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Post # 53 - North Korea: relax, Trump is in control and The Hunt for Red October riddle solved.

Let’s talk about North Korea.

We have Q’s board. Confusion should be out of our system.

You heard Trump pulled out of the summit with North Korea. Ok. You heard MSM being very vocal about it. Ok. Then your question should be: why were they so silent about it before Trump pulled out?

Q1257 Why aren’t NK developments receiving WW praise? We endure. Q

Next question: why would the North Koreans free hostages before making things difficult? Wouldn’t it be more logical to play hard to get first and free the hostages when things are stabilized?

Next question: why right after the announcement of a coming summit between the US and North Korea is North Korea accused of hacking the US sanction database? Why would they hack a database that would be of no relevance after the Summit? Let’s take a look at the statement of the North Korean Mission at the United Nations Imgur   Source: The Guardian.

Amazing: the US delegates at the UN deny having made the accusations. Then who made them?

Welcome to the Deep State. Did you detect in this statement any sign of violent opposition or will from the North Korean authorities to withdraw from the current diplomatic progress? No. To the contrary: they are warning about “hostile forces” “manipulating plots” to demonize North Korea and derail the “detente” process. North Korea is signaling that forces hostile to Trump and to the diplomatic process have now engaged in sabotage.

Since this hacking nonsense did not get traction, these Deep State “hostile forces” tried again and activated Mockingbird MSM that chanted in unison the following on April 16 2018: Imgur

And despite all this craziness, Trump seems to signal he is not aware there were problems Imgur

And of course,we, the Q readers, we know better:

Q1378 NK news today = FAKE!

When I was a kid, I had a friend, his name was Frank. Every time he would borrow my bike, he would return it with some kind of damage. So what did I do? To preserve my bike, I would invent an imaginary damage every time he tried to borrow it again: oh, I am sorry Frank, I have a flat tire today or well, today the chain needs to be fixed or OMG Frank can you believe it: the handlebar needs to be changed!…

This is what Trump is doing here: hey Deep State, this is already broken, you can’t break it further. I can hear Trump from here calling Kim Jong Un: “ok, this is what we will do: let’s make them believe all this is broken so we can peacefully do what we have to do behind the scenes. You’ll be able to peacefully coordinate with China and South Korea on the remaining institutional and commercial details while I will be quietly working with the UN on the sanctions. When we are done, we’ll come up with a new date”.

Far fetched? I have written about it twice in previous posts. You did not know Trump has been communicating in secret with Kim Jong Un under the radar for ages? It’s right here: Imgur

You want another proof? Sure. Right here: video.

So? Relax. And Enjoy the show.

Now let’s talk about the now famous Hunt for the Red October puzzle. Yes, it’s related to North Korea, I will show you how.

The puzzle starts at Q158 where Q for the first time enigmatically says:

Q158 The Hunt for Red October.

This post started a long conversation with the anons who were trying to find a rational explanation to this cryptic message. Here is a summary: Imgur

As you can see, we deduce from this exchange that the Hunt of the Red October was over between Q168 and Q679 causing the word “hunt” to be dropped in the posts coming after Q679.

Walking around Q’s board, this is what we find, analyze carefully: Imgur

There you have it. The Hunt of the Red October was about the hunting of major players in the international pedophile ring centered on the Red Cross and leading to their resignation on October. I have separated the all star bad players from the others. Happy hunting!

The use of the international aid infrastructure to conduct criminal activities is something Q hinted at in previous posts. In Q252 he says: *Red Cross is corrupt and used as a piggy bank. Future topic. * In Q253 and Q257, we see how the Red Cross is used by bad actors as an international communication platform (same type of comms as in the Emmy post) Imgur

In Q258, Q uncovers the link between NK, Hussein, the Red Cross and… children. We already knew the link between NK and nuclear weapons.

Now let’s focus on Q29.

NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? This is key to understand. Just like Iran, North Korea is a hostage of the Deep State. The model is simple: control a small group of people through blackmail and threat to their personal security who, in turn, control the country through dictatorship. Then, using the international aid infrastructure, import nuclear and military grade technologies that would be used as leverage for future negotiations should they be needed and for security for human trafficking.

Confirmation: In this article, we learn the United States provided North Korea over $1.3 billion in assistance, mostly food aid and energy assistance, between 1995 and 2008. Now read Q239: What if NK had miniature nuke payload delivery in 2004? What if NK had ICBM capability since 2009? Coincidence ?

This tweet showing Trump’s frustration about US aid to North Korea is very telling: Trump knew what was going on.

You see the picture now? Trump has successfully worked with Kim Jong Un and President XI to defeat the Deep State in North Korea and free the country. The Deep State is now trying to derail the process inventing whatever it can contribute to altering the public’s perception on North Korea. But it’s too late:

Q1243 Why was Armenia mentioned recently? Clowns losing control. Q
Q1244 Like NK, they have been freed. Assets on the ground. Q

You now see the dominoes? You now see why Iran is next? You now see why Merkel Macron and the others are doing whatever they can to preserve the Deep State Iran deal and why Trump will never go back?

Let’s listen to Trump after he “withdrew” from the summit with Kim Jong Un. Let’s listen until 1:25 video

“I’ve spoken to General Mattis and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and our military which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world, that has been greatly enhanced recently as you all know, is ready if necessary”.

Who do you think Trump is talking to here?

Trump is talking to Obama and the Deep State: the Military you tried to destroy before you left is not the same anymore, I have enhanced it and it has now capabilities you are not aware of. I am ready to deal with your group should you try anything against the North Korean people who are now under my protection. The summit will happen and when I’m done, I’ll meet you all in Tehran.

Q1245 Think SA. Order is important. SA -> NK. NK -> Armenia. Armenia -> Iran Iran -> Any other rogue nuclear states? Define hostage. Define protection. Who is protected by rogue nuclear states? Trust the plan.

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