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Post # 27 - Q Occult Series. Q114 US Military = Savior of Mankind. You first NEED to know this! Part1.5


Guys, I apologize for the length of this post but the issues addressed here are of the utmost importance for those who would like to benefit from the future episodes of the Q Occult Series.

I was about to post part 2 today but I have received many messages asking me various questions that led me to believe some clarification was needed before successfully continuing our journey. This is why we have a part 1.5.

The main issue that has been raised is about me quoting the Quran and reaching out to those I call “real Muslims” (not radical Muslims and not the House of Saud I have already spoken about). I have seen messages and comments essentially saying: SB2, we love you but stop quoting the Quran, it is a satanic book, it is against what we believe in etc… Well, here is my first response: Satan has infiltrated all religions. You already heard me about the House of Saud, the Vatican, and this (sniffers). You therefore have to make the effort to distinguish real Jews, real Christians and real Muslims from manufactured infiltrators. Second response: as you may already know, all three revealed monotheistic religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all coming from the House of Abraham. Abraham’s two sons Isaac (he had with his wife) and Ishmael (he had with his servant) are respectively the ancestors of all Prophets of Israel and of the Prophet of Islam.


Our Bible teaches us the following:

Then God said, “Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.

Genesis 17:19-20

This verse shows clearly the covenant was granted to the descendants of Isaac, explaining why Israel was given the immense divine privilege of having a Prophet at every single generation until the arrival of Christ. Now think about it: do you realize all the spiritual literature we are missing from Isaac to Christ? Do you realize how much knowledge coming from these numerous Prophets the Vatican has concealed to keep us in the dark?! And who are they to decide a book is apocryphal or not? Who are they?! Why are they hiding books from the public in underground facilities, libraries and digital vaults?! Which moral authority do they have, let alone a spiritual one to decide which book should contribute to your faith or not? We all know today the quality of their moral authority. But that is a question for another day.

This verse also shows Abraham made a prayer for his other son Ishmael (the Lord says: I heard you) and God promised him He would bless him, make a great nation from his seed and give him twelve rulers. So there you have it: God Himself gave to the Muslims what He gave them. He gave them a Prophet and a Book. Ignoring it is a possible choice but I believe denying it is a dangerous one… Who can claim to serve a Master and not accept joyfully what He has chosen to do in the Mystery of His wisdom? This is the very mistake Lucifer made and it caused him to lose all his spiritual privileges…

I am aware after this post I may lose many readers and be slandered in the comment section. But the Truth needs to be said and I am not wearing a mask. I am offering you the Truth, nothing less, nothing more. And one unavoidable component of the Truth is the re-unification of the House of Abraham. Why? Because that is where all Good started. Satan knows it, this is why he attacked it and divided it. Once that puzzle is solved and the scattered pieces are correctly re-united, the Truth will become obvious to everyone.

Now, realize I am posting on a sub on Reddit. Notice I have no monetized Youtube channel or a similar platform, no patreon, nothing like that. I am blessed enough by God to not need those. I am not motivated by money, I am not motivated by fame:

the stupidest person in my opinion would be an anonymous writer looking for fame.


Those who find their peace insulting me in the comment section should think perhaps they are joyfully saying hello to me in the elevator every morning or thankfully taking my tips at the restaurant… :) Seriously, I have just one motivation: raise enough questions in the minds of intellectually honest people to make them THINK, find a way out of the prison of falsehood and enter the House of Truth. I can’t walk for them, I can only show them. I am not a teacher. Jesus is THE Teacher. My motivation is to put some light on the path that leads to him and that has been blurred by centuries of Luciferian spiritual warfare against mankind.

I can hear from here those saying: we’ve already found Christ, we did not have to wait for you. Well, my response to them would then be: so why is the world so sick? Why aren’t you able to give a sound answer to the simple question: are we coming from monkeys, yes or no? I personally know Ivy League investment bankers who are unable to give you a correct definition of money and who do not even know the Federal Reserve is a private company. Is this normal? Why is the international banking system based on the very usury Christ denounced when fighting the money changers and nobody cares? Do you remember Satan tried 3 times to deceive Jesus Christ? He even used Scriptures to that end. Don’t you think he may have tried 3 million times with you and used the very Bible you are reading?! So you think you found Christ? Do you think Satan is not going to try 3 million times to deceive you about him? Adam himself who spoke directly to God and who was surrounded by mighty Archangels was deceived by Satan. And you think you figured it out?! Just because you go to church on sun-days and have a Bible app in your phone? Once again, who won WW2?! Why is the world so sick?! Where is Christ?! Where is he?!


I’ll tell you where he is: he is in our heart we inherited from Judas. We claim we are from Christ but we betrayed him and crucified him. For a few coins. Gold, silver, interest accounts, bitcoins or diplomas contradicting the Bible. To please Rome. Our NWO controllers. We stayed away from his original teachings and listened to those who claimed to have known him while their only motivation was to build the Prostitute described in the Book of Revelation. Did you know Paul never, ever, ever, met Christ? And yet, the Catholic Church owes him its dogma. Blindly and purposely.

We let Lucifer attack the House of our Father Abraham and divide us and put confusion in our hearts, our minds, our Book and our holy rituals. Do you know the purpose of this division? Listen to the well-known French rabbi Rav Ron Chayain in this video, (sorry in French) he is explaining the geopolitical strategy consisting of pushing Christians and Muslims to fight against each other in WW3 so that the non- implicated Jews would be victorious. And he compares it to chicken fights… Let that sink in for a minute…

Their own words.

They are not even hiding!

Satan’s biggest fear is to see Christians and Muslims build an alliance against him and his armies of demons and humans… Despite their plot, that will happen. I know it.


When that happens, recall there was a lunatic called SerialBrain2 on Reddit who predicted it…It has already started, but you did not catch it:

Q134 One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history).

Read this episode (archivers note: Part 1 and Part 2 ) to understand.

They also pick Freemasons to translate our Books, and they change prayers Jesus Christ himself used to recite. Before that, some random king decided the very Sabbath Jesus Christ was assiduously celebrating needed to be moved to the day of the sun they have been worshiping since their ancestor Pharaoh… And when the Church was asked why, they said: “it is the mark of our authority”. So you thought that to be enforced, the Mark of the Beast had to wait for computer chips?

We are not even able to think straight.

Like parrots, we repeat the Muslims are our enemies but we forget they believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ and that he is indeed the Messiah to return and that one of their main religious obligations is to fight under his command against the Antichrist. We are made to think we are closer to the Jews and we forget the way they plotted against Jesus, we forget the horrible things they said and still say about Mary, the purest of all women, to deny Christ’s miraculous birth. We forget they do not believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah , and we forget they have they own Messiah!

Now let me ask you this: if the Jews have their own Messiah and the Muslims believe in the same Messiah we believe in, where do you think the Antichrist is more likely to come from?

What happened to you mankind?!!!

What happened to you???!!!

Don’t you see it???!!!

You are the victims of the biggest and most sophisticated psy-op ever perpetrated against humans and Q is desperately trying to wake you up!


We went too deep.

Attempted a pullback.

Not ready. Q

Now look at this picture from Q547 and THINK.


We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


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