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Post # 45 - Corsi gone. Infowars exposed. Our Brothers and Sisters are coming back home: Welcome! And proof Corsi was an Infowars covert operation against the Q Movement.


What an amazing journey.

Q linking to my post and honoring my pen in such a way is a humbling and extraordinary experience.

I have a routine: in the morning I read Q, and during the day, I try to understand him. When I read this:

Q1328 This is NOT about a single person. This is NOT about fame, followers, or profiteering. We, the PEOPLE. We, the PEOPLE. We, the PEOPLE.

I immediately realized linking to my post was his way to show his appreciation to our work as a Movement, to our selfless and relentless dedication and to thank the faceless and generous Patriots who express their talents on the board and in subs such as ours. Feel proud Patriots, what comes from Q, comes from Trump.

Please allow me to mention in particular the r/GreatAwakening, its members, its mods and its contributors who have graciously opened their door to my pen and let it explore even the weirdest places of knowledge and truth without constraining it. I am thankful and I am congratulating you all. The honor is shared, the achievement is ours.

Now back to the battlefield.

This post is not about kicking a man when he is down. As far as I am concerned, the Corsi / Infowars situation is resolved. Our people who were deceived have now realized what was going on and are coming back home. This is good. Let us welcome them, they meant well, they were just deceived and sincerely thought the choices they made would have helped the Movement. They now have a tremendous opportunity to really invest their talents in the Q Movement and make a difference.

This post is partly aiming at doing a little debriefing. You know, just like in the Military (I’ve read it in books and saw it in movies), after an operation, they produce a document that gathers all the information allowing them to improve in the future.

We all should be proud of ourselves. We have shown our capacity to immediately understand what Q needed us to do and do it efficiently while successfully containing our internal differences. This reactivity and effectiveness is a strong signal to those who oppose us: if you still want to try to dismantle us, know it will not be easy. Especially since we have now gathered experience points.

First, I will address the Infowars issue. Many, after being finally convinced there was a serious Corsi problem, were still not ready to include Infowars into the equation. Some arguing Infowars hosted Trump, some waving the unity flag. Well, those who play chess know when we have a check position with a pawn, it means the pawn is protected. We have witnessed Corsi’s progressive dive into the abyss, violently defying Trump and Q. And we also know how Corsi worships Alex Jones Video.

If Alex was as much concerned by unity as we were, why didn’t he instruct Corsi to get back into the ranks and stop his embarrassing nonsense? Why?

Once the pressure forced Corsi out of his hiding place, Alex lost his check position and only a few hours were required for him to confirm what he has been hypocritically hiding since the very first day Q started posting. Let’s watch an excerpt of his yesterday show until 35:28 video

[<= Note: The preceding YouTube account and video above were deleted and not archived]

There you have it. You now know without a doubt who is who. Check Alex’s comment section. Infowars is self destructing. Who would have imagined Alternative Media is about to go through an irreversible mutation and that Infowars would not be part of it?! What an amazing time to be alive!

Q1328 There was no attempt to DIVIDE. There was however a strategic move to REVEAL.

Now as to Trump being interviewed by Infowars. This is normal. Infowars deserved it. I am not denying Infowars played a major role in Trump’s election. So did Bannon. How did it end? The political chessboard is made of living objects. If these objects lose their way and try to overreach, when the leader is as strong as Trump, it never ends well for the gambler. He would immediately be reminded of his disposability. So as long as each actor knows his place and does what he has to do, the party goes on and everybody dances [video]


Now I would like to ask you a question. Why do you think Q posted “Be careful who you are following”? What triggered this post? We were already aware there was a Corsi problem weeks before. Why did Q post this at that particular moment? I conjectured in a previous post that he had some kind of intel that pushed him to do it. Yes, we know he was pushed to do it because in Q1297 he says: “Statements today needed to be made”.

Well, I will show you what substantially contributed to Q making this statement.

On May 9th 2018, Q posts this:

Q1324 Corrected. We all make mistakes. Busy day. Q

He is talking about the trip code change procedure. Why do you think Q is bothering informing us he made a mistake and even detailing it:  Q1323 We did not input "Q #" in the beginning which exposed the password.

It’s not the first time he changes his tripcode and the change does not follow a particular frequency rule we are aware of. He could have changed the tripcode, make his mistake, silently correct it in conjunction with the board operators and we would have never known. But Q wanted us to know he made a mistake. Why? Because of this: Img.

