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Post # 64- Q1545 Message not for Anons. D= 4 or Q’s deadly military quatrain. Q1529 riddle updated.

In my previous post, decoding the Q1529-Q1530-Q1531 riddle, I introduced the concept D=4 which allowed us to determine how the “doctored” Hussein video Q provided was attached to secret communications. Today, using Q1545 which came later, we will go further.

In the previous post, as the question was raised in the comment section regarding:

Q1531 Exit out was missing what? Q

I added in the comment section the following Nostradamus Century 10 Quatrain 76 that we can see referenced at the end of the “doctored” video: Imgur

Other anons such as u/MrWizard111 also saw the reference and commented about it. I gave my thoughts in the comment section about the quatrain and linked it to Trump’s EO that will be soon experienced in full force by Hussein’s cronies.

I did not want to include this component of the decoding in the original post because at the time, I was not sure if this Nostradamus reference at the end of the clip was purposely included by Q or was just the result of a bleeding video. Nostradamus? You’ll agree it was a tough call right? But hey, it was Father’s Day and as you saw it and probably enjoyed it as much as I did, Q was in trolling mode:

Q1534 For a LARP we sure do get a lot of coverage. Q1537 Trolling is fun! Q

But then, Q posted this:



Morning sun brings heat.

Full moon coming.

Undiscovered stars learned.

Missions forward.


Did you catch it? It’s 4 lines! And this random D in the beginning? That’s Q confirming our D=4 decode. And to make sure this post will catch our attention and prevent us from sleeping, he responds to an anon’s attempt to decode his “quatrain”:

Q1545 Message not for Anons. Q

Hahaha that’s enough for us to go crazy, quit everything and focus on this message right?!

So? We now know this Nostradamus quatrain was indeed part of the riddle and we need to go back and include it in our analysis. For this to be beneficial for those who want to solve riddles on their own, instead of just presenting the solution, I will share with you in detail my thought process based on the clues Q has given.

First, in Q1531, an anon sends this version of the video. In response, Q asks this:

Q1531 Exit out was missing what? Q

To know what is missing, we need to go to his version in Q1529 and identify the difference: Q’s version.

We see Q’s version has this exit with the Nostradamus Century 10 Quatrain 76, the anon version does not. This is what is missing. But then Q says “exit out”. Isn’t “edit out” more appropriate in this case? Using double meaning, Q purposely changed a D to an X. He is confirming the D=4 but introduces an X. What is X in roman numerals? Yes, 10. what is a D=4 line poem? A quatrain. There you have your 10 and your Quatrain. When specified: Century 10 Quatrain 76. Cool isn’t it? :)


Now, check this out: Q is leading us to the Nostradamus quatrain but cuts it. It’s like he is saying: I am going to 4 but not quite. So? This is Q hinting at traveling between 3 and 4. Keep this somewhere in the back of your head.

Now let’s watch the first d=4 minutes of the original white house video Q has provided in Q1531: video.

The important part of the infamous message is at 3:26: “ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.”. This is in the D=4th paragraph of his official speech. Coincidence? No. Location of the hidden message to be identified with the key D=4. Now let’s pull the official speech from the Obama White House Archive here: link. Verify the hidden message is in the D=4th paragraph, you have to remove the introductory part where he jokes around and realize the official speech starts at “Your Majesties…”.

Did you catch it? Did you catch that at 3:30, yes 3:30, Hussein goes off script and changes “that order and progress” to “the order and progress”? Why? Because he knows the “Majesties” are listening, his Masters. He knows that this is the part of the speech where the hidden message is. This is where his allegiance to the king watching him high perched over there and to what he represents is coded in his speech. He knows it will be edited and circulated under the disguise of parody to confirm his allegiance in plain sight while we are being mocked for not seeing it. He changes “that” to ”the” so that when the edit is made, it will grammatically make sense. Imgur

Did you catch the work of the cameraman? He’s also in the know. When Hussein gets to the critical area of the speech, at 3:26, where he says “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs...” he points his camera to us, the peasants, who have no clue we are being insulted in real time. Then, he zooms in on Hussein in a way he has not done before, to emphasize the moment. The production team jealously kept this particular camera angle to use it for the first time at the glorious Allegiance Time. Imgur

So understand folks, this is what they do. All these events, political speeches, expensive productions are just them having fun, talking between themselves, laughing at us and mocking us.


