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Post # 193 - Trump's Big Victories at the G7 – Part 1: The Battlefield and the Weapons.

As you know, the 45th G7 summit was held on 24-26 August 2019 in Biarritz, France.

45? You know what’s going on right? Whether the deniers like it or not, whether the Fake News lies about it or not, you already know that this summit was going to be the Summit of the Chosen One!

Hahaha! Take that haters! It’s free and there’s more. Keep reading.

Before starting our adventure and flying to Biarritz to review the BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS that took place under the direction of the Maestro in his war against the Satanic Cabal, we must take a moment to have a clear understanding of the origins of the war and of the weapons used.


After Cain killed Abel, the descendants of Cain organized themselves to fight mankind with the spiritual help of Satan. For thousands of years, what is now called the Cabal and that is currently led by the Rothschilds and other related bloodlines has waged a merciless war against humanity in order to humiliate it and keep it under spiritual, mental and economic slavery.

Taking advantage of mankind's inadvertence, they have infiltrated all religions, concealed numerous books with tremendous spiritual and theological information and made it difficult for us to access the truth that came to us from God. They have deceptively taken control of our wealth through their Federal Reserve system and rigged markets, of what we know through their school and their Fake News, of our aspirations through a rigged political system, of our health through Big Pharma, of our attention though Entertainment and of our thoughts through magic and mind control techniques.

Hiding behind puppets among the "men of God" and top politicians we were told to trust, they engage in human sacrifice and trafficking, abuse our children, practice cannibalism, consume our blood by organizing so-called donations and kill us through Big Pharma and drug trafficking. And of course, to make sure they would never get caught, they set up secret societies and took control of all the important positions in the Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Intelligence.

Deprived of any sense of cultural belonging, the Cabal travels throughout the ages from nation to nation and sets up its tent after making sure that it has sucked all the wealth of its former host, leaving him only misery and chaos in return:

Q570 THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE. [The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America] Hussein [8]

Hussein did his 8 year part and the Cabal’s plan was to get the Witch in to finish the job within 8 other years and transfer all our wealth to the new location of their tent: China.

Using their infiltrators in China and the rogue international C_A network, the Cabal extended its tentacles to attack an America providentially saved by Trump's election. Read very carefully to know the mechanics of the Cabal octopus: Img1

To oppose this beast, our Chosen One has 3 powerful weapons: the undivided support of Us the Patriots whether we are in government or not , the might of the US Military and the power of DECLAS: Img2

Skillfully using these 3, The Maestro took the time to successfully clean up the judiciary system, allowing his AG to get to the bottom of illegal surveillance and to make Epstein’s arrest invaluable:

Q1402 What had to happen first? Think logically. Think DOJ & FBI. Think cleaning.

Epstein is at the intersection of all the Cabal’s activities mentioned earlier and at the highest level. The magic of the Dec 21 2017 Executive Order allowed to move him to a secure location from which he’s singing like a canary and pointing to documents or DNA evidence the FBI collects by raiding his various residences. Epstein is the Maestro’s most lethal weapon against the Cabal because in this war, information is power.

For example, watch how information allowed China to humiliate the man who was supposed to be the most powerful man on in the world: video.

What’s the information China had about Hussein? Yes: his fraudulent birth certificate. It was revealed in a tweet about Biden: Img3

China also had the goods about many others and the Witch in particular: Img4

Now stop here for a moment and imagine what our situation would have been had the Witch entered the White House. From what I’ve shared with you about the Cabal’s octopus, you know they activated the Federal Reserve to treasonously help China in its trade war against Trump. By playing with US interest rates the way they do and secretly supporting Chinese currency manipulation with their central bank friends in China, the Federal Reserve is trying to slow our growth, allow China to keep up with the tariff payments they structurally cannot afford and give China some time to hold their position until 2020 with the hope that something like impeachment or a staged recession happens in the meantime. In other words, they are trying to stop the economic growth we got from Trump to strengthen China. What do you think the China controlled Witch would have done with the miserable economy inherited from Hussein? Here’s Q’s response:

