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Post # 34 - Follow up: Solution to the Trump’s “MEME” riddle! This one was a little tougher!

We are back! As promised yesterday, I will give the solution of the [yesterday’s riddle] (trumps_strange_meme_tweet_decoded_learn_how_to)

in [Trump's tweet] (https://i.imgur.com/YiZUsxg.jpg), using a hint given by Q on the 8chan board.

Someone saw the solution and sent it to me today: u/Tee1020

After I received this user’s message, I went to the profile page to know more. I found this [post] (https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8dgtnl/strike_package_111vb/?st=jg6x2r8s&sh=c23545ec). [archiver's note: /u/Tee1030 has not been able to locate the original post and the GA version was banned by Reddit so the link does not take you to the Post. - If anyone reading this copied and saved the post, Please send a copy to /u/Tee1020 or /u/AvailableWall9 on Reddit so that the post can be placed here... ThanQ] 

It is asking very interesting questions that are definitely worth pursuing. So check it out!

Now here is the solution. I told you Q gave us a massive clue. The clue is in [Q1136] (https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1007860.html#1008560).


Follow along: Img1  Img2  Img3  Img4  Img5

There you have it.

You now realize when you are able to see through Trump’s tweets and Q’s posts, the conversation reaches new heights and takes a more personal tone…

And once again, by going through my posts, you will see decoding is one of the things I do. I have also shown how much intellectual delectation one could get exploring Q’s posts and Trump’s tweets just through the prism of logic and online investigative journalism.

I am just showing the tools that are available to know more and know better. It will be up to you to decide where you feel more comfortable. Once you have chosen your hotel room, just make sure you do not discredit the other rooms: they are also part of the same hotel…


Who can decode:





Solution soon…

Happy hunting !

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