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Post # 41-A  - "5 pictures from Q and a riddle." The dots are connected and Trump wins. Again.  [by /u/_Tee1020_]

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Hey Everyone!

This is a fun one. I'm sure everyone saw by now the five photos Q dropped yesterday morning? If not, here they are:

[Link1] (https://qanon.pub/data/media/f6c0bd558579ff891867c130192775100621233ca35edb71d7edb7fe1f57452c.png) -


[Link2] (https://qanon.pub/data/media/d8586179edf44c5a4dddb8ae750f61b040c2bd98eb284515b039271ade6d80f5.png) -


[Link3] (https://qanon.pub/data/media/87a903e7d8a6cbb74eb0fd80b4e9e534734f977af1ee178ccb3959b3396bb506.png) -


[Link4] (https://qanon.pub/data/media/bf86402415383ece74e941b571490932fe17f4642bdb447284de2cd150ab49db.png) -


[Link5] (https://qanon.pub/data/media/414f3be44461c0fe775630ab9976daeeda2b7d2dbcdcb2734983b08a4e592867.png)

Now that we are all caught up, what do they mean? This is where it gets fun!

Thanks to my much smarter counterpart and friend, u/SerialBrain2, who has a knack for following my chaotic thoughts and processes, we figured it out!

Since the pictures were published within a 30 minute time span, and no airline company has launched teleportation services that we are aware of yet, I figured Q was not sharing with us his travels but was hinting at a progression, a puzzle we needed to solve.

The pictures: what do we have?

A Jet blue plane apparently in the Silicon Valley environment (this is why we have 2 pictures: one for the environment, the other for the plane), a cargo, the Apple Park in Cupertino, California and finally, the first Apple Store in the International Finance Center Mall in Hong Kong.


That was enough to keep me thinking. And hooked.

I knew this was Q’s purpose when he dropped these pictures without further explanation. They are now planted in my head and won’t leave.

When China became trending in the news, it lit my first bulb: China… Hong Kong… Hmm. But that was not a strong link yet. Apparently our very friendly ally is using military grade lasers to shine into our pilots cockpits. There have been two injuries resulting from this to our pilots already. Link.

Despite the accusations there seems to be no tension between Trump and President Xi (yet). Though China has recently started to move their Navy in a show of force into the disputed South China Sea.


[Link] (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/south-china-sea-navy-hainan-island-taiwan-strait-liaoning-carrier-submarines-aircraft-a8276501.html).

Then, we learned the UN sanctions data base was hacked. Almost instantly we have North Korea raising their hand saying "Not me!" Before any accusations could start to come in Kim Jung Un made sure to deny any involvement of this. Source. [archiver's note: original source appears to be returning a 404 file missing so here is an alternate - [Source #2]


Let’s stop for a minute here. What are the odds that within 24 hours we go from China is our ally and Kim Jong Un’s North Korea is now respectable in the region, and in Trump’s White House to China are laser killers and Kim Jong Un is a vulgar hacker?

This does not pass the smell test folks. Something is going on. Is the Deep State trying to derail Trump’s successful diplomatic moves in the region? We know they have infiltrated all governments, and of course the UN.

Then, I stumbled upon this [video] (http://video.foxnews.com/v/5780160235001/?#sp=show-clips) where they are already discussing ways at banning sensitive technology from being sold to China. Here is the summary: Sen. Marco Rubio plans to introduce legislation targeting China’s tools of economic aggression and would ban the sale of all sensitive technology or intellectual property to Chinese entities.

Hong Kong… China… North Korea… Apple Park… sensitive technology sale ban… cargo… UN hacking?

A little conversation with u/SerialBrain2 and in no time we figured out the pictures Q dropped were hinting at the fact that the cargo contained Apple tech that was being used to hack the United Nations and blame North Korea. This, in conjunction with the feud with China, was a ploy at stopping peace between North Korea and the US before President Trump and Kim Jong Un meet face to face. Q was not having it and showed them they had all the evidence and it would not work!

We already know from Wikileaks they can simulate a computer hack and make it appear the attack came from wherever they want you to think. It seems the equipment in the cargo was the hardware and software, with the right hacking configuration, heading to Hong Kong to simulate an attack of the UN from North Korea.

Marco Rubio probably knows more about this than it seems. Why would he out of the blue talk about banning the sale of all sensitive technology or intellectual property to Chinese entities?

Speaking of blue… Jet Blue. Why did Q zoom on the plane? He wanted us to see it was a Jet Blue plane. May be to scare the enemy. But it may also be another clue. Jet Blue?.. JB?.. Jeb Bush? Let’s look him up!

It seems Jeb is very aware, very concerned, very interested and very well informed about what is going on in the South China Sea, he tweeted about it 3 weeks ago: [tweet] (https://twitter.com/JebBush/status/977649036915281920).

He wants a cyber war against China: [Link] (https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/09/jeb-bush-called-cyber-war-against-china/). He wants an aggressive American policy against China: [Link] (http://transpacifica.net/2016/01/jeb-bush-on-china-excerpts-from-cfr/).

He seems to hate China, but… He also loves China. He has rich buddies there:

[Link1] (https://boingboing.net/2016/08/07/foreign-influence-how-a-chine.html) –


[Link2] (https://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/inside-jeb-bushs-shady-business-dealings-china).


And some of his Chinese friends would have loved him to be our President:

[Link] (https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/07/jeb-hillary-beijing-china-media-dynasty-120243).

We gather from this Jeb has a love and hate relation with China.

That looks like Deep State love to me... You tell me what you think.

But here is the cherry on the pie: Jeb Bush looooooves Apple products:

[video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwb_McI74rY).

Coincidence? May be. May be not…

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