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Post # 57 - Tucson. So you want to talk about it? The truth may surprise you…

Ok, Tucson. Let’s talk about it.

Quick summary: On May 29 2018, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer from Veterans on Patrol discovers an abandoned camp which he believes was used for child trafficking. MSM, Infowars and activist Craig Sawyer rush very early to the site and/or to cover the story, Meyer blows up the story on Facebook, asks for people’s support and insists there should be a thorough investigation even though local police and federal authorities made official statements confirming there was no evidence this camp was used for the alleged criminal activities. A few days later, after the story became huge, total 180 from MSM, InfoWars and Sawyer: they say nothing was there, start discrediting Meyer pointing out he is not even a veteran, delete their own past articles and videos, pull Pizzagate and Qs' supporters into the mix and trash them as naïve and misled conspiracy theorists while Snopes chants in the background : “I told you” Link.

Well. Q said: Q1424 The attacks will only get worse.

And I told you in a previous post, our enemies are gaming up. That is what Q means by “worse”.

The more we approach the epilogue, the more sophisticated the attacks will be. Did you catch this one? I will show you.

Based on this link, we can connect all local TV stations to their MSM masters and identify links that are relevant to the story:

NBC/KVOA4: NBC Link1 - NBC Link2 - NBC Link3 - NBC Link4.

ABC/KGUN9: ABC Link1 - ABC Link2 - ABC Link3 - ABC Link4.

CBS/KOLD13 (Tucson News Now): CBS Link1 - CBS Link1-bis - CBS Link2 - CBS Link3 - CBS Link4.

Snopes: SN link1 - SN Link2

Infowars: IW Link1 - IW Link2 - IW Link3 [<=Page removed by InfoWars] - IW Link4

Craig Sawyer: Hagmann Report. [<=Video appears removed by  OP]   Sawyer 180 Video.

Veterans on Patrol/Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer: Meyer Link

We can now build a timeline and have a clear picture on the sequencing: Imgur. You may download the PDF with the links here: PDF

As you can see, very early, before Meyer’s Facebook videos went viral, MSM covered the story. Big time. ABC and CBS sent people on the site as early as May 31st and interviewed Craig Swayer who said what he saw looked like a child rape camp ABC Link3. NBC gave a platform to Veterans on Patrol as early as June 1st 2018 and had them say on air this camp was meant for trafficking children! Right here:NBC Link2  As you can see in the video, the Police got there as soon as they were informed to investigate. The same day NBC aired its interview, CBS also gave its platform to Meyer, right here: CBS Link1. You get it? This was to help Meyer’s Facebook videos get viral. And they did. Think about it, we can’t even trend #wherearethechildren or #IBOR but Meyer, out of nowhere, gets all the attention overnight? Come on…

But it gets better. After NBC pushed the story and made it seem like a possible child trafficking ring, they shut it down on June 7 2018 with this spectacular 180 article: NBC Link4. Remember this date: June 7 2018, this is the date that also triggered Infowars and Sawyers 180s.

Since they first pushed the story, & then were the first to 180, let’s analyze their article to identify their motives. You need to read it in its entirety, it’s worth it: NBC Link4.

Did you see it? NBC’s article is implying all this started from “dark corners of the Internet”. They forget to tell their readers about these 2 interviews they made on June 1st and that this helped Veterans on Patrol’s claims go viral: NBC Link1  NBC Link2. It is summarized here: Imgur

You may look at the other videos from ABC and CBS. NBC found a useful help from them to push the same story, using Craig Sawyer.

Then, the NBC article gets to the needy greedy: Q followers. We are pulled into the story even though I thought we had no voice for MSM - and we discover we “were particularly gripped by Meyer’s story”. Imgur. Oh Yeah? Were you? I was not. At all. An abandoned camp with preserved children toys, a skull in the desert, MSM coverage, Infowars, Craig Swayer, Snopes, Facebook videos going viral? All the ingredients are there for a true Q reader to change the channel and start looking for what is being really covered up.

