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Post # 46 - From Q1364 to Q1368. The Golden Thread.

Today, we are analyzing the Q’s drops from 1364 to 1368. Very disturbing information Q is giving here.  

Let’s build the map connecting each of these posts. How do you connect the posts? By finding the common denominator between successive posts. You read each of the posts, explore each of the links, listen to each of the videos, then you order the posts following time stamps order and you make your connections.

Q128 Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

This is what we get: Image

Connection 1:

I made this connection in this post # 36:Rudy Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team: a brilliant chess move from Trump! Checkmate near. We established in that post that Giuliani and Mueller will work together to “inject” the Weiner insurance file in the legal system. Mueller will bring his prosecutorial powers and Giuliani will bring his NYC contacts along with the insurance file that Erik Prince says to include “damning criminal information”. Image. Source: Breitbart.

Notice this connection fully solves Q’s indicated problem here:

Q1287 How do you introduce evidence into an investigation (legally)?... Insert Rudy

Connection 2 and Connection 3 : To fully understand this, it will be profitable to read my take on: Post # 41


Q1304 Emmy awards. Red carpet event? Q

Through this question, Q is providing an interesting exercise teaching how bad actors use open communication platforms to send top secret messages to their networks and sleeper cells.


Q1221 Why do many DC journalists (yourself) use & replace 'burner phones' every week? How do you pass the new number out? Tweets are very important. Do you feel safe? Q

They know there is no way to escape if they are under surveillance. So? They use TV shows, radio shows, social media, newspapers, newsletters etc… and hope to fall between the cracks. I gave you an example with the Post # 41 -Emmy Awards post, [and] the Post# 45 - Infowars newsletter. Q is giving you another one with Obama’s AIDS video in Q251 and James Comey’s tweet in Q645: image.

Now that you are aware of this, you want to carefully listen to the entire December 24 2017 video Q is linking to here. You will hear it with new ears and would be very, very, very, surprised at what you hear! We will focus only on the parts that help us connect to our posts: let’s first listen until 15:34. video.

Image [below]

You understand what Jones is saying here? Pretty straightforward, right? “The Obama Kill Switch is still in place.” What is Alex Jones talking about? If he is talking about a “kill switch” following administrative protocol in the case of the death of the President, Trump has been President for a year and these protocols are independent from the President in place. So why is he naming Obama? Why is he not just saying the Presidential kill switch? This is because he’s not talking about protocol. He’s talking about another “kill” and another “switch” that was put in place when Obama was President. You want to know more about this? Ask yourself about the White House “renovations”…

Then he talks about Q, you know the drill: running in circles, ridiculing Q, praising his own “high level sources”, Zach etc… He inserts Q. This is code for: we also need to know who Q is and neutralize him.

Let’s move forward and let’s listen until 20:35 video.

Did you catch the trick? He first recalls there was a plan in November to kill Trump. By saying this: Imgur  [image below]

Then, he reveals key information about Trump’s protection: Imgur

Who is Alex jones talking to here? Sleeper cells? Why is he revealing information about Trump’s security for the world to hear? To plan? Why is he outing Erik Prince? To analyze his security playbook? Why is he saying “I was even given names?”  Scare tactics?  As you can see it is connection 3 that helped us fine tune our aiming when analyzing the video. Q gave us this skull image symbolizing death/murder/ pain to “squeeze" Q1367  between Erik Prince and murder and therefore ease our triangulation.

Conclusion: connection 2 and connection 3 are secret comms to activate cells for Trump’s murder, and for the identification of Q.

Connection 4: Q is providing us with the motive for the murdering of Trump: prevent the take down of the pedophile network. Allison Mack’s arrest is bigger than we think: it opened the Pandora Box.

Connection 5: Full circle. This is the Golden Link. Making these drops the Golden Thread. New York Attorney General Schneiderman resigns on May 7th 2018, 17 days after Allison Mack is arrested. What is the connection? This one:

Q1203 Mack is naming names. Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal). Proof.

This Golden Link is the one that allows to inject the whole known pedophilia network file into Mueller’s prosecutorial system through Giuliani.

Do you now see why Alex Jones and Corsi are going crazy over Mueller and Sessions and constantly asking Trump to fire them? That is the real reason.

Q1339 Why are we being attacked by people who claim to be PRO-POTUS?

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[Archive NOTE:  Update on Alex Jones: This is not in the original Post: Recent screen shot from October InfoWars - Alex Jones' website showing the URL and photo he posted claiming that "Qanon has made false allegations against him.

=> https://i.imgur.com/hs4xe0y.jpg]

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