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Post # 38 - To those who are laughing, do they know Q is actually teaching Cryptography and introducing Military Communication tools?

Back to deciphering Q’s board. Before we proceed, I would like you to know I have seen all the messages asking me to continue the Q Occult Series. A new episode will be posted in the coming days. We will continue from where we left off and explore how after Lucifer rebelled, he recruited and built his armies. Make sure you catch it. Fascinating story.

So when in  Post # 33 - Trump’s strange “MEME” tweet decoded! Learn how to use online decoding tools to unlock Q’s board!,  I introduced the Caesar Cryptography  method to decode the strange [MEME Trump’s tweet] (https://i.imgur.com/YiZUsxg.jpg), recall we extracted the following words from the tweet using the Vigenère Cipher online tool: [Extracted words] (https://i.imgur.com/R1RYcG0.png)

When we got here, I saw in the comment section people essentially saying this does not look like it is leading to a relevant secret message at all. Well, that is not the point in this particular case. I have discovered Q’s board has 2 types of riddles:

  1. informative riddles with real hidden secret information

  2. educative riddles teaching powerful cipher methodologies


For type 1, Q251 says: Learn to decider. News unlocks message. Find the keystone. Q.

I have provided in the past examples like Guccifer, North Korea etc…

For type 2, this is what Q is hinting at here: Img

In type 2, the information is not highly relevant, the focus is on the method. And, to guide us through the method, Q will make sure the information is simple to figure out: a little like giving out the obvious solution so that the path to it becomes non-avoidable and self-explaining. It is for this reason when you get these extracted words: [extracted words] (https://i.imgur.com/R1RYcG0.png), you already know that, within the context of the tweet, only the words PAY, JAB and BIG are relevant but how do you rationally conclude?


This was answered in the [this post] and showed Q is actually using efficient pedagogical techniques to teach how to solve his riddles by walking us through simple examples.

So, at the end, besides Trump just covertly saying “Pay Jab” in a tweet, what are you left with? We are left with knowing a powerful military communication tool: how to use the Caesar Cipher tool with an additional marker the Sender and the Receiver should agree upon to locate the retained words. This adds a layer of security to the simple Caesar Cipher and now makes it very hard for the Interceptor (even if he uses frequency methods) to decipher the message if he does not know the marker. In this case, the marker was 72, hidden in the gematria value of SYRIA: [image] (https://i.imgur.com/8UYB2IL.png).


In real military life situations, the marker can be a complicated string of characters and to accelerate resolution, the Sender and the Receiver share a common thesaurus where their respective systems would fetch from and all the surrounding words would just be purposely crafted digital noise.

Now I have good news for you: I have discovered every time Q has taught a methodology not focusing on the relevancy of the hidden message, that methodology is used in further posts to actually hide secret information with, this time, very high relevancy… You therefore never waste your time learning.

Q1226 Learn our comms. Q

Finally, for those who doubt Epistemic Skepticism can be taught with a fish, a clock, Yugi Mutou and a few flags, here is an [interesting video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdqjXlsVaJU).

Happy hunting!

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