You want to know? I will tell you. You remember I told you to remember June 7 2018, the date that switched all the stories 180, killing the Tucson story? Well, this is what happened that day: Link.

160 children saved and some as young as 3!!! 3!!! People, do you realize what we are talking about here? This is not an abandoned camp, a random skull in the desert and activists asking for donations to do whatever we are talking about here. We are talking about real children who were in captivity and who were released by official law enforcement professionals and institutions! Now question:

Do you think NBC who covered a nonexistent child trafficking case at headquarter level would cover an existing and verified one?  Go on their website, check.  At the time this is being posted, nothing. Same thing for ABC, same thing for CBS, same thing for Infowars.

I will spare you the other details about Infowars and their friend Craig Sawyer who is about to release a movie on Netflix about child trafficking. Yes, Netflix. Can’t make this stuff up. Check how Sawyer says in the Hagmman interview how he was called by a “third party” to go check what was going on in Tucson.  - [Archiver's NOTE: Hagmman report pulled the video interview of Craig Sawyer]  A “third party” calling to ask you to go and infiltrate, sound familiar? Follow the links in the NBC article and see how Sawyer deleted his first video about Tucson and how NBC is throwing Infowars under the bus by linking to the archive of the article they deleted about HRC. Priceless. It’s funny to see them eat each other when they have their own priorities and media operations. Did you see Sawyer was interviewed by ABC and CBS but not NBC? This shows you Infowars and Sawyer did not know NBC was in charge of this particular Tucson operation. When they realized it, they did their 180. Quick.

So that’s that. Tucson was created to prevent us from realizing our fight against pedophilia was moving in the right direction with law enforcement. McCabe asking for immunity Link, Comey in hot water Link and 28 FBI Agents asking to testify against Deep State Link is proof the FBI is now resurrecting and the agents in there who were prevented from doing their job in the past are now unleashed. This is what these 160 children in Atlanta really mean. In conjunction, I have addressed this matter in previous posts, Sessions is preparing the judiciary infrastructure to deal with the coming cases without having to suffer from corrupt interference.

Q1402 What had to happen first? Think logically. Think DOJ & FBI. Think cleaning.

You see it now? Tucson was made to make you question our law enforcement at the very moment they need our support! This is the other reason we, the voiceless Q readers, have made it to this NBC article. Let that sink in. The enemy has gamed up folks. Will you be up to the task?

Now let me show another thing. That’s the bigger picture.

Q1245 Why are border states like AZ/CA important?
Q1009 Sex traffic road block. Children road block. Drugs road block. Guns road block. China/Russia pass-through-intel-pull road block. Name we don't say AZ road block. Jeff Flake AZ road block. Big money TERMINATE. The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more. Q
Q1022 We don’t say his name. Adios. The protected flow into AZ is no more. Under the cover of his health, he will not be seeking another term. Q

You see it? Trafficking lanes in Arizona have been shut down. No Name is defeated. He’s out. Arizona is secured. And you know what? CA is next. Adam, get ready. Do you now see why the wall is so important and why they don’t want it?

Now you understand this: Link

And you can now watch this with new eyes: video. Did you catch it? He said: “if you only build a wall without using technology, individuals, drones, observation etc, you are not going to secure the border”. He is trying to replace the wall with tech and human intervention. Sounds familiar? Watch this  video  Did you hear Trump interrupt Hillary and say:* “and the wall”*? She said: “there will be new technology and how best to deploy that”.  She shares No Name’s views. Why? Because they both know a wall is a physical barrier that cannot be broken by corruption. Nothing can go through a wall. As simple as that.

Tech and individuals can always be hijacked or corrupted through affiliation or blackmail. That’s their way of thinking: they always have in the back of their head this question: “how do I beat the system using leverage I have on people”. Well, Trump reads you perfectly and he knows a big ol’ wall is what will make you realize recess is over.

Q1009 The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more. Q

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