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Post # 32 - Q1127 secret message decoded! And this is why Trump capitalized G, K and A in his Gas Killing Animal tweet!

Ok, back to the decoding. Let’s take a minute to allow those who believe this is shinanaganz to leave the room.

…58, 59, perfect!

Today, we are decoding Q1127.

You remember what I have told you in previous decoding posts? When you see a letter popping out or an “error”, your key alarm should go off. Grab that key and start exploring. So here we see that letter H staring at us: [H]ouse. H is the key we need to unlock our hidden message. Now remember, I told you each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value based on its position, like this: Table. This is called the Simple Gematria Table. Try to remember this because Q uses it a lot to give us clues. Try to play with it calculating the numerical values of words adding up the numbers of their composing letters. This is the door to amazing knowledge…

I am going to break it down in a way there will be no complicated mathematics or programming skills involved. Those who are familiar with Excel, the MOD function, CHAR and CODE will immediately see how to bypass and automate some of the steps but I want this to be as accessible as possible to the majority.

So here we go:

Img1  Img2  Img3  Img4  Img5  Img6  Img7

So there you have it, the hidden message where Q is talking about his comms is basically code for having defeated the geek trying to hack his comms. Once that geek is dominated and knocked out, he is good to go and securely sends his data. But there is more to it. He is saying: refer back – the ‘Why?’ NAT SEC laws. I will tell you what he means. You see that April Showers, on the 5th line?

Let’s analyze it:


Knowing the gematria value of April Showers=163, let us go back in time and see what happened 163 posts ago before Q1127 is posted. To find the date, we do: 1127-163=964 and we hit Q964 which is the first post after the day Q changed his tripcode and activated the clock! The tripcode was updated from !UW.yye1fxo to !xowAT4Z3VQ on March 23rd 2018 and the clock activated the same day. Silence until March 27 when Q964 was posted. So what does it mean? Q is telling us with Q1127 that the reason he is changing his tripcode is to comply with National Security Laws. That is the ‘Why’ he is talking about. You see now the double meaning of “A clean House is important”? He is saying every time he changes his tripcode, he is cleaning his data history and can therefore come back and continue dropping without infringing National Security Laws. Fascinating!

Ready for more?

Let’s do the post right before Q1127. We see that in Q1126 Q is connecting the same letter H to this Trump’s tweet. This tweet is epic, he is talking about a Gas Killing Animal! So here we go, we are using the same method as in Q1127.

Follow along:

Img9  Img10  Img11  Img12  Img13  Img14  Img15  Img16

So there you have it. In this secret message, Trump is saying to Putin to join him in the strike and “go add KO as the United States do”. The strike on Deep State’s positions in Syria was done with Russia. I’ve been telling you for a long time now that Trump and Putin are working together. But because of Russia Russia Russia, it has to remain secret.

Let the people be fooled by the smoke screen but you, here, are reading Q. You know the truth. You now have the means, the knowledge and the training to see beyond the curtain. You are not asleep anymore.


It’s the Great Awakening.

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