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Post # 54 - Q1290 Autists need Red Bull? Q. What is a true Q Follower?

Someone asked me today: “Is choice an illusion? Is choice THE illusion?”

And I answered :

“When God told Adam: "this tree is forbidden", there was the initial choice. The Lord is the One Who gives you the Choice. Satan tricked Adam on this very reality by covertly replacing God and giving Adam a second choice. If Adam had remembered the first choice, his correct answer would have been: "I have already made my choice when God presented me this tree, you are not qualified to offer me any choice". You see the trick? Same one Satan is using right now with duality: "are you a republican or a democrat?" By answering to this question, you are implicitly accepting the rules of a game you have not decided to play yet. By choosing, you are playing. You therefore become one pawn on the game board, you are in the hands of the game creator: Satan...”

If you are a Q follower, this needs to be clear in your mind and your heart.

Don’t get distracted:

Q925 This is not about religions or party affiliation. EVIL is everywhere. There are no drawn lines. No boundaries. Good vs Evil. Q

Q is calling you to a battle above the false duality created by our former controllers who are now losing control of the narrative:

Q1362 [They] are afraid. They are losing control of the message. WWG1WGA! Q

Q is building an army of woke soldiers transcending the artificial divisions created by centuries of lies, propaganda, and staged events. Are you white? Black? Purple? Christian? Jewish? Muslim? Buddhist? Atheist? Republican? Democrat? Capitalist? Communist? Kardashianist?

Don’t get distracted.

We are about to take down the cabal, they are on the run:

Q29 The pedo networks are being dismantled. The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody). We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.

Look at what really happened in Saudi Arabia and that you will never see on MSM:

An anon: Q, where are the children? Seriously. Where are the children? Q392 3,000+ saved by the raids in SA alone. WW lanes shut down. Bottom to TOP.

This is the real fight.

There is a difference between talking about Bohemian Grove or the Bilderberg Group and actually doing something about it. When you are not in position to do anything about it, the right thing to do is to support those who do and not melt down on them when they are destroying Deep State positions in Syria.

Q924 There’s a reason the word ‘conspiracy’ was made/pushed. Their weapon against the awakening. Q

Do you realize the impact of what Q is saying here? He is essentially saying the conspiracy label was skillfully crafted to ensure a reality is never seen as it is.

This is what is meant by the “Performance Artist” Q is alluding to in Q1341: the work of an artist is to draw people’s attention to his description of reality through music, painting etc… The performance artist, like a clown, uses body expression tools to convey a message or color reality to his liking or to the liking of those who hired him. Do you see what I mean? Like Bohemian Grove. It’s in reality about the horror of child sacrifice but the performance artist will make it to the core of the information before you do, color it and present it to you in a consumable and digestible way. This communication technique is devastating: you hire a clown who acts like a clown to talk about very serious issues. That’s how you get these issues to never pass the conspiracy theory label or if they do, people are already too desensitized to strongly oppose it and deal with it. So? Learn how to detect these clowns. Primary characteristics: 1) they are well known, 2) they have MSM exposure, 3) unlike Jordan Sather, when they receive YouTube strikes their channels are still around, 4) when they are arrested, wherever they are in the world, a bunch of TV stations have the footage…

We have been talking about Bohemian Grove for years and always went back to sleep. We only started talking about child sacrifice with Q and that’s when we lost our sleep.

It’s now up to you. Do you want fake truth between two Caveman sips or do you want the real deal?

Q1343 The choice has always been yours. The choice will always be yours. This is not a game. This is not a popularity contest. This is LIFE. FREEDOM.

Edit: typo.

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