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Post # 36 - Rudy Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team: a brilliant chess move from Trump! Checkmate near.

Thank you to all who responded yesterday to my invitation to salute this very talented meme creator named XJX. This [Giuliani meme] (https://i.redd.it/yajf6zogj4t01.png) he published yesterday is our today topic.

Do you like chess?

It’s an amazing game. My uncle taught me how to play at a very early age and trained me to see how real life situations often translated to chess piece positions. This way of seeing things is fascinating and deadly efficient, especially when you analyze war and politics.

When you look at [this picture] (https://i.redd.it/yc90e3601g4z.jpg) of Trump teaching his son Barron how to play, the smile on Trump’s face shows he knows there is something more to it than chess just being a game.

Q959 Learn chess. Down she goes. Nobody escapes this. NOBODY. Q

When I heard in the News that Trump had appointed Rudy Giuliani to join his legal team to deal with the Mueller probe, I immediately saw it: He is replicating the amazing Lev Olgmutskiy end game puzzle!

[This one] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5BR3S4raHc).

Remember my previous posts about Mueller and try to see how the pieces translate to real life, who these two white rooks are and what these two potential promoting pawns represent.

Let me show you how Trump replicated in real life the brilliant and surprising white move Rook C7, allowing the most ephemeral and useless B1 black Queen promotion. Ready? Go!

First, let’s remember: Rudy Giuliani supported Trump very early on in his campaign and really stood out when he predicted on October 26 2016, that within 2 days, something big was going to happen and that they had in their sleeves a “pretty big surprise” which would turn the election around.

Watch: [video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDY4tSibYpo).

So apparently, Giuliani heard from his FBI contacts that the reopening of the Hillary email investigation was going to take place. Now after Comey made the announcement, let’s watch how Wolf Blitzer pressures Giuliani to tell him how he got this information:

[video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZCTjwg0Ns4).

As you can see in this exchange, Wolf Blitzer is very aggressive and is cornering Giuliani in the ropes. Giuliani stands still and grabs whatever he can grab to stay alive in the stormy water Wolf Blitzer has progressively trapped him in. You can hate Wolf but, unlike Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo, this guy does his homework. So Giuliani first claims the big surprise was related to an advertisement campaign (yeah right) before specifying he did not speak to active FBI agents and finally conceding he spoke to “former FBI agents”. What’s going on here? Mockingbird Wolf Blitzer NEEDS him to say the info was leaked from the FBI so they could claim the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree procedural error and legal case politicization that could derail the newly resurrected FBI Clinton investigation.

This is why Mockingbird Don Lemon first makes the connection and hands the prey to Wolf for slaughtering. Giuliani gets a few feathers torn out in the process but remains alive… Phew!

Now why is this relevant?

In [the letter] (https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3197603-James-Comey-letter-to-Congress-Reopening-Clinton.html) where Comey informs Congress the FBI has re-opened the Clinton email case, we read: “in connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned the existence of emails that appear pertinent to the investigation”. He is referring to the Weiner case the NYPD was investigating. Now watch this very carefully: [Joe Biden] (https://youtu.be/bdCuDF4u5Yg?t=34). Did you see it? This “Oh God!” from Creepy Joe was genuine, almost forced acceptance. Why? Because Weiner is the weak spot. Huma confirmed it.

[Here] (http://www.businessinsider.com/huma-abedin-tears-hillary-clinton-emails-weiner-sexting-investigation-2017-9).

The NYPD discovered in Weiner’s laptop what we now know as the “Insurance Policy”. Since Q told us in [Q224] (https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150693391/#150697929) that Erik Prince was a credible source who knew where the bodies were buried, let’s see what he has to say about this:  Img1

Source: [Breibart] (http://www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/11/04/erik-prince-nypd-ready-make-arrests-weiner-case/)

Now let’s read Q854.  You see how Q translates Erik Prince’s language to his language in the first 7 lines? They are saying the same thing about the damning information and those who are connected. But Q adds this: EX-rvid5774. This is a video file name. This is the famous Hillary video everybody is talking about but nobody has seen. You thought it did not exist? It does. They purposely do not release it but have people talk about it. Why? Because of legal constraints, it’s not indictment material but political leverage material. It’s an Al Capone situation where his tax evasion will translate here to U1, Clinton Foundation, Private server etc….

This is what Q means here when asked about the rumor of the video circulating in the dark web:

Q1193 Fake. We control. Q

This, in association with Q158 Disinformation is real. Disinformation is necessary. You know why he had to add: we control. This is Q telling you they have the video, they engineer the rumors to use it as leverage and will only use it in due course. When is due course? The day this question finds its answer: Q854 Is the stage set for a drop of HRC?