You got it? Q knew Corsi was going to accuse him of being AI. If you watch Infowars’ yesterday show, Alex makes the same claim. This was their final move. This was their endgame. This is the intel Q had all along! By making this “mistake” and insisting about it “we all make mistakes”, Q is essentially saying he is human and is pulling the rug out from under Corsi's feet!

Do you imagine what went through Corsi’s head when he saw that post?

It did not prevent him from still making the accusation. He had to stick to their plan.

Q636 Predictable. We SEE ALL. We HEAR ALL. Wizards & [WAR]locks. These people are really DUMB. Q

Now why is this relevant? Why is it important for Alex and Corsi to position in Qs' timeline an interrogation about him being AI? Because AI is not clearly covered by the First Amendment. The legal expert conversation is ongoing:  Link1  Link2  Link3.  So now close your eyes for a minute, expand your thinking and imagine a conversation Alex could have with his crew about shutting down Qs' board.


Do you see it?

The legal option would immediately be considered and a skilled lawyer could come up with the idea of capitalizing on the legal uncertainty surrounding AI’s free speech to trigger precautionary measures in a law suit… The board would then be shut down for a while, until the legal situation reaches its conclusion. This is why Corsi needed to create some kind of interaction history with our Movement to then become a “credible” source that would accuse Q of being AI… Do you want to know how this weird idea knocked at my door?

Here, listen to Corsi until 2:52: video.

[Note: Video removed by Corsi However, SB2 fortunately quotes Corsi below]

Did you catch it? “it looked to me this is now getting into the realm where Q is basically incoherent, making no sense at all and probably inviting a law suit”.

Law suit? It seems Dr. Corsi has been putting some thought into this for it to randomly pop up in a YT segment. I do not know anyone who has ever raised this issue. Do you?

So my friends, if a legal situation was to target our beloved board one day, you now know where this inconvenience would probably come from…


Do you believe in coincidences? When Divine Assistance manifests itself, this is what it looks like: as I was writing these lines, u/digital_refugee paged me to ask me my thoughts about this post.

[ <= Note: The preceding referenced Post was 'banned' by Reddit]

Yesterday, at 6:24 PM, Infowars sent its daily newsletter to its subscribers with a few errors: Imgur

[image below]

Do you think an experienced multi-million dollar media operation would make such a mistake? No. This is secret ciphered communication. Let’s decipher it. Q taught us in the board how to do this.

The text is: Qanon Compromised: intel source hijacked by seep state’s disinformation sampaign. We get the first obvious clue from seep and sampaign, the correct spelling is “deep” and “campaign”. Since the D and the C were purposely replaced by an S, we gather DC is the first clue. Let’s keep that in the back of our head.

Now the letter S is the 19th letter of the alphabet. I have shown in my decoding training posts how to solve a Caesar Cipher problem based on Q’s teachings. Let us apply the method using the online toolImgur   Imgur   Imgur

[NOTE: all three images below]

So let’s recap, we have: DC, BY, OP. Let’s expand:

[DC=Washington DC] [BY=Bye Bye] [OP=Operation]

Let’s interpret:

Bye bye to the DC Operation.

Who is in DC? Dr Corsi. He is the Infowars Correspondent in Washington DC Link.

The newsletter “error” is a message to their network of covert operators informing that since Corsi has been exposed, his operation is shut down. They are moving to whatever next phase they have.

You are not dreaming folks, you are not watching a movie. This is the real world. This is the Infowars we all used to trust.

Now I have a few questions for you: if Infowars uses this kind of infiltration methods and this kind of comms, what do you think Infowars REALLY is? Who is REALLY behind Infowars? Why does Alex disrespect Trump and desperately looks for his attention? Why is Alex announcing Trump’s possible murder at every single show? Why is Trump now showing him utter disregard?  What does Trump know about Infowars since he became POTUS and took control of the Intelligence Agencies?  Happy Hunting.  Start here: Link1, [video embedded below:]


stop here:  Link2   [Link embedded below]

and try to go further than this:  Link4

Q114  - US Military = savior of mankind. We will never forget. Fantasy land. God save us all. Q

Edit: typo

=====end of post=====

[Archive NOTE:  Update on Alex Jones: This is not in SB2's original post.  Here is a screen shot from October InfoWars - Alex Jones' website that shows the URL and photo he posted claiming that "Qanon has made false allegations against him. => https://i.imgur.com/hs4xe0y.jpg]

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