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Post # 37 - Pompeo Senate confirmation: Senator Coons saves the day or revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Monday April 23rd. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. After talking to Trump, Rand Paul has just changed his mind. He is now supporting Pompeo’s nomination for Secretary of State. All the votes are now recorded, it’s technically an 11-10, Aye winning. All republicans voted aye, all democrats voted no. Republican Senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia casted his aye vote by proxy but his vote could not be counted because he was not present: he had to attend his best friend’s eulogy. So, by Senate’s rules, it’s legally a 10-10. Now 2 options are submitted by Republican Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee, Chairman of the Foreign Committee: he indicates that if a democrat would accept to change his vote to “present”, it would become a legal 10-9 for aye and everybody would go home without needing to compute Senator Isakson’s aye vote. The other option would be to mechanically wait for Isakson to shorten the eulogy, make it back to the Senate at 11 PM, vote again and get the exact same political result with 11-10 for aye. As he is outlining these 2 options, he is interrupted by Democrat Senator Coons. Let’s listen: video.

Wow.  Senator Coons broke ranks and put an end to what we can agree was a stupid and heartless situation. As you can see in the video, Chairman Corker is very touched by Coons’ elegant move. He knows the political weight of what Coons just did. On the other hand, you can easily detect how all the other democrats, specially the Ranking Member Bob Menendez (who almost broke the table with his pen), are devastated by the outcome: they received their instructions from above and wanted to wait until 11 PM so Mockingbird media could make damaging comments and titles in the meantime to undermine Pompeo.

In this situation, you would imagine democrat Senators to be very angry at Coons right? Let’s watch what happens when they are about to leave the room: video. [archiver's note: YouTube acct was terminated- and video deleted - I have not found a secondary source.]

Did you catch it?

Did you see democrat Senator Tim Kaine? He voted no but he tapped on Coons’ shoulders to show him his support and approval! Why? This is why we are here today.

You remember I told you in this post [ Post # 31 - Q1131 Drop after Testimony. The Art of War or how Pompeo brilliantly played Hillary Clinton]... about Q1129 that Hillary Clinton started a war with Pompeo after she realized she was played? What you have witnessed here is a fire exchange. She tried to undermine Pompeo before he could make it to the Senate floor where things would be more difficult for her to control. As former Secretary of State and DNC “owner” Link, the democratic side of this Senate Committee is under her complete control. She knows each member, each of their weaknesses and which buttons to press to manipulate them. Instructions were given to all democrat Senators to create a situation that would derail Pompeo’s nomination and allow Mockingbird MSM to lapidate him. They all complied, except Coons. And Tim Kaine showing his support to Coons is a proof they were forced to do what they did but deep inside, they hate Hillary.

Senator Coons. How did he earn this political independence? How is it Hillary could not get him to do what she wanted? Why is Coons publicly breaking ranks and stabbing her like there is no tomorrow? The answer is in the… Clinton Wikileaks emails. Right here, in this email trail: Clinton Coons emails

Let’s read it step by step: Img1

Cunningham is a lawyer; he is at the periphery of the system and therefore, has an unbiased vision of how things should work. Dinner with Senator Goons means they were in a setting where guards could be lower and the conversation more cordial than in an executive environment. Cunningham is skilled: he immediately detects there is a problem. Because the Senator feels he is ignored, Cunningham hints to Mills that Hillary needs to have tea with sweet biscuits with him, or at least call him to let him know offending him was not her intention and that she surely remembers he is the “Witch Beater”.


Mills makes her first mistake. Instead of reading Cunningham between the lines and talk to Hillary, she has a typical swampy bureaucrat move: she reports the alert to Ambassador Johnnie Carson, in charge of African Affairs at State.



