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Post # 205 - Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning. PART 2: Know the Cult.


Cult 93 spread its tentacles everywhere. Most of the people you see on TV are part of the cult. They own the Fake News. They own H-Wood. They own the Swamp. Here is how they gained all the power they have using the C_A Hugh Heffner model: Img28

This is the Cult the Maestro is taking down. This is the reason 93 is coded in the transcripts: Img29

Do you now see where the Ukraine hysteria really comes from? Ukraine was a Cult 93 bastion and many bodies are buried there. We went through the 2 transcripts in my previous articles and the video President Zelensky shared with POTUS. Look how the Mockingbird media is panicking and secretly communicating about it through the Quartz article: Img30

As you can see, the information shared makes this Quartz article extremely toxic. Whoever is connected to it has serious serious serious problems.

The Impeachment Hoax was Cult 93 trying to gain a position of leverage and obtain to negotiate with the Maestro.

Remember: that’s the real Quid Prop Quo they are looking for.

When I was a kid, I had a friend who used to communicate like that. He would show up around lunch time with his hunger and seeing that we were watching TV, he’d ask: how long have you been watching TV since you had lunch?

The Maestro knew exactly what they were trying to achieve and this is why to respond to their list of Swamp ‘witnesses’, he had a secret timeline running in parallel for us to triangulate what each witness was all about. Using the 'witnesses' as examples, the Maestro gave us a tour of the Swamp. Look and try to confirm the connections through the Maestro’s comms and the testimonies: Img31

For example, to illustrate the Nov 21 2019 Actors, watch Ratcliffe mercilessly demonstrate how painful it is for an actor to forget his script: until 5:44:47

Did you see how Holmes dived into his documents and how he needed his memory refreshed about the most significant event of his career?

Thank you Ratcliffe.

Let’s now focus on Nov 20 2019 when the Maestro toured the Apple plant in Austin. Do you remember what he said about Apple? Watch: until 19:26.

Who’s standing next to the Maestro? Yes, Secretary Acosta. This is the day his resignation was announced and Epstein is pulled into the conversation. In other words, by visiting the Apple plant the day Sondland was testifying for Shifty before exploding in his hands, the Maestro was saying to Cult 93: “all these shenanigans is about covering your crimes against the children. I’ve got Epstein and I’m not negotiating with you. Get ready, I’m coming for you”. How do I know? Delta between Acosta’s resignation and the Apple tour? 132. This is the value for UNFORGIVABLE, which is confirmed by the apple and the original sin.

Q3109 Shall We Play A Game? Q

I’ll give you 5 connections connecting 6 items, can you find the 6th one to close the circle? Hint: analyze the tweets posted the day the Maestro visited the Apple plant. Here are the 5 connections: Img32

Did you find it?

I’ll give you another hint: until 4:56

Yes! This is what the Maestro was referring to when he tweeted “if this were a prizefight, they’d stop it”, you triangulate with “how many bites of the apple”, Holmes and his bionic ear and Bingo: Tyson/Holyfield: Img33

What is the Maestro telling us by pulling Tyson into the riddle? Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed TYSON=93!


Coincidence? Hahaha! Here is the message: Img34

Do you see where this doctored picture is taking us and how powerful it is?

Now question: what’s the Maestro’s secret to look that way in the picture? Yes, he regularly takes a PHYSICAL to make sure everything is fine. :) Value for PHYSICAL? 93!

Time to investigate to figure this out!

Let’s watch the Maestro talk about the PHYSICAL: until 38:16

Did you solve his insistence on the tie?

When the Maestro mentioned the tie in addition to the doctored picture tweet and to the PHYSICAL, the C_A Fake News went CRAAAAAZY! Look how the Fake News WaPo fakes serenity in their tweet but insist on the tie by quoting the Maestro verbatim in the linked article: tweet

As you can see, the WaPo got TRIGGERED. Total PANIC. Enjoy: Img35

So you want to know about the tie?