Q855 AMERICA has been sold to the highest bidder. AMERICA has been weakened on purpose. The depths of their TREASON is unimaginable. Pure EVIL. HELL on earth - HRC victory. Q

Do you see that “Pure EVIL”? Had she won, that’s the whole US government vampirized by the Clinton Foundation and targeting our children…

Another example illustrating the power of information is how Brennan moved up the ladder in a spectacular way and became director of the CIA despite his low IQ now made famous by his tweets and TV appearances: Img5

Through these examples, we now understand why Hussein’s policies were weak and incoherent and how Putin easily took Crimea while our wealth was daily being transferred to China. Do you now see the power of Trump being investigated by 18 Angry Democrats for 2 years and nothing incriminating was found? These are the type of leaders the Cabal hates because they are strong, independent and cannot be blackmailed.

Information is a neutral power. Under a dynamic the Maestro called DECLAS, the Cabal is learning the hard way that information can be used against them:

Q3458 [Be Ready], [MUELLER]. [Be Ready], [JC]. [Be Ready], [Traitors one & ALL]. Thank you for playing. FISA goes both ways. Q

DECLAS comes with many shapes and colors. Did you notice the very day Coats’ resignation was effective, the Maestro gave us the Wall Street variation of DECLAS with the Elton John riddle? It’s right here: Img6

Have you noticed that since the “GE DECLAS”, talks about the man-made recession they were planning with the Fake News have faded away?

I told you several times the markets were rigged and with the recent GE example, we learn false financial statements are one of the ways they achieved this. They all know this at the top. We don’t because it’s done at our expense. That’s an old game secret societies play and that the Maestro already told us about with the Boston Globe operation. You now understand what is meant by GEEEEE=32 in this tweet. The Maestro was showing us the connection between the GE scandal and Skull and Bones 322.

Another weapon the Maestro can also use now that the Judiciary System is resurrected and that the Mueller probe is behind us, is law suits. Did you notice how quick professional liar Lawrence O’Donnell retracted his Russian oligarch story when MSNBC was threatened with a law suit? Look: Img7

The next weapon that is critical to know about is Intelligence and how it works on the ground. You already know how the Cabal uses it through the C_A with the Fake News, the Squad, Hollywood, ISIS etc… The general idea is to create a problem that keeps the enemy busy and threatens his political and/or financial stability. While he has to deal with the problem, he can’t cause you any. The latest example is Hong Kong: Img8

The success of intelligence operations like this illustrates the strength and the unity around POTUS and are strong signals the enemy should read to assess if the opposition will be short or long. In the particular case of Hong Kong, China will soon have to decide if playing the clock against Trump with an economy protected by the GE play while tariff bills pile up with Epstein singing in the background is still a wise move. Mexico solved this equation very quick without even needing to compute the Esptein complication…

So China. Which is it? Are you going to defeat your franchise of the Deep State, cut ties with the Satanic Cabal and play ball with POTUS? Remember: the Maestro has the best deals and the nomadic Cabal is not to be trusted. It’s explained right here:

Q1009 Trace background. Open source.

One of the other strongholds of the Cabal is France from where they sent a message to POTUS electing Macron with 66.06% of the vote: Img9

Then, they instructed Macron not to miss any opportunity to irritate POTUS or create controversy. Macron delivered on Nov 11 2018: Img10

Well, POTUS noticed they liked the number 6. You know him right? 6 days after Macron’s affront, the Yellow Vest Movement began on November 17 2018. Since then, it blew up the French deficit and, like a termite, has begun to gnaw at the French economy: Img11

Through this trip, which took us from Abel and Cain to the France of Macron, I made sure that you have all the tools to perfectly see the great victories that the Maestro brought back from the G7.

We'll go through them in Part 2.

Q2968 When you are awake you can see CLEARLY. Q

=== End of Post ===

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