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Post # 69 - Q1432 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”.

Let’s talk

Message to my dear readers:

A group of people has approached the mods to request they stop sticky my posts because they essentially share the following thought about them:

“the information is bad and he presents it as fact. When it is presented as fact, and stickied by trusted moderators, normies take it for fact. It is damaging to the movement”.

In response to that, I asked the mods to NOT sticky my posts because I do not want to be a cause of extra work. I would however like to thank them because they have been nothing but gracious to me.

They should not be unjustly caught in the middle of something they are not part of. I wanted to share this information with you so that you develop ways to find my posts other than looking at the stickied section.

If people who claim to be members of our movement are attacking Q himself, those who have sincere motivations, believe in Q and defend him in all situations, will also be attacked. It’s logical.

So get ready and stay the course.


Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

- SB2, why are you smiling? You seem to be very happy.

- I am… This is a great day. Q succeeded.

- What do you mean?

- It’s done. The growth of the movement he created is now irreversible.

People have picked up. They want to learn. They now understand what this is all about.

- Are you saying people on this sub and 8chan did not understand?

- No, we did understand. But we are the precursors.

The success of a movement is not about a small group of people being in the know. That would be like supplanting a ruling group with another one and still keeping the majority of the people in the dark. This is exactly what we are fighting. We are the precursors and our work was to understand Q’s message at its very early stage, break it down to make it digestible and prepare the arrival of our other brothers and sisters.

- But what do you make of people within the movement claiming Q is a LARP? Or complaining about his riddles? Or things not happening? All this noise around Q and also lately around you?

- This noise is good, it’s healthy. Yogurt. There are 2 groups making noise: a sincere one and another one with an agenda. Those who are sincere want answers and more guidance when they don’t understand a situation. Yes, Trump and Q have a plan but the enemy is not just going to sit there and calmly wait to be crucified.


You know what we have.

Your move.


This group is easy to manage because their motivations are sincere, once they receive a satisfactory answer to their questions, they get back to work and continue contributing with their talents.

- Is this the reason you make “emergency” posts like these: post1   post2   post3?

- Yes

- How about the other group?

- This group has 2 sub groups: subgroup SG1 is those who have infiltrated the movement with the secret mission of dividing it and ultimately destroying it. Subgroup SG2 is those who have been defeated by their ego in needing crowd, traffic and praise. They become vocal when they see they cannot get any of these anymore or in the future. They then target those who they think are the cause of their frustration. When they can target Q, they do and if they can’t, because their existence depends on his posts, they target people like me or u/C_L_I_C_K.

Learn to identify when the enemy is in SG1 or in SG2.

- But some people are claiming you are a problem and that there is some idol worshiping going on around you.

- Yes I heard that. You know, I just post and everybody can post. Then, people make up their mind. Nobody can force people to like a post or a poster and chose the way he wants to manifest it. I think most people who are in the sub are intelligent people: they have succeeded in passing the first test of Mockingbird media. If they are here, it means they are aware, they are intelligent and want to know the truth. This should be acknowledged and respected. Reducing the issue to idol worshiping is insulting and even presumptuous. Why would someone break away from multi billion dollar MSM, come here and fall for the first post he reads from an anonymous poster?  It’s not logical. Those who think the contrary and condescendingly call these newcomers “normies” and claim they have to be protected in some way do not realize many among them are probably way more intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable. About the idol worshiping idea, I will give you an example: who do you think has displayed the most powerful sign of approbation regarding one of my particular posts?

- I think Q, when he linked to your post in Q1340.

[Archiver's note: Link in Q 1340 banned here is the revised correct Link.]

- Right, doing that is more powerful than coming in the comment section and saying kind words of support and approbation right?
- Yes.
- Is Q idolizing me?
- No
- There you have it.

- Ok, but deep in your heart, I am sure you enjoy all this attention, crowd and excitement around you.

- Who would not? Of course I enjoy people expressing their support, their excitement and their desire to know more. Who would not? I am a human being, I Love. I love people, I respect people, I like to interact with people, I want to be pleasant to them and I want to enjoy their company. I want to have a good time with people. Of course I enjoy it. I enjoy it because the Lord decided, in His Wisdom, that I should receive it but I did not and do not seek for it. In fact, it seems those who look for it never get it and if they do, it harms them.

- What is your proof? How do you back this up?

- I have many proofs. Do you remember the Corsi / Infowars situation? I was quietly walking in my lane writing my posts. My audience grew very rapidly and readers were regularly questioning me about Corsi’s strange decodes. I never mentioned him even though I knew his information was a problem. I only dealt with the Infowars/Corsi issue when I saw the signal from Q. Beyond the obvious meaning in his post “be careful who you follow”, there was a signal in one of his posts, encrypted, ordering to get him out. Quick. Those who know what I am talking about know what I am talking about. Those who doubt it can ask Q in his Q&A: hey Q, is SB2 right about this? If he says no, I will delete my reddit account the same day.

- Wow, where is this hidden message?

- :) Happy hunting!

- Ok back to Infowars/Corsi. Please tell me more about it.

- When I posted my first attack, I lost hundreds of subscribers in minutes and received all kinds of insulting messages. Of course, I did not care. I came up with a second post and it helped people who already knew there was a problem but could not put their finger on it. Then, Q linked to the first post and it was over.

- So you lost hundreds of subscribers with this Infowars situation?

