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Post # 55 - Trump is about to take them down. But wait: is this shiny enough for you to forget about the children?

Now this is getting very interesting…

Tommy Robinson, Roseanne, EyeTheSpy, #WhereAreTheChildren…

Do you see it?

All this happened in 5 days. And all these “heroes” and issues find their seat in our Movement’s scope of interest. Coincidence? No. Not a coincidence. You are witnessing Qs' opposition gaming up. They have now acknowledged Qs' tremendous impact and realize they have to come up with more sophisticated weapons on the communication battlefield to shut him down.

Ignoring Q, infiltrating him and labeling him did not work. InfoWars and all their recruits are exposed, defeated and Q now has a base, a solid one. A base of woke people transcending races, frontiers, party lines and religions and who are focusing on the real thing: taking down the international pedophile and human trafficking network ran by politicians and billionaires protecting themselves with nuclear weapons and using the international aid infrastructure to smuggle children, funds and espionage material.

The cabal is on the run.

Follow the pen Q1424. We are close. The pen is about to take them down. They know it. Trump and Sessions have silently and meticulously done the legal job. The DOJ, FBI and CIA are cleaned up, judges changed, Red October CEOs resigned. [ image below or click for lg version]  Next phase? Open the sealed indictments and start the concert under the direction of the Maestro, with his pen…

So? Put yourself in the enemy’s shoes for a second. If you were cornered like that, what would you do? You got it. You have to work on people’s perception and try to win the coming communication battle. You have to blur the message so that people may question Trump’s motivations, see you as a victim and overlook the horrors you have perpetrated. How do you do that? You create very shiny things and right before the executioner is about to do his job, you go like:

Hey, stop for a second, did you see this?

Tommy Robinson. I see you have an interest in human trafficking and, thanks to my divide and conquer strategy and my clownish creations like 9/11, Lynda Sarsour, Sadiq Khan, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood, you also hate Muslims. So here is a guy who has been arrested for filming an alleged Muslim grooming gang trial…All your required ingredients are in there… I know right: what is the point about covering a case that at least made it to trial while thousands of pedophile cases around the world are swept under the rug and ignored by law enforcement? Well, I took a chance and hoped people would not see the trick. I made sure MSM was “incidentally” there to capture Tommy’s arrest and asked Alex Jones to over cover it in the clownish way only he, can pull off video. Icing on the cake: to make sure people would really talk about it, I prohibited them to talk about it. How? By having the judge initiate a temporary reporting ban on Tommy Robinson’s arrest.  Neat right? Is this shiny enough for you to forget about the children?

Roseanne. You know most of the celebrities in Hollywood are MK Ultra victims and/or Satan worshipers right? You did not? They say it in your face, jokingly. Right here: video. So, since they know I can make them rich or bankrupt them overnight, I can activate them directly or through their handlers or drugs, and instruct them to do whatever I want. I know Valerie Jarrett is central in this pedophile and espionage thing. Just like Huma was the Muslim Brotherhood liaison with Clinton, Valerie Jarrett was the MB liaison with Obama. She knows where the bodies are buried and knows how to use it to get things done. Imgur.

She knows about the creation and control of ISIS. She is in the list of the 13 personalities who used a private email address despite national security regulations. Imgur So?

So? Knowing people do not really know Valerie Jarret and that Trump is about to close on her, I instructed Roseanne to go crazy on her and put her on the map. What’s left in people’s mind after Roseanne’s raid? Valerie Jarret is a victim: she was unjustly compared to an ape by a right wing racist. You see the trick? When the real thing about VJ drops, the message is already blurred and can be downgraded to a racial witch hunt. Brilliant.


Q has not dropped lately. Even though you have more than you know and have only explored a portion of his board, I know you are now addicted to inside information.

Q said no communication outside this board. So? How about some entertainment while Q is silent? I created this guy who went from 47 followers on Twitter to 5000 in 48 hours. Organic? Doesn’t matter. He knows many things, he’s cool, interacts with everybody and to make sure you do not create defense mechanisms, he appears to be friendly with Q and to support him. There are topics he is not completely in alignment with Q like Sessions and BC17, but who cares? At least, unlike Corsi, he is not infiltrating and claiming to decode Q, he says he is doing his own thing right? So, you like this? At least when you are reading his easy-to-read tweets, you get your daily insider’s information fix and are not spending time trying to figure out Q’s board. I’ll take that…

#WhereAretheChildren. This is my coolest gadget. I saw that post where Q is giving an update about the dismantlement of the pedophile network and that exchange on Q’s board between an anon and Q: Imgur.

Most people do not realize the power of these posts. I do. So? I took over the hashtag, made it trend, skillfully dragged Ivanka Trump into the story to spice it up, downgraded the story to a sordid legal issue about the status of unaccompanied child migrants and stuff so that if this hashtag was to come out for the real thing, it would have already been old news and soft news. And of course, to make sure this hashtag is really prematurely dead and of no other relevant use in the future, I had MSM talk about it, talk about it and talk about it. Imgur. Is this shiny enough for you to forget about the children?

So, there you have it…

Folks, I told you in my previous post: don’t get distracted. Read through the enemy’s schemes. The closer we get to the epilogue, the more sophisticated his attacks will be. Read through. Stay the course. Are you up to the task? Have you digested Q’s teachings? Can the children trust you? Yes, they can. I know they can. You would not be reading this otherwise. Stay the course guys. We are about to take them down.

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