The Maestro gave you the hint right here when asked about Colonel Vindman’s Congress testimony: until 11:25

Did you catch it?

He first called Vindman Vinderman and later seamlessly corrected it. Comms territory. Here is the solution: Img36

Do you now see why Cult 93 has a problem sending impeachment to the Senate? The Maestro confirming my earlier decode about wanting a trial where their crimes would become public is one problem, the other is that his comms showed that he had it all about their witnesses. They are neutralized. They can’t function anymore. The Maestro summarizes this reality with the question: “Where is the whistleblower?”

To explain Nervous Nancy’s apparent irrationality on the impeachment process, we first need to see that because the Maestro is twelve moves ahead, they failed to secure the leverage they thought they needed to force him into negotiations about their crimes. Second, we need to remember these people are Satanists:

Q3 Many in our govt worship Satan.

Most of the things they do are based on rituals, satanic calendars etc… Did you notice that the impeachment vote occurred exactly 1063 days after Trump’s inauguration ceremony? This is Cult 93 asking for help to the IMMORTAL QUEEN=163 in their fight against the Maestro. If you think it’s just a coincidence, wait until you see how it’s connected to the WaPo article calling for impeachment 19 minutes after POTUS was sworn in. Have you ever wondered why 19 minutes? Here is the answer, it has to praise Cult 93: Img37

For all these reasons, the Maestro asked on the day of impeachment to say a prayer. Enjoy how he connected it to the WaPo 19 mn impeachment article through the Q board: Img38

With what you now know about Cult 93 and the Wapo 19 mn impeachment article, can you precisely decode Slotkin’s hand sign and the message she was sending? Let’s watch again and try to solve: video

Here is the solution: Img39

When you catch a Clownfish like Slotkin, what do you do? Yes. You go through all her comms to know more. Try to decode this article she wrote about impeachment when she claimed she was still thinking it through: link1

Here is the solution: Img40

This is the one she wrote to justify her final decision: link2

Here is the solution: Img41

Let’s pause for a moment and summarize what we’ve learned about Cult 93 so far: Img42

Now that we have a clear understanding of what Cult 93 is, we are equipped to understand the Maestro’s message coded in the NO QUID PRO QUO notes he was holding after Sondland testified and atomized Shifty. Watch and try to analyze: video

First, let’s document how the Fake News mocks the Maestro for holding notes and how they prove their ignorance and/or dishonesty: Img43

Second, we understand the Maestro’s notes are there for us to decode. We zoom in and focus on the paragraph first letters and how they are aligned. Here is the solution: Img44

Third, to catch the deeper layer of intel, we notice he used 11 letters to code 93 through 149. Here is the second layer of information: Img45

This is it my friends.

The Maestro is opening the door for us to understand what is REALLY going on behind the curtains, multiple layers beyond politics.

Q167 POTUS opened the door of all doors. Expand your thinking. What is the keystone? Q

Those who are familiar with my writings already know that the war we are engaged in is primarily spiritual. This is not allegorical. This is real. We are fighting spirits, some in human form and some in another form:

Q Are we alone ? Roswell ? Q2222 No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space. Q

I wrote in previous articles about God’s perfect creation and how the Golden Ratio manifests in various aspects of our lives such as biology, economy etc…

One of the ways Satan and his followers wage war against Mankind is in their attempt to replace the original divine creation and its blueprint with altered versions supported by unverified theories.

Q189 All that you know to be right is wrong. The ‘cult’ runs the world. Fantasy land.

For example, in response to the natural Fibonacci sequence leading to the Golden Ratio, here is Family Y’s sequence: Img46

Since we’ve elected POTUS, these 2 models are at war and, for example, what you are witnessing in the economy, the stock market or in international trade are manifestations of this opposition.

If you pay attention, you will find in the Maestro’s tweets updates about this fascinating war. Here is one example among many: Img47

Click here for Part 3. (or simply click "next post" below to go to the archived Post...)

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