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Post # 56 - The Establishment against Trump or the birthday gift from Pyongyang.

Have you ever had this conversation with someone who thinks he has done enough research in what is commonly labeled as “conspiracy theory” to try to convince you that Trump was a hoax, was picked by the Establishment and that nothing will fundamentally change under his command? Some say he is a Zionist, others say he is an Illuminati, others, among the most sophisticated theorists, claim he is the Establishment’s Trump Card…

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

If someone challenges you about Trump being from the Establishment, one simple argument is this one: was Moses from the Egyptian Establishment?  Wasn’t he a prince? How did his story end? So that’s that. Now let’s go further.

Look at this picture, it was taken at Trump’s inauguration speech. Try to guess what these people have just heard: Imgur.

They look devastated. Do you think their demeanor is fake? Would they be all acting perfectly at the same time? What did Trump say that made them all this angry and worried? This is what he said, look at their reaction at the end: video

Did you catch it? Did you see how Bush was nervously trying to make eye contact with a lost in thought Obama while Hillary was agonizing drowning in her “private positions”? Here, I looped it for you: video.


This is what I like about the BBC: their staff is full of high level intelligence officers. They know exactly where to look at any given time. You can check the BBC production team is the only one showing Obama, Bush and Clinton at this particular moment when Trump is violently deconstructing the treasonous globalist policy that has attacked America. These MI-n agents working at the BBC know this is the culminating point of Trump’s speech, they know this is the moment Trump has declared war against the Establishment they serve. Imgur

“The Oath of Office I take today is an Oath of Allegiance to all Americans”. Do you realize what is going on here? Just like Kennedy, Trump is declaring war to all secret societies. He is implying: I am a free man, I have no allegiance to any secret society, no secret society trapped me to do any secret oath, my oath is public and unequivocal, I am an exclusive Servant of the American People. Whaaaaat? No 322 Skull and Bones or any similar gang involved? Are you kidding me? Let’s see what from-father-to-son-Skull-and-Bones George W Bush thinks about this: video

“The Oath of Office I take today is an Oath of Allegiance to all Americans”. Trump is a free man. He intends to be a free POTUS. He is hereby establishing his political lineage with John F. Kennedy. You did not know Kennedy and Trump came from the same Spirit? Q told you, right here: Q703.

Now that you know this amazing secret. Isn’t it easier for you to guess who would want to assassinate Trump? Do you now understand why the JFK file release had to be delayed and how it is skillfully used by Trump for leverage? Are you aware George H.W. Bush says he does not remember where he was the day Kennedy was assassinated? video. H.W Bush is now very old and has many health issues. Suppose Trump releases the JFK files and Bush is implicated. Suppose Bush dies a few days later. Do you imagine the political liability? These are the types of possible scenarios a skilled political advisor would point out to Trump... So? Relax.

Let’s continue with Trump’s speech: Imgur After having established his political DNA with JFK, this is Trump now going all the way back to the Founding Fathers who understood very well and passed on the simple idea that the success of America was based on a strong middle class. By investing in skilled workers and protecting them from the pernicious consequences of free trade and other treasonous ideas concocted in secret society think tanks, the Founding Fathers were showing the recipe for a strong, free and prosperous America. It is in this very spirit George Washington told Congress on July 4th 1789 that it was necessary for the US to impose tariffs to protect American jobs and manufacturing Link. President Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley were later killed trying to implement this same policy. When President Kennedy realized the real enemy trying to weaken America through the programmed destruction of its middle class was secret societies and their secret oaths, he was assassinated before he could do anything. Video.

So you see it? Obama, Bush and Clinton were very worried when they heard Trump was announcing he would resurrect the heart of America: its middle class. That very middle class they tried to destroy to implement their New World Order. This nefarious plan started after WW2 but was publicly announced here by President H.W. Bush: video. Each US president after this speech played its scripted and treasonous role in the progressive military and economical weakening of the United States. This demonic plan, was about to enter its final stage with Hillary Clinton getting to the White House in 2016. Yes folks, God is watching over America. We dodged the final bullet:

Q570 THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE. [The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America].

Do you know what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won? Here, they lie so much they forget when to not say the truth they laboriously hide: video

Did you see it? Did you feel the hate? This was the real Hillary. Not the fake politicians with hot sauce in her pocket on an African American radio show. video. For a second, when talking about the middle class, the veneer peeled off and Hillary spilled the beans. They hate the middle class. They hate humans. They hate us. Just like Satan…

Q10 These people worship Satan _ some openly show it.

You want to see more hate? Here: video

Did you catch it? It seems Barbara Bush is so obsessed with Trump, when she is asked about the campaign she answers as if she was asked about Trump. Then, when Jeb gives examples of Trump using strong language, she asks him: “who did that?”. Apparently Barbara Bush was dragged into the campaign to attract senior citizen votes for her son but had no clue about what Trump said or did not say. But the next day, with a little more homework, the obsession disappears, she claims she does not even think about Trump and this is what you get: video

Poor Jeb Bush… After dragging his mother (may she rest in peace) into the race, he even called his brother George to help him out against the Trump phenomenon.video. After each interaction with Trump, humiliated Jeb would leave a leg or two and a few fingers on the battlefield. But realize this: Jeb was just the face. Beyond Jeb, Trump was humiliating the Bush family, the Establishment they were representing and the treasonous policies they implemented throughout the years to weaken and destroy America: video.

