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Post # 61 - Q is teaching us how to play the game of politics. Part1: The Counting for Peace Principle.

Politics. Let’s take a small break and talk about it.

We all do politics, talk about it, comment it, participate, but do not really know what it is. A good way to assess the knowledge we have of something is to try to explain it to a 5 year old kid on his way to the ice cream stand. You first need to grab his attention and before he gets to see the ice cream pictures, you should have finished your explanation. Cool challenge isn’t it? My goal with this post is to help you pass it.

From Wikipedia, we learn the following: Politics (from Greek: πολιτικά, translit. Politiká, meaning "affairs of the cities") is the process of making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organized control over a human community, particularly a state. In modern nation states, people have formed political parties to represent their ideas. They agree to take the same position on many issues, and agree to support the same changes to law and the same leaders. An election is usually a competition between different parties.

An interesting way to analyze human history is to look at it like a global consciousness system struggling to equilibrium. Once you put these glasses on, the model shows you this amazing secret: when humans realized that most wars were won by the most numerous group, they said: “hey, let’s be smart about this: what about sparing lives and count ourselves? The most numerous group will rule”. This way of thinking is the ancestor of Democracy. Let’s call it the Counting for Peace Principle. CPP. We have embraced it like a religion even though it comes with this fundamental question: the voice of the best, the most generous, nice and helpful guy in the neighborhood is counted as the same as the child rapist of the same neighborhood… Democracy believes the respective aspirations of this two individuals to contributing to society should be weighted the same through their vote. Amazing stuff right? I will let you ponder upon that. If at some point you hit how the Founding Fathers tried to secretly address this issue with the Electoral College, you are on the right track…

We knew America was broken. We elected Trump to fix it. How does it work? Imagine we all live on a Land located at the base of a Mountain and the prosperity and security of the land depends on things that are happening on top of the mountain: from there, you can work on the climate, trigger rain for crops, control the flow of water and have a better view on the surroundings of the land. With this privileged position, attacks against the Land can be seen at their earliest stage and planning prosperity for the Land becomes easier. Since we cannot all get to the top of the mountain, we elect someone we trust to go take care of these things for us and rule. Then, we establish links between the ruler and us. One of them is the Media. Its primary function is to break down to us what the ruler is doing and also relay to him our aspirations, needs and concerns. For them to do their job correctly, we give them houses we pay for: a White House on the top of the Mountain and for the Media, we build houses by the road leading to the top of the Mountain. Now when our elected ruler gets there, in addition to what he already knew, he sees things he did not even know existed. He realizes there were already living creatures on the top of the mountain, deciding things and nobody knew they existed. From there, 2 possibilities:

Possibility 1: these creatures threaten his life, explain to him everything would be fine as long as he stays away from the affairs of the Land and enjoys his life golfing and reading teleprompters. This is the reason why politicians campaign with wonderful ideas and “forget” about them when they get elected. Putin says it better: video. Did you hear what he said about the men in black? Happy hunting! In some cases, the threats are not even necessary because the politician was a puppet from the get go. When he gets to the top of the mountain, he is handed a piece of paper with the list of his cabinet members just like Citigroup picked Obama’s cabinet members. You did not know? It’s in the Podesta Wikileaks emails: Article. And of course, we, the Q readers, know who activated Citigroup to set up Obama’s cabinet:

Q117 Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?

And we also know the purpose:

Q117 What book was BO caught reading?

Answer: The Post-American World, by Fareed Zakaria. Imgur. Referenced in Q295. In this scenario, the Ruler is just a puppet, a make-believe, and the Land is ruled by these creatures who use the Media to keep us in the dark and dumb us down while they engage in their nefarious and treasonous activities.

Possibility 2: the elected ruler gets to the top of the Mountain and says to these creatures: “hey guys, recess is over, I am going to Make America Great Again. By the way, where are the children and the 33,000 emails?”.

  • We’ll assassinate you, just like we did with Kennedy.

  • Oh yeah? Try. You could not even figure out my campaign security.

  • We’ll get you to resign, just like we did with Nixon.

  • Oh yeah? Look what happened to your plant Manafort…

  • We’ll impeach you.

  • You can’t, you need the People to be on board to avoid a civil war.

  • We will have them on board, we control Mockingbird Media.

  • I will create my own channels to communicate with them.

  • Don’t you get it? We control the Media.

  • Are you familiar with 8chan?

  • Yes, why?

  • You’ll see.

And here we are.

You see it? As long as Trump is communicating with us and knows he can count on us, there are things they can’t do. The very existence of the board is our power.

Q761 This board has more power than you can imagine. Q

You think we are an isolated phenomenon? A small group of awake people (or conspiracy theorists, as they say) having special conversations on reddit or 8chan? No, no, no. Think again. You remember they said Hillary had more than 99% chance of winning the presidency? It’s right here: link. How did it end? Even when Trump won, they tried to downplay the number of people at his inauguration. That’s what they do. They work on perception to achieve set goals. Because they know we often do not verify their claims or just accept to live with the perception of reality they bluntly or subliminally offer. A classic example is this one: what is your estimation of the LGBT population in America? What percentage? Just guess. Answer: not more than 4%! You don’t believe me? It’s right here: Gallup.

My point is perception is a key element in politics. And this is why when the media is corrupt, the nation is sick. It is for this very reason Trump knew he had to find a way to reach out to us and I showed you in the imaginary conversation between Trump and the Deep State above why we are important to him and to the future of America.

Did you catch where our CPP (Counting for Peace Principle) is hinted at in this imaginary conversation? Yes, here:

-We’ll impeach you.
-You can’t, you need the People to be on board to avoid a civil war.

This is key guys. They censor us, they manipulate polls, manipulate our petition numbers, manipulate our social media presence but guess what? They have the real numbers. At the end of the day, when the perception game is over and it comes to votes or forces on the ground, they know the final outcome. This is key. Read again.

Now you understand why they have to attack the Second Amendment and why Trump will always protect it.

Q919 Guns are safe. Stop falling for FAKE NEWS. Q


When Q says this:

Q542 Fight, Fight, Fight. DEMAND public disclosure. BE LOUD. BE HEARD.

He is asking you to give Trump the leverage and forces he needs to keep fighting in a battlefield where the real numbers matter (CPP). He is asking you to show the real numbers to those fighting him on the top of the mountain. They will surely manipulate these numbers to attack us psychologically but when they see them in their raw state, they freak out and are more likely to surrender to Trump or quit fighting. You see it now? You now see why they need to infiltrate us and attack us? You now see why they constantly try to divide us? The more you see this, the more you should be convinced they are in a state of panic. They see the real numbers.

Now that you know these things, we can address more complex issues. Ready?

Part2: Q is teaching us how to play the game of politics. Part 2: the Rosenstein multivariable differential equation.

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