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Post # 204 - Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning. PART 1: Spot the Number.


Question: what do you do regarding impeachment when you are C_A and represent in Congress a district where the Maestro is extremely popular?

Answer: since you’ve already received instructions from your owners to vote for impeachment, you act as if you were bipartisan, you publicly state that you are going to think it over and focus on the facts, you build an artificial media hype around your ‘honest’ intellectual hesitation, you put an emphasis on your past service to our country as an intelligence officer, and when you think you’ve deceived enough people with your sheep clothing, you declare that you’ve finally decided to support impeachment.

Pretty cool right?

Application: let’s watch Democrat Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin as she’s interviewed on her impeachment ‘hesitation’ on December 13 2019: until 3:40

Did you catch it? Thinking it’s a good way to gain people’s trust, she managed in less than 4 minutes to slide in 4 times her past service as an intelligence officer! Look: Img1

Let’s watch some more: until 4:37

She gave it away: when asked about moving needle conversations with other House members, the example that came to her mind was the one of a Republican colleague who wanted to “talk through his logic and to hear her logic”. Since we know all Republicans voted against impeachment, this means she was still leaning for impeachment. Now question: how about her Democrat colleagues and their logic? Were they not worried about losing her vote to Republicans and what it could mean optically? Slotkin did not provide any example illustrating this reality. Now you know where the needle really was and if you keep reading, you will see it was never meant to move.

Listen to what she has to say about the transcripts: until 6:04

She claims she read the transcripts and her concern was she thought POTUS asked for a personal favor. The transcripts were clear. I don’t know what she read. POTUS said ‘US’ meaning the Country, the United States. If this is too heavy for her IQ to lift and if she really thinks there was a personal favor involved, why is she still hesitating?

Q2627 Logical thinking always wins. Q

We learn she worked at the Bush White House and the Obama White House. Then? When the Maestro got elected, she left the White House, started a political career and became a Congresswoman. What are the odds? Do you see it? She was caught in the links Q provided in the following drop about active C_A assets posing as politicians and disseminated into the political arena to fight POTUS:

Q2044 THEY WANT THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM. link1 – link2 – link3 [ACTIVE] Q

Here is the summarizing image with the decode: Img2

3 days after her interview on Fox, as planned, Slotkin faced her constituency and announced she finally decided to vote for impeachment. Let’s enjoy the carnage: video

Did you catch it? Did you see her hand sign when she said “VERY SPECIFICALLY” at 1:26?

What are the odds that Q3684 dropped a day before was precisely about that hand sign? Look: Img3

To solve this riddle, as hinted by Q, we go to Dec 2 2019 and pull Q3642 where the same watch with the same time 1:29 is displayed. We also pull the surrounding drops Q3641 and Q3643. Here is the solution: Img4

Who are the Anons who paid attention and identified where Q recently coded this number 93 in a significant way?

Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed that Q went silent from Aug 1 2019 to Nov 2 2019, which is exactly 93 days! Here is the solving image: Img5

From this, can you deduce how Q connected the numbers 93, 666 and Family Y? Here is the solution: Img6

Here is how the number 93 is connected to Family Y through the doctored picture: Img7

Now question: what Q drop do you think is similar in principle to the doctored picture? Do you remember Q196? Look: Img8

As you can see the Maestro’s doctored picture is extremely powerful: it pulled in Family Y, the Rothschild and is mysteriously connected to the number 93.

Look how it’s coded in the doctored picture tweet and how it’s omnipresent in the Rocky III movie: Img9

Mysterious number isn’t it? Let’s see if you can spot it in the following video about Earth Day: video

Did you catch the occurrences of 93? Look: Img10

World AIDS Day is also a 93 event and from Q252, we learn how Family Y coded 93 and weaponized Big Pharma and institutions like the Red Cross for population control purposes: Img 10-2

Since Q connected Al Gore to Earth Day in Q1239, let’s listen to what Illuminati Bloodline researcher Spritzmeier has to say about vampirism and Al Gore: until 17:27

We look around and discover that Al Gore is also connected to 93 and that there is an amazing confirmation hidden in the Maestro’s tweetature about him and the 2000 presidential election: Img11

We now have a connection between the global environment scam and 93. Is it an isolated connection? No no no! The number 93 is coded everywhere in the Paris Climate Change Agreement and so called scientists and the Fake News had a field day writing coded articles about it to essentially mock us for believing in the hoax they concocted. I went through a Guardian article describing the Climate Change ‘diplomatic success’. You have to see it to believe it: Img12

Puzzle coming together?

What do we do when we see strange things like this?

Yes, we open Holy Books. All the answers are there.

Q3624 link It's going to be BIBLICAL! THE GREAT AWAKENING. Q

Since we are analyzing 93 and know it’s connected to 666, we go to Revelation 12.9 and Bingo! Things are clarified and the connections solidified: Img13

Here is how Satanist Aleister Crowley sold 93 to his followers, look around, you’ll recognize someone you already know: Img14

The number connection between 666 and 93: Img15

Have you ever wondered why they use the word PIZZA? It’s Enochian Gematria. Look: Img16

Now that you know about 93, the related Satanic Cult and how it connects to 666 and Y, try to spot it in the media, in business, at school etc… You’ll be surprised by the omnipresence of this number. A secret in plain sight. The secret Cult 93. This is the cult Q talks about here:

Q189 All that you know to be right is wrong. The ‘cult’ runs the world.

Here is a summarizing image: Img17

Q1429 The Truth has been in front of you the entire time.

I’ll give you a few examples of how Satanists worship this number and code it almost everywhere.

Have you ever wondered what the arrow means in Amazon’s logo? Look: Img18

Have you ever wondered why the Pope and Tony Podesta’s red shoes were red? Gematria for RED SHOES? They’ve been mocking you all this time. Look: Img19

Did you watch the show Scandal? Are you familiar with the occult entity called B613 running the US Government from the shadow? Watch: video

Did you notice how she Pelosized the EO? She signed it without knowing what was in it. This is the type of Government officials Satan and his buddies love to work with. Now discover what they’ve been hiding in the show in plain sight: Img20

Challenge. Can you find the connections between James Bond 007 and Cult 93? I’ll give you a few hints: pronounce it “double O”, get to know Ian Fleming and remember a house may have many doors: Img21

Of course, you already gathered the Witch is a prominent member of Cult 93. It’s coded on her book cover: Img22

Here is how Comey also codes 93 on his book cover and an invitation to hunt for his Family Y tweets: Img23

Here are Comey’s Family Y tweets and Q showing him the delights of doing plane geometry with clock hands: Img24

Did you know that to execute their normalization strategy, they released a book teaching children how to conjure demons? Look how 93 is also coded on the cover: Img25

This example was the ‘soft’ way Cult 93 targets our children. Here is the hard one: Img26

Did you notice Don Jr’s book TRIGGERED is 93? Coincidence? He epically revealed two very important components of Cult 93 when The View made the fortunate mistake of inviting him. Enjoy: Img27

Puzzle coming together?

Click here for Part 2. (or simply click "next post" below to go to archived Post)

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