- No, and this is the beauty of the Truth: when you defend it without any particular agenda, it fights for you. When Q linked to my post in Q, which I never imagined it could happen, I gained thousands of subscribers coming from everywhere.

- Some people are saying that this post Q linked is not validation, that there was no nod to you after that and that your writings should not be read like you were the Messiah.

- They are right about the Messiah. Nobody should just agree because it’s signed SB2 and, once again, nobody does. People read, make up their mind and comment. Freely. This is the reason why I am very disciplined in my writings and back everything I say with verifiable facts and a clear line of reasoning. I think this is what people acknowledge. It certainly gives a sense of unanimity but it’s not given by my readers for free. It’s only the power of objectivity and an invitation to logic that no one who is solely driven by intellectual motives can turn down.


Q1343 Truth is Freedom. Truth is logic. Stay the course. Q

- How about Q not nodding at you since that link?

- Those who say that have not paid attention enough and I was certainly not the one who was going to say hey look Q spoke to me here, or Trump spoke to me there. This is not the type of person I am. I only disclosed the Trump message at the Great Falls rally because I knew he wanted it out.

- How did you know?

- When he doubled down the next day with this Elton John CD, I knew it was a second signal. This was his way to put an end to the Q1675 controversy and validate Q at the same time. This message was important for our movement at that particular time, this is why I relayed it with the non calculated risk of being accused of self-promoting. I waited 24 hours, hoping Q or someone would pick it up, then I took my responsibilities. You see, the latest news is the CD was never delivered. But it made all the headlines.


This is a stellar proof it was never about delivering a CD but about us hearing him talk about North Korea and music. Brilliant.

- Are you saying we are this important to him? I mean he is the President! Do you really think Trump himself would care about what is happening in our movement?

- Yes. More than we would ever know.

Q507 We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason. We believe in you. Q

Think about it: covfefe was for us and he took the risk to be labeled as a lunatic. All these tweet “errors” are for us. They are coded messages I relentlessly and patiently tried to teach how to decode.


So you thought the President of the United States cannot afford a Harvard assistant whose only job would be to clean his tweets? Come on.

Don’t you realize he knew MSM was going to say his Great Falls organ/guitar speech was nonsensical?


Trump accepts to be bullied and negatively labeled and does not care as long as he knows we are getting his messages. This is a level of humility and commitment that will only be understood and commented by historians in 2 or 3 centuries… It inspires me a lot when I am attacked.

- You were saying those who were claiming there was no interaction after Q’s link did not pay enough attention?

- Yes, now that the Great Falls message is out, I am comfortable giving you an example. I will give you one Q example, there are others throughout the board. There are 3 Trump examples. Happy hunting!


This disclosure will be proof I saw these subtle messages and decided to keep them to myself and not share them with the movement. I knew this decision could have been interpreted by Trump and Q as my inability to see them but hey, I was willing to lose those points and remain under the radar for some time.


Now that I am seen by the radar, no stickied posts anymore! :D

So here, in this image, you will see how Q responds to one of my posts and acknowledges it a few hours later: Imgur

- People claim your solution to the Q1675 riddle is too convoluted and that you may have pushed it too far. What is your response to that?

- Too far? What do you think “Q1678 Enjoy! Q” means on Q’s tongue?

He’s telling you: this is my Independence Day gift; it’s going to be hard, are you up to the task?

You see, these are the subtle things about Q: if you don’t know them, you don’t know them. In that case, you are reading 10% of what he is saying.

- But wouldn’t it scare newbies away to see Q’s comms are this hard to understand?
- No they are not hard to understand. The board is straightforward. You can try to find the links between the posts without having to solve hard riddles. But sometimes, he gives brain teasers for those who figured out the first layers of understanding. I must admit, it is a clever way to keep us reading him and never get bored. These brain teasers allow him to circumvent national security regulations and achieve plausible deniability: he shows you a mug, you get to Al Waleed.

He’ll say: I just showed him a mug.

- But all this requires a lot of time.

- Actually no. I will tell you: before Q, I had to read a lot of MSM material, sort it out and analyze it to extract a truth that was logical but that I could not ever verify because of the lack of intel.

Since Q, it’s the other way around: I know the truth from his board and I entertain myself watching MSM trying to twist it or confirm it, depending on their agenda.

This methodology is far more superior to the one I was using before.

- What do you say to those who are in the movement and think some of the things discussed in the board are way over their head?

- This is an important question. Our movement is not about being more intelligent than the other or more educated. We all have something to bring to the table. We are gifted with imperfections so that we may need each other. It is this high awareness of needing the other that “glues” people. For example, logic is just a language to express the truth. It’s not the only one.

The truth has many other ways to be expressed.

Are you married?

- Yes
- How would you logically express your love to your wife?

- I have No idea.

- There you have it. We all have the truth in us and were gifted with different languages to express it. Those who use logic should know they only have one piece of the puzzle. The other pieces are hidden in others in ways only the Lord knows. It should be our duty to explore the roads leading to these gems. When you know this, in a deep way, you realize the only thing that matters is Love. And this is the ultimate message.

This is the real message.

This is why I consider Q to be a Friend I will probably never meet but I will also never betray:

Q1432 "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." – 1 Cor 13:4-13

- Thank you SB2, did you enjoy this interview?

- I did. I knew I would probably never be interviewed in my whole anonymous life, so I figured: let me make my own.


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