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Post # 207 - Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning. PART 4: Dark to Light.


Did the Bush and HUSSEIN’s nude body scanners work and contribute to our safety. No. It’s right here: video.

Things got worse with the body scanners when child porn showed up in the mix: video Ready for more? Here: video

How did these images end up circulating when TSA told us the Nude Body Scanners had no storage capabilities? The truth is their true capabilities were never disclosed: video

Now do you want to know who really collected the nude images? Were they just collected by a few rogue TSA agents? No no no. Larger scale. Conspiracy fact. They were collected by HUSSEIN’s administration: link

Now you have the building blocks to understand what really happened. Read very carefully and discover how Bush and HUSSEIN’s nude body scanners were after your DNA: Img66

Do you like sightseeing?

Have you ever heard of the Wall Street Bull? Here is a 133 second video that will tell you everything you need to know about it: video

Here is a 97 second video describing recent restorations after ‘recent attacks’: video

A bronze bull attacked by a man with a banjo? Why was the Maestro (who breaks records without even having a guitar) mentioned in this story? Hammer? Did you notice the ‘fake’ blood? Can you solve?

On March 7 2017, the Wall Street Bull was given company. Watch these 165 seconds very carefully video

As you can see, SSGA was very INSPIRED when out of all the possibilities in NY, they chose to place Fearless Girl right in front of the New York Golden Calf. Watch the video carefully. Look around. Look at the black flag, its colors, the letters fully showing up etc… Did you notice that at 1:57, right after she said ‘INSPIRED FROM”, the 9:21 AM sign appeared? We are in 93 territory and in the 7th column of the Luciferian Grid…

For now, we’ll just focus on the Fearless Girl and how she’s connected to 9/11 and their DNA collection operation. Read very carefully: Img67

If you understand that the New York Golden Calf and Fearless Girl statues are about the interactions of 2 representations and that the underlying subject matter is DNA, you are equipped to assemble all the pieces of the Nude Body Scanner Scam and identify its implications: Img68

Are you seeing the big picture?

I am telling you there was a global Satanic conspiracy targeting our Energy Signatures and our DNA to replace or enslave all humans on the planet and install a global Satanic government led by someone Cult 93 calls the “Immortal Chief”. They successfully implemented Phase 1 of the strategy and the Maestro stopped them before they could move to Phase 2. He stripped them of the means by which they were subjugating us and is recycling them to our advantage. You already see the results with the economy, what’s coming is what he means with: “The best is yet to come”.

Far fetched?

You already know H-Wood is the way through which they get our consent right? Satanists need our consent to do what they are doing to us. Remember: Satan convinced Adam and Eve to eat the fruit. He did not have the power to force the fruit into their constitution. This is what he continues to do with H-Wood. He’s very well aware of the legal meaning in the Supreme Divine Court of the following verse:

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11

So? When I want to know what he’s up to, I watch a few TV shows to be updated. For example, we’ve already gone through 93 and B613 in Scandal.

Do you know a show called Blindspot? Here is the trailer: video

'Her NARRATIVE memory has been obliterated but her PROCEDURAL memory seems to be impact'

'Encrypted clues to future crimes'

'Name of an FBI agent tattooed on her back'

Does this ring a bell?

You got it: The Luciferian Grid and James Comey! Look: Img69

Were the comms really referring to Blindspot or is it just a coincidence?

What if I told you Blindspot was validated in the comms by FLOTUS and Ivanka?

Let's see if you can solve this. Here are the 3 items you need to connect: FLOTUS video – Ivanka video – Blindspot video

Here is the solution: Img70

Once you’ve identified connected topics or principles, what do you do next? Yes, you analyze timestamps, deltas and capital letters to find the confirmations and additional intel through the comms.

Here are the solid proofs from FLOTUS and Ivanka confirming Blindspot, the Luciferian Grid and that indeed the Maestro stopped Cabal’s 93 plan at phase1: Img71

What a beautiful day!

The Maestro stopped Cult 93 right before they could move to the second phase of their Satanic and covert invasion of the planet. They were about to apply the Seal of Lucifer, enthrone their Immortal and Chief and install a world order that would have paved the way to the reign of their royal lineage.


Now that can generate some hate!

The Luciferian Grid and the Phase 2 red square in the 107 column right before the return of Q in column 132 will be my contribution to the identification of a rational explanation to the Trump Derangement Syndrome or reactions like this one: video or this one: video.

Do you think they’ll give me a Nobel for this one day? Hahaha! Just like the Maestro created the Space Force, the Nobel Committee will have to create a new field and call it Demonics, Hillarics, Comeyics or something like that. Hahaha!

Rejoice my friends! This is beautiful day! A beautiful day!

Q1688 Dark to LIGHT. GOOD WINS. Q

Watch how Flotus describes what happened behind the scenes. You’ve already watched this video but this time, try to watch it with the eyes of your heart and extract the hidden meaning: FLOTUS video

Here is her message: Img72 – Img73 – Img74

Thank you FLOTUS.

Now you know the reason why our Commander in Chief created the Space Force and from which type of enemies this Force is protecting us. Look: Img75

Do you now see what I see?

Did you detect the Maestro’s message to the Cabal and its Cult 93 in his epic NO QUID PRO QUO statement after Sondland’s testimony? We already decoded his written notes but there is more to it. Watch again: video

When you hear things like “it just happened” and “to which I turned off the television”, you should detect these are comms.


Value for TO WHICH I? 95=HUSSEIN




The Maestro’s whole speech was coded and it was a direct message to Family Y and its Cult 93. It’s an amazing message.


Read it very carefully. This is how I will end this gift to you: Img76 – Img77 – Img78

Q3257 We LOVE you! Q

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It has come to my attention that the images in my previous articles are inaccessible.

I have started posting additional links that you will find in the comment section of each article.

Q948 Extreme efforts to kill login devices.

Extreme efforts to censor. Extreme efforts. Dead cat bounce. Enjoy the show. Bring the rain! Q

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