) 3:30.

So now you know what triangle Q is talking about. But then he says, and this is the occult part: [Triangle has (3) sides - Eye of Providence – Follow the bloodlines – What is a keystone? – Does Satan exist?] Those who are familiar with the occult, know Q is referring to the Eye of Horus which they put on our dollar bill to turn it to a magical talisman we cannot refuse to wear: image.

So, Neo, you thought they had to wait for electronic implants to enforce the Mark of the Beast?

Q #128: [What is a spell?] Q

Stay tuned for part 2.

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