So this is what the NYPD saw. And this is why the NYPD forced Comey to do the right thing. He was cornered, he had to. Now you are probably asking: is SB2 tired or something? We thought this post was about Giuliani.

Well, Giuliani was once Mayor of New York. And one of the most prominent ones. From 1994 to 2001. And who appoints the Chief of the NYPD? Yes, the Mayor of New York. The ultimate boss of the NYPD is the Mayor. So… you see it? This is where Giuliani got the information. This is what he could not tell Wolf Blitzer and had to sacrifice his former FBI agent contacts to Comey’s further scrutiny.

This is the reason why after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential elections, this immediately started circulating: Imgur

After having been First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and twice the Democratic Party nominee for Presidential elections, running for Mayor of NY is a pretty strange move. The reason was, after the NYPD video re-surfaced in the news, she was sending a subliminal message to the NYPD to let them know she could become their boss in the future or control whoever it could be thanks to her political influence. They should therefore manage this Weiner material they have with caution to not expose the Department to the most violent purge of its history. This was a threat. It worked: after this, you never heard the NYPD talk about this again. Since it worked, she did not have to run. The rumor faded away. But it is still there to be re-activated…

Now let’s go back to Giuliani. Wikipedia: …Giuliani was elected president of his class in his sophomore year, but was not re-elected in his junior year. He joined the Phi Rho Pi fraternity. Giuliani eventually decided to forego the priesthood, instead attending New York University School of Law in Manhattan, where he made the NYU Law Review and graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree in 1968.

Keep that in the back of your head.

Let’s go to Robert Mueller. Wikipedia: Mueller earned an M.A. in international relations from New York University in 1967, before pursuing his Juris Doctor degree.  You see it? Giuliani and Mueller were both attending New York University in 1967!  Some 50 years later, they find themselves in the middle of one of the most controversial legal cases of contemporary American politics. Coincidence?  Giuliani being the President of his class in sophomore years shows he had a natural ability to lead and to network. Therefore, chances are very high Giuliani and Mueller frequented or at least knew each other well.

Now is the right time to re-read Q1180 again:




Relationships High.

“Insurance File.”

Quiet until now.

Join POTUS’ legal team.

Direct discussions avail [now] w/ Mueller.

Enjoy the show.

They never thought she would lose.



Q is telling you Rudy has a high relationship with the NYPD and that he knows the in and outs of the “Insurance File” found in Weiner’s laptop. I have already told you in my previous posts Mueller was working for Trump. So, because of their respective backgrounds, Giuliani and Muller trust each other and can therefore make the best of what they respectively have: Giuliani has access to the ‘Insurance File”, Mueller has prosecutorial powers. This is why Trump never fired him. This is the end game. This is why Mueller was created. You remember the Special Prosecutor Trump promised to Hillary? That’s Mueller! Let that sink in for a minute. Take another minute.  You have doubts? Read Q:


We have everything.
How can we use what we know?
How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?
What are you witnessing unfold?
Trust the plan.

You see this: “How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?” This is Giuliani and Mueller sitting down and figuring out the legal ways through which Muller gets access to the “Insurance File” to finally get to Hillary… Once that’s done, all the other dominoes will follow.

Through Giuliani, Mueller adds to his Guccifer in house expertise, another external attack angle. To know more about the Guccifer internal attack angle, read the [Guciffer post] (Post # 18 - Guccifer 2.0 finally found its way to the news cycle: I told you. It now begins.) and the plot summary in comment section here:

[Archiver's note: A portion of the original Comment section with highlighted SUMMARY here]

Now watch the [chess puzzle video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5BR3S4raHc) again. You now see these 2 white rooks on the [Lev Olgmutskiy‘s chessboard] (https://i.imgur.com/QU1j1H0.png) are Mueller and Giuliani. Now you know why Giuliani temporized and did not enter Trump’s cabinet. This is the deadly move Rook C7! It’s the trap to allow an ephemeral B1 Queen promotion of the Hillary pawn to Mayor of New York or not. Look how rook C3 protects the King, doing nothing then locking row3 oscillating on C3-D3: that’s Mueller not investigating Trump and indicting plants instead: the black King cannot protect its pawns and the pawns are neutralized. And finally when the two rooks occupy C7 and D8, this is Trump instructing them to work together and bring him the checkmate.

Q1181  What are you witnessing unfold?  Trust the plan. Q

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