They don’t fear you.

You are sheep to them.

You are feeders.

Godfather III.


Well, the good news is we are waking up and fear is relocating:

Q154 We, the people, are who they are afraid of. We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.

Let’s go back to the riddle. You remember I told you to keep in mind the 3 going to 4, but not quite? After all I have said above, did you catch it? Did you see this 3:26? This is where the hidden message starts on the video. And it is located in the D=4th paragraph of the speech in Hussein’s teleprompter. Now why do you think the hidden message is at the 3:26 minute mark? How would one of their cult members know this is where Hussein will make his allegiance? How is it coded? This is where one of the most fundamental Q teachings comes to play: dates and time stamps.

Q108 Analyze time stamps of my go message to BO's Tweet.
Q256 Dates: 25, 27, 28. Stringer, RED RED, ASIA. Analyze the connection.

Let’s apply this teaching and check the date of the event. It’s March 26. March 26? March 26 = 3/26. Coincidence? No. Secret comms. That’s it. That’s the code we were looking for: 3 26.

Do you realize what I am saying here? I am saying the speech on the teleprompter was written in such a way, Hussein would hit the allegiance lines at exactly 3:26, the minute mark echoing the date of the event.

The time he used in the introduction to joke around was well determined by his staff and he knew at exactly what time he had to start reading his teleprompter. Imgur

You can say whatever you want about Hussein, but teleprompter wise, he surely knew how to deliver! This is probably the only reason why they picked him. Because other than that, this is what you get: video.

So, let’s summarize: Hussein was invited by his NWO masters on 3/26 to receive his renewed allegiance. His staff wrote a speech and allocated him a specified time to joke around in the beginning of the event so that his allegiance lines would hit the 3:26 minute mark on the official video of the event. That’s the marker for his masters. In his rendition, Hussein changes “that” to “the” in the allegiance lines to show commitment and enable the production of a doctored video that will be grammatically correct. This doctored video is the promotional material of Hussein’s secret allegiance to the cult. It’s hidden in plain sight under the disguise of parody. The editing is done using as a lead in for cover, this line in paragraph 2: “and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build” and this line in paragraph 4: “ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign”. After the doctored video was made, it was blasted all over the internet by the NWO agents and of course immediately fact checked and debunked by their own fact checkers: Imgur

Now that I have thoroughly walked you through this pretty challenging riddle, Q1543 and related Q1544 should be easier to decode.

Q1543 D Morning sun brings heat. Full moon coming. Undiscovered stars learned. Missions forward. Q

What is the heat? In Q1547 Q asks heat on who? What is the main problem when there is too much heat? Dehydration. So? We are talking about the Manafort dynamics! Why? Because Q1508 plants need water.

So you deduce from this that the sun is the Mueller dynamics.

If the Muller dynamics is the sun, who is the moon? The Huber dynamics! The guy working in the shadow… Full moon coming: Huber coming Q1470. Who would have imagined Q would invent a new genre in literature: military poetry! :)

We are witnessing today a situation where the Plan has crushed Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe and Manafort. Clinton coming. Not counting the resignations in public and private sector all around the world. The Plan has shown its efficiency as explained in this post. So? Q is talking to those who have something to hide: did you see what is happening to these people? Learn. You are advised to come clean, cooperate and negotiate plea deals before it’s too late because “Missions forward”: the Plan is moving forward and it’s a steamroller. The Plan with its military poetry quatrain dynamics is 3D chess and the D5 move is about to be played. From New York. This is the message and yes, it was not for the anons but we are helping for the delivery. I summarized it here: Imgur and here is the trolling video for our warriors out there.

Q1401 link God Bless the United States of America. D5. Q

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