The Bush war against Trump is real, with real bullets: Imgur

Then, when it was clear the Bush family hated Trump and what he represented, they could openly vote for Hillary and show who they really loved: video.

Surprised? Don’t be. The love for the satanic New World Order is a force transcending party lines and patriotism. It’s a religion. You did not know Globalism was a religion? A very ancient one? You did not know Pharaoh was the first globalist? Have you ever wondered why there was an Egyptian obelisk in each major city? link. Globalism is an ancient religion rooted in magic, growing with human slavery and culminating with the arrival of the Antichrist. Nothing new under the sun. So now question: if Moses took down Egypt even though he was once a prince, isn’t it possible Trump may take down the globalists even though he is a system billionaire? Think about it…

Now let’s recap: Trump touched the forbidden fruit of the American Middle Class and trade tariffs, the Bush machine including the Clintons and Obama are out to get him.

Jimmy Kimmel is in the know. He is always in the know: Q249. This is why, in the following video, he’s asking to George Bush if he’s on board for whatever, but Bush knows better: he was once President, he knows the power of the Secret Service, he knows it’s wiser to cover his tracks especially if the JFK files were to implicate his father. By now, you should be able to decipher Kimmel’s coded language here: video.

Did you catch it? Pretty obvious right? Now let’s see if you could decode former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper when he is asked about North Korea here: video.

Congratulations Clapper! You have just recited your spy playbook for the whole world to hear: Imgur.


This is a typical Deep State move: they know Trump and Kim Jong Un talking directly is a problem. So? Clapper suggests the establishment of a diplomatic infrastructure between DC and Pyongyang so that he could spy on it, hijack it and ultimately derail the talks that are perfectly progressing at the highest level. Well, sorry James, Q knows exactly what you are trying to achieve and he knows your Deep State friends have already compromised all comms in North Korea, he knows how and which US company made it possible.


This is why Kim Jong Un went to China for a face to face with President XI. And do you know what happened when he got there? He had a secured conference call with Trump! Yes! Trump! The summit already happened and China was the middle man! You don’t believe me? It’s right here, read carefully: Imgur

So now the question would be: what’s the point of having a summit then? Answer: History.

Dates, symbols and events are what make it to history books and to people’s understanding. Not secured and classified calls between leaders. There has to be a summit. Just like there has to be a wedding.

Trump has received the now famous envelope from Kim Jong Un and he is inexorably moving to his June 12th summit. Did you see the picture of the envelope and how MSM unanimously tried to mock him? Imgur.

When I saw the White House officially released pictures of Trump holding the big envelope from Kim Jong Un, I immediately knew we were told something but could not put my finger on it. Then, I saw Jim Acosta’s tweet about it: Imgur

As you can see, he is also sarcastically commenting on the size of the envelope. But something else drew my attention: the tweet time stamp. When I saw the tweet was sent at 3:22 PM Pacific time, my secret society alarm immediately went off: 3:22 => 322 => Skull and Bones => Bush. This association led me to discover something amazing I would not have seen if Acosta had not made this tweet. It is related to the picture in Q193. I summarized it here: Imgur

There you have it: Kim Jong Un’s envelope was symbolizing the defeat of the Deep State in North Korea and the June 12 date for the summit was not picked by Trump randomly. The pacification of the Korean peninsula is a major step towards the deconstruction of George H.W. Bush’s new world order policies that have militarily and economically weakened America. And in case people misread his motivations and targets, in the wake of the North Korean summit announcement, Trump added this to show he was going to keep his promise about protecting the middle class: Imgur.

You see it? We went full circle.

The Establishment and the Bush family are still at war against Trump. They are trying to prevent him from delivering the things he promised in his inaugural speech. They are using their control over the Deep State to interfere in Trump’s domestic and foreign policy. Not working: the tariffs are imposed and the June 12 2018 summit with North Korea is Trump’s gracious birthday present to George H.W Bush. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Q889 We work for you. Promises made. Promises kept. Q

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====added note:====

Archiver's Note:  Anons have noted 2 other points of interest in the large envelop photo which seem to put an exclamation point on SerialBrain2's incredible post above: 1) - Trump appears to be making the English Sign language symbol for the letter "Q" with both hands while not holding the envelope as one normally would do,  - 2) - ALSO: the Envelope not only is the exact shape of the pyramid building [upside down] in Q's photo post as SB2 demonstrates - but as well bears a striking resemblance to both; a Masonic Apron [with the red lining] or to Google's Gmail logo which of course figures in the Hillary Emails. Photo here:

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