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Post # 33 - Trump’s strange “MEME” tweet decoded! Learn how to use online decoding tools to unlock Q’s board!

Let’s continue with the decoding…

You guys did a good job with the upvote and the comment section at the [last decoding post] (Q#1127_secret_message_decoded_and_this_is_why), you did not let the D-tractors distract you from learning and further understanding the amazing journey Q is inviting you to. You stayed calm and did not respond to unnecessary crafted drama. This movement is getting stronger! Kudos to you! Make sure you invite your friends and family to the conversation, show them what you have learned and teach them.

Now I will show you more: in the last post, where we decoded [Q1127] (https://i.imgur.com/Px5XkMM.png), and [Trump’s tweet] (https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/984022625440747520), I took you through the steps so you understand what was going on under the hood. I then shared in the comment section that this way of decoding was called the Caesar Cipher. Here is a [video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMOZf4GN3oc) to know more about it. So you see? Now the D-Tractors have a problem: SB2 is using classic cryptographic methods to solve the Q’s message that recruit this particular method. They can’t say I am making up rules anymore, so what do they say? (check the comment section, it’s a lot of fun)... They say: it’s not because the method is valid that there is a hidden message. If someone says that to you, ask them to explain this:


“A clean [H]ouse is very important.”


And this :



Learn to decider.

News unlocks message.

Find the keystone.


Of course, you got it: “decider” instead of “decipher” is a mistake purposely done by Q to tell you the key in that area of the board is “ d ”!! Happy hunting!

But more importantly, there is an online tool [here] (https://cryptii.com/caesar-cipher) that will allow you to work faster and automate the process I showed you. Make sure you bookmark that link as you will use it to decode other Q’s messages. I will show you how to use this tool, using Q1127, you will then replicate on your own with the tweet.


Follow along:  Img1   Img2   Img3

There you have it, we get the same result as the last post, but much much faster.

Train and do the same for the tweet.

Now I want to show you something else.

What if the key, instead of being just one letter, is a word? Well, in that case, supposing the key is HELLO, you first need to repeat HELLOHELLOHELLO… on top of the message until it is all covered, then you will have to apply H=8 shift on the first letter, E=5 shift on the second and so on until all the letters are covered and solve. This is called the Vigenère Cipher. Tedious right? Well, it's Christmas guys! With a little creativity, there is a tool we can use from the website I showed you. It’s the one using the Vigenère Cipher. The Vigenère Cipher does exactly what we have described above, except it includes the first letter in the count. So everything is shifted by -1 right? So what do we do to use the tool and not count the first letter? You got it! We shift the key by +1! So for example if POTUS or Q give you the key HELLO, all you need to do to use this online tool, is to give him the key


H+1,E+1,L+1,L+1,O+1, which is IFMMP. You got it? Ok, let’s apply:

Hunting on the board… hunting… looking around…hunting… Hey?! What’s that strange message in Q1140?   Img4

This is Q telling us there is something going on here. He says misspellings matter. He is referring to this [tweet] (https://i.imgur.com/YiZUsxg.jpg). You could not find it because it was deleted? Go here: [Trump’s deleted tweets] (https://factba.se/topic/deleted-tweets).

The reason Trump did not correct the error here: “Just had an Agricultural Roundtable with memembers of Congress and Governors”. It is because…. You guessed it! The string “me” is the key!

So what do we do? Same thing, we write the tweet with no punctuation and then, follow along:   Img5   Img6   Img7   Img8

So those who think they have solved the riddle, can PM me and, with their authorization, I will publish the list of the solvers and credit them.

In any cases, I will publish the solution tomorrow around the same time.

Happy hunting!

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