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Post # 35 - Censorship within the GreatAwakening? Let’s get to the bottom of this! For the Q’s Movement sake.

Guys. We need to talk. We need to have a serious conversation between adults about a rampant situation that needs to be addressed now. For the good of the Movement and for the sake of what Q is doing.

It seems there is a small group of people who, because they are not interested in or do not like certain things that are published on this board, believe the authors should be banned and dealt with.

I wanted to take a minute and analyze this. Respectfully. Coldly. Rationally.

My understanding is we are here to talk about Q right?

My attempt to answer to this question led me to identify 3 lanes in which my posts are produced:

Spiritual/Occult – Investigative Research – Decoding/Cryptography/Riddles

Within a month, 34 posts have been published in these 3 lanes. Here are a few examples: Img1

Now, are these 3 fields of knowledge in compliance with Q? Are they the creation of my free styling imagination or did Q signal they should be explored. Let’s look at this: Img2

So there you have it. This is what Q is.

Now let’s talk about my decoding posts. Based on the messages I receive and one of the decoding posts reaching 350 upvotes with 20k views, it is clear there is an interest. People want to learn and understand what’s going on with these cryptic messages on the board.

Now you have some people who unilaterally decide this “decoding thing” should stop, because -they say- they think it makes the Movement “look bad”. The problem is the Movement is Q and Q is the one who started this “decoding thing”, is still doing it and says it is important.

In the comment section of this [decoding post] (Post # 33 - Trump’s strange “MEME” tweet decoded! Learn how to use online decoding tools to unlock Q’s board!), [before the ban] you [would have found] an interesting exchange where one of these censoring entities is being rightly reminded that Q has been exchanging on 8chan on grids, arithmetic, gematria and riddles with anons since day1 and that what I am doing is just in continuation of these conversations. Then, the censoring entity publicly shares an image of a very disturbing conversation he had with the Mods, I am redacting his name for obvious reasons: Img3

Not only is he making unsubstantiated accusations (how can someone ‘create’ 20k views and 350 upvotes?!) but he is deciding what the board should look like. Amazing. To know more about how the board would fit to his Royal Desires, I went to his profile to not only discover he has never, ever, ever submitted any post on this board but he has also never submitted any post about Q anywhere.

So, Mods, I am asking you. Are these the types of people you should have a conversation with while others, on the other hand, are substantially and peacefully contributing to the life and progress of our Movement?

This post where this censoring entity commented was part 1 of a 2 episode series. I wrote episode 2 would be posted the next day. The first episode had 2.3k views and 109 upvotes. I received tons of messages mirrored in the comment section about part 2. When I published it the next day, as announced, the view count was not visible for hours, when the final count showed up, it dropped to 704 and I still have people messaging me asking me where is episode 2!


I am asking the Mods who have been doing a fantastic job growing this sub and keeping it a civil space where anybody can come and learn about Q, to protect it even more from negative outside influence, whether it is human or electronic. Whether it is emotional or algorithmic censorship. I have been interacting with a few of them in the past and know they have the skills and the generosity to provide us with what I am requesting. And I am sure I am requesting this on behalf of many contributors to this board.

I will later today drive in the Investigative Research lane and tell you why Rudy Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team is a brilliant chess move. Literally. Make sure you catch it!


WE must work TOGETHER.

WE are only as strong as your VOICE.

YOU must organize and BE HEARD.

THIS is why they keep you DIVIDED and in the DARK.


We are here to UNITE and provide TRUTH.



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