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Post # 206 - Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning.

PART 3: The Explosive Truth About 9/11


Cult 93 spread its tentacles everywhere. Most of the people you see on TV are part of the cult. They own the Fake News. They own H-Wood. They own the Swamp. Here is how they gained all the power they have using the C_A Hugh Heffner model: Img28

From the Family Y sequence, we can identify through corresponding Jewish or Simple Gematria values the 2 phase Luciferian plan leading to the total control of the planet and the implementation of the Beast System. This plan is summarized in what I call the Luciferian Grid. The Maestro provided clues in his comms and in the news to confirm the grid and to detect the countermoves he made to neutralize the Luciferian strategy before it could get to Phase 2: Img 48

Now that you know these things, I can show you more.

Let’s go back to Aleister Crowley, the founder of Thelema 93 and one of the most prominent Satanist in history. Were you aware that he is suspected to be Barbara Bush’s father? Watch: video

You got that?

Let’s go back in time. Sept 11 2001. Watch: video

Did you spot the multiple occurrences of 93, the obvious ones being 9:03 or 9:30 and the less trivial 9:35 at the (5 side) pentagon? Additional material provides another 93 from Flight 93 that crashed in Somerset and that the first hit occurred between floors 93 and 99 of the WTC North Tower. Coincidence?

Here is something that you will find even more troubling: Img49

Time to investigate!

Did you notice that 9/11 is code for the human shape and that 93 is coded in the date of that tragic and atrocious event? Did you spot the 666 and 93 coded several times in the timestamps and the flight numbers? How about the Family Y structure? Look: Img50

What do you do when an abnormal number of “coincidences” occur? Yes, you keep digging until you break the standard deviation. From this link, we get all we need to know about the 4 aircrafts that crashed that day.


Fasten your seatbelt and read very carefully: Img51

Shocked? There is more.

Discover the 69 Barbara Bush math problem: Img52

Here's Barbara telling you she thinks she has a beautiful mind: Img53

As you can see, Barbara has a pretty creepy mind and pretty creepy old friends who don’t like real numbers. Surprised? You should not. Wait until she tells you what she does with a fetus after a miscarriage: video

Now watch how her husband expresses his sadness when referring to JFK’s assassination: video

Clear? This is the type of creature we are dealing with.

There’s more. Look how the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement signed with India under George HW Bush’s presidency is connected to 9/11: Img54

Just in case you were wondering if George W Bush would appear at some point from the flight numbers, the answer is yes: Img55

Here is why Barbara’s fetal pythagorian mind connected India to 9/11 through the DTAA: Img56

Did you know it is believed Adam landed in the region of India after the fall? Are you familiar with the Rama Setu Bridge connecting India to Sri Lanka? Watch: video

This will help connect the dots: Img57

Let’s now re-watch what George Bush was doing a few minutes before the 9/11 operation started: video


Did you know that on 9/11 there was a point in time when Air Force One with Bush onboard was the only plane in the sky? Politico wrote about it: link

Puzzle coming together?

This is what 9/11 was really about: Img58

Now you are equipped to learn what they really did on 9/11, what the 4 flights really meant and why the Twin Towers had to be built in a city nicknamed the Big Apple: Img59

As you can see, these people are EVIL EVIL EVIL.

This is why the Maestro gathered in the same tweet Barbara Bush’s funeral and a ‘beautiful day’. Discover how he promised to get rid of these EVIL beings and how he signaled he kept his promise with the Rocky III doctored picture: Img60

Do you like sociology? Psychopaths love sociology because they can report humans as perishable objects with exogenous purposes without fearing that their audience would find out that's exactly what they believe.

Here is a perfect example of 2 psychopaths discussing about human society as the sheep is clapping: link

The first clown says: we need to tax the poor so that they won’t afford to buy what may kill them and live longer (you gathered he meant: so that we can continue to tax them right?). Notice he omits the possibility of the poor buying what could improve their health. And if this logic is true, since Bloomberg became a billionaire in the 80’s, he should have horribly died of caviar-caused obesity or something similar 30 years ago… Christian Lagarde confirmed the high level of stupidity on that stage that day with his “2 things are absolutely certain in life: death and tax”.  Oh yeah?  How were people living before income taxes? How about Adam and Eve?  Please tell me how it works. Do you see how they equate something decreed by God with something decreed by man? There you have it. Playing God with regulations and Big Government. This is how the Cabal puts you to sleep. They gather on a stage 2 low IQ people bombarded with professional or academic credentials from the schools and institutions they control in order to impress you and to say extremely stupid stuff that will be relayed by the complicit Fake News for the sheep to repeat.

With the example above, we know what kind of mind played with the social component of post 9/11 airports.

I am saying that once the 9/11 operation was in the bank, airports became the space where they could conduct various sociological experiments and document human response in the wake of the final police state they envision for you and me, us the sheep, the non Y families.

Q666 These people are EVIL. Still don't believe you are SHEEP to them?

I compiled the elements of this excellent article listing the 15 major changes that occurred in airports after 9/11.

Here are the first 10: Img61

Here are the remaining 5 and the end game: Img62

Okay, so you got HUSSEIN was picked to carry out Family Y’s agenda and among other things to buy as many body scanners as possible. When you are C_A, how do you accelerate and force the acquisition of security equipment? Yes: you create a major security threat, like 9/11. This time they picked Christmas 2009: video

Perfect. With this in the bank, HUSSEIN could safely lie to us and spread more fear: video

Let’s now examine the open source information about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who was later called the Underwear Bomber: Img63

This is confirmed by passengers: video

Umar was later sentenced to life in prison after insisting he wanted to represent himself. What does that tell you given he comes from a wealthy family? He knew he was set up and could not trust anyone.

4 days after the Christmas incident, 2 body scanner contracts were awarded for a total of $338 Million dollars. No typo, you read it right: 4 days, $338 Million dollars. Here is the decode: Img64

It seems the Underwear Bomber operation worked pretty well in the Big Apple where in 2016 Mayor Bill de Blasio officially validated 31 genders with the threat of fines as high as… $250,000 if establishments refuse to address someone by their preferred pronoun link.

Do you see how these Satanists talk and how they mock us when behind closed doors?

Refuse to be taken advantage of. Learn their language. Learn. Fight back.

Q3399 Symbolism will be their downfall. These people are EVIL. Q

Q1956 It's always been out in the open. You just have to LOOK. You MUST stay TOGETHER. TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG. Symbolism = END. Q

Let’s return to Bush and Hussein’s airport body scanners which caused the public’s outrage immediately after they were installed: video

Despite the uproar, watch how HUSSEIN and HRC defended the full body scanners and continued to lie to us: video

Q1345 Define bribe. Define kickback.

Can you guess how HUSSEIN got his kickbacks and who took care of it?

Peruvian Coffee for those who answered: “I’d start with the usual suspect George Soros”!

Discover how Family Y Soros coded his real interest in the operation and the financial reason why DTAA was signed with India in 1989: Img65

Good takeaways from this is you should always track stimulus packages because that’s how they create companies out of thin air and countries they sign tax agreements with because that’s where you should start looking for the tax money they stole from you.


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