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Post # 6 - Q Occult Series. Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns. PART 3.

To Watch video Occult Series Part 3 video click above or click here to watch directly on YouTube.


In part 2, we have established that through the Clowns, evil forces from the invisible realm are governing us using our institutions.

I am sure at this point, those who read Holy Books among you have realized what we have just said was already in the ‘menu’.

Right here:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

Q is telling us the ongoing war is a subtle war with battlefields in the physical AND the spiritual realms and that the Clowns are the entities between these realms working for the dark side. They have a human appearance but, in fact, they are spiritual entities disguised in human form. This trans-formation is achieved through rituals and these rituals are why secret societies were created. Secret Societies are the “gates” through which these entities enter our dimension.

Pull Q704.

You see the airport “gate” sign?

And in his posts# 700 to 703, Q wants us to focus on [e] [-] and [5].

The fifth letter of the alphabet is e and it is the initial for the word “element”. [-] symbolizes the link, the gate, the connection. The fifth element, in addition to earth, fire, air and water, is the element Aristotle called aether and the Indians called akasha. This element is the building block of the spiritual realm and the star system. Knowing how to manipulate it through rituals gets you to enter the spiritual realm through “gates”. It’s now time for you to go re-watch Stargate and The Fifth Element!

Besides the double meaning of a possible letter substitution e>a [-5] coded text which is confirmed by post #706, what I think is essentially being said from post 700 is: JFK was killed by the people in secret societies, who through their knowledge of the fifth element and star gates, trans-formed to Clowns.

Clowns In America… CIA… “Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society”. Lisa Page.

I now realize how hard Q’s mission is. If he had come out of the blue saying what I am saying here, no one would have picked up. He is methodically and patiently trying to get us there.

I am sure after this post, many will put me in the “lunatic drawer”. Does not matter, I believe Q is real, I believe he has the skills to get us there. And when that happens, some of you will be like: “I remember the lunatic guy said this a while ago”. That will be their first experience of the ‘menu’! :D

So the question now is what is the relation between this Q’s post and the one right before where he is linking us to an article describing how the Clowns In America and Google are investing in “Future” of Web monitoring?

That will be part 4 guys. And by the way, I am not teasing. I am trying to keep my posts not too long and also give the opportunity to people to study the links and complement through their research and comments.

In part 4, we will, with the Grace of God, dissect the article, explain how it is related to Clowns and how it explains why O-WH purged the military…

In the meantime, for preparation, please watch this video.

End of Part 3.

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