Johnnie Carson performs a long belly dance, puts himself at center stage by invoking the “excellent relationship” he has with Senator Coons, strikes back with a sneaky attack on Cunningham’s integrity (if the attached email is accurate) and indicates that he, the second level appointed bureaucrat, is the one to show to an elected Senator how the State Department loves him… But it gets worse. He writes: “Coons said the AGOA trip sounded interesting, but he was committed to traveling with Senator Johnny Isakson, the Chairman of the Senate's Africa Subcommittee, who has also been very supportive our policies”. Anybody who knows a little diplomacy knows this was diplomatic code for “have your boss officially invite me to the trip, inform the Chairman that she needs me around and ask him to release me”. Of course Johnnie Carson knew exactly what Coons was saying: he is an experienced diplomat. But he did not do it. Why? Because he did not want Coons around. He wanted to be the boss at that trip and be, after Hillary, the sole relevant interlocutor to his African hosts. Coons is a Senator, he is not supposed to just be briefed by an Ambassador at State. Hillary should have picked up the phone, let him know about the trip, ask for his advice, input and guidance and appoint ambassador Carson as the ad hoc liaison to the Senator’s staff. That’s the way Government protocol works.

Instead this is what happens:   Img4   Img5

And finally, this is the report to Hillary she will never have the time to read anyway… Img6

This is a typical example of how the swamp takes over Washington DC: you are elected by your people, you get to DC to do what you promised to your constituency and swampy creatures get on your way and obstruct the door to where the real decisions are made. And for you to not realize what is going on, they overload you with useless reports, meetings and fake “love”.

That being said, the real question is why did Hillary ignore Coons in the first place? That is a fascinating question to explore which leads to seeing things in a bigger picture. You remember in Cunningham’s email? When he realized Hillary did not recall who he was or acted like so, to refresh her mind, Coons told her: “I am the one who beat the witch”. Which witch? There are many witches these days… This one: video.

So Coons defeated the republican runner for Senate Christine O’Donnell. Why did she have to make an ad to confirm she was a witch? I know. Do not correct me if I am right :). She had to because of this: video.

Ready to go down the rabbit hole? You did not imagine this post would take this direction did you?

So we have a woman who says she is not a witch, she is a republican but… Check this out:

Img7  Img8  Img9  Img10  Img11  Img12

Is it time to re-watch this video ?

Now let’s recap: Christine O’Donnell is a republican, she says that she is not a witch, that she likes Hillary and her constituency and that she would vote for Hillary against the republican nominee to run for President. Now Coons beat her at the Senate race and Hillary ignores him publicly and humiliates him. Interesting…

But it gets better: 2 years later, Bill Maher the leftist political commentator, who ousted O’Donnell the republican politician, out of the blue, apologizes. Have you ever heard of a political commentator apologizing to a politician, let alone when the politician is from the other side? Watch, amazing stuff: video.

Do you want to know why Bill Maher apologized?

Because of this, published 8 days later on CNN:   Img13  Source:  CNN.

And later ignored by right wing media but generously echoed by leftist media:

Img14   Img15.

There you have it: Bill Maher’s controllers instructed him to clean up the mess he made so O’Donnell could run for Senate. Again. Against Coons in 2014, if she wins the GOP nomination.

Unfortunately, a few days after Bill Maher’s apology, Benghazi happened. Maher’s controllers were now too busy dealing with the Benghazi imbroglio to take care of poor and abandoned Christine O’Donnell who ended up not running. But just to make sure her allegiance is known and well documented, in 2014, when asked by Mockingbird ABC witch democrat she would like to have a beer with, she simply answers “Hillary Clinton” and spills the beans by adding “behind the scenes”: video.

And, in case it was not clear enough, she renounces Trump on March 2016 on Mockingbird CNN: video.

It is obvious O’Donnell was Hillary’s plant all along. Hillary picked her because they had things in common. Which things? May be witch things. Who knows. She was controlling her from the other side of the aisle and had no problem covertly supporting her against Coons, a member of her own party. This is why Hillary ignored Coons from the first place: he beat her candidate. By saying “I am the one who beat the witch”, whether he knew it or not, he was turning the knife in the wound. I want to believe he knew what he was saying, that would be next level Trump type gangsta’!  :)

When Mills received this email from Cunningham, she already knew Hillary’s stance on the issue, this is why she handled it at staff level and did not try to convince Hillary to extinguish a fire she knew was purposely maintained. By publicly ignoring him and not inviting him to the trip to Africa, the idea was to weaken Coons so he could not get anything done and prepare O’Donnell to replace him in 2014. Did not work. 7 years later, at Pompeo’s confirmation, Coons coldly cashed his payback check. With Tim Kaine’s well informed congratulations…

Q1129 Down she goes… Q

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