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Post # 51 - Q1433 RR problems or the brilliant playbook that gave Trump total control of the DOJ.

Do you like basketball?

The fundamental wisdom behind this type of team sports is essentially about optimizing the use of multiple talents at given moments and achieving goals circumventing a set of known constraints.

This fundamental wisdom is also present in politics, where casting and timing are crucial to the success of a leader.

Since his election, Trump has been trying to build an optimized team around his core cabinet to undertake the missions he has identified as critical to his MAGA agenda. Among these missions is the restoration of the rule of law by bringing to justice all who have committed crimes against the United States. This is the goal to be achieved and of course, just like in basketball, it meets constraints that need to be circumvented: Imgur

As you can see, Sessions has been quietly working behind the scenes to secure and protect the sealed indictments that, once unsealed and revealed, will become the most significant event of our judiciary history. But for Trump and Sessions to succeed, they need to have the right team in place to process these indictments. This is what the Dems know and this is why they make it hard for Trump to consolidate his peripheral staff by preventing him from appointing his picks. How is Trump going to play this? How can Trump win the game when he is not allowed to pick all his players? I will tell you. Fascinating stuff.

To follow along, here is an organizational chart of the DOJ: Imgur

In Q1433, we learn that, soon, Rosenstein is going to quit the game: “Once the 'extremely guarded & highly classified' information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc., RR must recuse or forcefully terminated”. The Senate confirmed Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General with a bipartisan 94-6 vote while his boss Sessions only could secure a 52-47. Q rightly asks the question: “who do you TRUST?”. The vote numbers but also the fact Rosenstein was an Obama appointee are enough to worry any Trump supporter. As the #2 in the DOJ, Rosenstein oversees Wray’s FBI. Even though Wray is a Trump appointee, Sessions still has to go through someone democrats voted for to access the FBI. Not convenient.

When Rosenstein gets out, Trump and Sessions have to make sure his replacement will be loyal to them. But then, they know the Dems in the Senate would not confirm their pick. Without disclosing the source, Q gives us the following quote explaining the Rosenstein succession mechanism: Imgur

The key information here is the Acting Associate Attorney General has a 210 day legal “lifespan”.

A quick google search and here is the original article: Link. In this article, we learn the following: Imgur

Based on personal and Associate Attorney General Wikipedia, we can draw this table: Imgur

From the table, we see that as of May 24 2018, Jess Panuccio will have spent an aggregated 210 days as Acting Associate Attorney General. This answers to Q’s question: "'acting' When does the clock run out?" This means that after this date, Jess Panuccio will no longer be eligible to that acting position and will therefore get out of the line of succession to replace Rosenstein. His spot made vacant, which is the #3 in the DOJ, can then be filled by Trump according to Q’s quote in Q1433: Imgur.

So you now understand why Q asked: “Who is Rachel Brand? Why was Rachel Brand dismissed? Think timing”. The answer is: she was the Senate confirmed Associate Attorney General “inserted” in the process to “extend” Panuccio’s legal lifespan as Acting Associate Attorney General so that his legal “expiration date” can coincide with Rosenstein’s firing! Now this is slick! Read again...

You see it? When Rosenstein is out, Panuccio cannot replace him and the rule to be applied will be here: Imgur. Therefore Solicitor General Noel Francisco would replace Rosenstein. And who appointed Francisco? Trump! That’s our guy! Link

So at the end of this mechanical succession process, Trump and Sessions will have their guy in #2 and get to pick who to put in #3. All this without needing any Senate confirmation!

Now that's what happened at HQ. Let's see what’s going on in the street:

An anon: Schneiderman gone Proper judge in place. Q1393 Impressive, Anon. Q

No need to decode this conversation, pretty obvious right? You all know Schneidermann is the former NY Attorney General who resigned after Allison Mack started singing. I would just add this:

Q1368 Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]? When does a bird sing? Schneiderman resigns [date]? Coincidence?

Allison Mack Arrest date= April 20, 2018. Link
Schneiderman resign date= May 7 2018. Link
Difference: 17 days. What is the 17th letter of the alphabet? Coincidence?

Q signed the resignation of NY Attorney General Schneiderman. Let that sink in.

Q is also telling you Preet Bharara is running to replace Schneidermann in order to try to stop the Mack Allison NY bleeding we have already talked about in the Golden Thread [Post # 46]:

Q1372 Fight to reinstall roadblock? Link

And also to get to the negotiation table:

Q1374 What do you notice? They all drop hints they are considering future elected positions. Why? Claim interference? Attack on opposition party? Protection? Can you serve from jail? Q

Whatever they try, Q is signaling that this NY AG position is already filled by Sessions according to his plan:

Q1372 Who is Richard Donoghue? Background? PAIN. Q

So do you like basketball? This is what we have: appointment of an Associate Attorney General (Rachel Brand), timed removal of that new AAG and placement at Walmart as a reward Link, expiration date of the acting AAG coinciding with the firing of Rosenstein, #2 position at DOJ automatically filled by a Trump’s nominee (Francisco), #3 position at DOJ to be filled by Trump, total control of DOJ without any of the required Senate confirmations, Q-signed resignation of the NY Attorney General, plugging of the Allison Mack file to the NY judiciary system, former NY Mayor Giuliani to receive the ball from the White House line and throw it to whoever will be positioned for the alley-oop whether it’s Mueller if his time in the paint has not expired, or, if it has, Huber who will run in from the 3 point line, through a path protected by Horowitz’s screen. Here is the playbook: Imgur

Wouldn’t you agree this superbly crafted precision work would be pretty heavy stuff to process for a “LARP” on 8chan?…

Q1343 Attacks will only get worse. Truth is Freedom. Truth is logic. Stay the course. Q

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