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Post # 199 - The Whistleblower: a C_A operation planned and ordered by HUSSEIN.

Q3355 The time has come to re_enter the public domain. Q

Are you enjoying the show?

Peruvian Coffee for those who doubled their popcorn budget and figured out from the Maestro’s tweets and the Q board what the whistleblower story is all about!

What if I told you that the core of everything you need to know about this story was revealed by the Maestro in the tweets he posted on Oct 3 2019?

Walk with me, I will show you.

As usual, we first collect the pieces of the puzzle and will assemble them at the end.

Q1435 Avoid NSA data collection. It failed. Q

The first 2 tweets of the day are a celebration on the US winning at the WTO and an introduction to an old fashioned breakfast called the One Eyed Jack: Img1

Next, with the Biden example, the Maestro reveals how socialism and its byproducts have been creeping surreptitiously into the corridors of power and the hearts of the Swamp: Img2

This description focused on how socialism translates individually for the people in power. Here is how it operates at the state level, globally, who benefits and how it’s promoted: Img3

Then, we get more practical and go through examples of corrupt tools the Swamp has been using to steal our wealth and how patriots are fighting back: Img4

With the next 2 tweets, the whistleblower shows up in the middle of keywords like: SEC_TEST, SNOWDEN, CLOWNS IN AMERICA and a convenient change of the rules. A major chunk of the puzzle image starts to appear: Img5

The Clowns in America are confirmed and we are told who really activated them: Img6

Next, we learn Schiff is part of the whistleblower/impeachment operation team and is in charge of the sound and the hype, with the help of the Fake News and bad actors like the State Department IG: Img7 Here is the practical reason the Cabal, HUSSEIN and HRC had to launch the whistleblower/impeachment operation at this specific moment: Img8

In the next tweets, we are reminded our fight against the Dems is not only about their crimes but it’s about defending the values we’ve inherited from the Founding Fathers, preserving our Freedom and loving our Nation: Img9

Going further, we all agree the war is ultimately spiritual: Img10

Did you know Adam Shifty Schiff’s wife’s name is Eve? Fact check. Not kidding. You know Eden is the place where Satan performed his biggest hoax against mankind right? That explains a lot about Shifty’s wicked ways and expertise: Img11

More information about the whistleblower/impeachment team and what the Maestro has prepared for them: Img12

Do you like the Beatles? To fully enjoy the next tweets, you need to first listen to this song. When you are done, discover how our girl Nancy is helping us raise funds like never before while shooting herself in the foot and jumping and dancing her way through the impeachment hysteria: Img13

The information on the changed whistleblower complaint rules was already available on Sept 27 2019 and it was later confirmed on Oct 7 2019 that the change was backdated. Future proves past. The next tweets open the curtains and reveal the hidden truth connecting the whistleblower, the ex-ICIG who knows about the rules and the C_A founder of the firm he now works for: Img14

As you can see, C_A is everywhere in the origins of the whistleblower story. Since they do everything in-house, the C_A is also everywhere in its impeachment phase: Img15

The next 2 tweets contain the explosive information that HUSSEIN arranged a SCIF meeting where the whistleblower/impeachment operation was planned and that the evidence is available: Img16

To double confirm this explosive information, the last tweet of the day is a Mark Levin video and is coded to point at its 59 second mark to provide the undeniable proof that HUSSEIN planned the whistleblower/impeachment operation and distributed roles during a SCIF meeting: Img17

We can now assemble the pieces of the puzzle and extract the final Whistleblower Decode. Read very carefully: Img18 Img19 Img20

Q2289 Ready when you are. Q

=== End of Post ===

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