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Post # 60 - OIG report: now that you know, are you ready to get involved? Well, this is it!

Another update. I know many were confused yesterday and needed some clarification about Trump’s strategy regarding the OIG report. Now that you have read this post #59, know exactly where Trump is going and slept on it, you are ready for the next step. Are you ready to take part? Are you ready to work with Trump, contribute to making the plan a reality and force events? Are you ready to get involved? You are? Ok, then let me give you the hidden message in the Q1497-Q1498-Q1499 sequence: Imgur

We essentially extract from these 3 posts the following message:

Let’s be united and loud, let’s fight for truth and demand the release of the original unredacted report. Since RR has a conflict of interest, he will have to step down and be replaced.

More specifically, in Q1497, Q is telling you the version of the report that was released yesterday was the #3. That is the one that RR modified and redacted. #2 is the one RR modified but with no redaction. #1 is the original IG unredacted report. This is where the original details of the FISA warrant application and the FBI/DOJ handling of HRC email investigation are. Well, that’s what we want. We want to see this information. We want the original IG unredacted report. We want total transparency.

What I am saying here, I see members of our movement like u/C_L_I_C_K  or Neon Revolt already said it yesterday but I know many were demobilized and have not heard their very important message. Now that we are all on the same page on the strategy, and that the sequence Q1497-Q1498-Q1499 is decoded, we all need to join our brothers and sisters who are already on the battlefield. We need to be united and be heard with ONE LOUD VOICE: we want our government to release the original IG unredacted report. Period. No more. No less.

While Nunes, Grassley and the Freedom Caucus will be doing their job in the House (Q1497), we will take over social media and all platforms to let our government know what we want.

The mods have done a fantastic job pinning a link to this petition. Sign it! And have people you know sign it! Neon Revolt has given excellent advice on how to contact your representatives here. Follow his advice and call your Representative’s Office. In addition to this, with your permission, I am now asking the mods, on behalf of our Movement, to pin the hashtags we will be working with today and inform us and guide us on all relevant actions we all need to focus on to be heard efficiently. I am also requesting the help of all Q tubers: please relay this information to your viewers and ask them to get involved. Meme makers, you know what to do. All members of our Movement have to be active and contribute.

Guys, no rest until we get this original IG unredacted report. No rest!

Q1497 Be loud. Be heard. Fight for TRUTH. Q

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