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Post # 190 - The reason Trump said: “I’m the Chosen One”.

Are you enjoying the show?

As we progress, are you learning the comms?

Are you walking with me and trying to solve the Maestro’s riddles to access the hidden intel?

Once you read the solutions, do you see the doors I intentionally leave open for you to research further and assess your knowledge of the comms?

For example, when solving the soybean lover Bill Maher riddle in my last article, did you solve the highlighted parts of the tweets, why the Maestro mentioned 95% taxes, why I mentioned Hot Potatoes as a clue for Idaho and why Bill specifically said Greenland would be renamed NEW IVANKA?

Those were the doors I left open for your training.

Peruvian Coffee for those who saw that the initials HP for Hot Potatoes led to PH, which leads to chemistry, which leads to drugs and drug money that solved the highlighted parts! Also you had to notice NEW IVANKA=100, which is also the value for AFGHANISTAN and 95 was the mirror for 59 which is the value for Hussein’s code name RENEGADE! Here is the solution image: Img1

As you can see, the Maherus Panicus is well trained and knows exactly what all this conversation is about. He understood very well that the Maestro has it all about the production and distribution network and has taken the necessary measures to put an end to the C_A destruction of America through human and drug trafficking. Bill said it himself on Aug 16th: “Trump has been tweeting about me and talking about me in his rallies so my anxiety level is very high”. You thought he was joking? No. He knows the writing is on the wall and he’s sending messages to the Network to ask for protection.

The Maherus Panicus is a reactive species. Did you know that a few hours after his riddle was served in this article, it tried to erase the remaining traces of his many undisclosed activities? It’s coded in the Maestro’s tweets where he took us from Pakistan to the UK, passing through India. Read very carefully: Img2

It appears that when the Maherus Panicus enters its panic mode, it does not think straight. It loses its reptile brain clarity and overlooks the following fundamentals of The Game:

Q1279 We have it all. The right people have the information. GOOD people are acting on the information. Think GOOG. Think ES departure. Think NK. Many drafts. Many shared users [foreign & domestic]. Variable access. Codes. Fake emails. Game forum comms. New intel revealed today. Gmail comms.

So Bill, if Eric Schmidt himself could not erase his traces, do you think you can?

How about this:

Q1891 Texts, emails (gmail), drafts (gmail), HAM comms, PS/Xbox chat logs.. JC-BO-CS-LL-#2-NO-SY Bonus round. Q

Q is telling right there that in addition to the bad actors in the private sector, he has it all for the whole Deep State. Do you still think you can erase anything?

For the sake of argument, let’s suppose you are smarter than all these people (which is actually a possibility) and managed to “erase” all traces. Did you forget that the very incriminating deleted texts that DOJ Deep State operators claimed to have lost due to a glitch were recovered? It’s right here:

Q1563 How can you obtain Text A & C but somehow the most incriminating (Text B) is lost due to a glitch (recovered later only after classified intel methods applied).

Despite all these unavoidable realities, the Maestro informed us on Aug 20 2019 that our Maherus Panicus of the day was still trying to get rid of his very dark shadow and was struggling with garbage files: Img3

You saw that stick and the golden chain? That’s the bling needed to show the “subject matter”. It’s the uniform you have to wear to show potential clients what you are all about. It’s done in plain sight, under the disguise of art or comedy and you may have seen it displayed in many Rap or Hip Hop music videos. The Maestro educated us on this reality and the actors running it with 3 consecutive tweets dropped on Aug 19 2019, one of them being the now famous trolling tweet with a photoshopped Trump Tower in Greenland and the other 2 masterfully illustrated to ease the mental connection from ROPE to DOPE. Read very carefully: Img4

As you can see, the IG report contains all the elements allowing the deconstruction from the very top of all the networks running trafficking activities, laundering the related proceeds and artificially creating wealth as symbolized by the massive golden Trump Tower in the middle of a few huts in Greenland.

All their side communications they were using to run these networks have been scrutinized and the Maestro has it all:

Q1504 What came out in IG report? JC gmail. They all had them. Re_read drops re: private emails re: convicting HRC = convicting themselves. Why did the entire Hussein admin use private emails? ES is KEY. What a wonderful day. Q

Do you see that NH=22 in the tweet with the 56 second Scaramucci video? This is related to this drop:

Q1708 Creation of fake intel dossier using ex spy… +22

and confirms what I told you earlier about Scaramucci being a HUSSEIN plant sent into the Trump’s campaign to play his part of the FISAGATE.

But this Scaramucci video has more secrets. Did you catch them? Let’s watch it: video.

Did you notice the background music started at the 42 second mark, immediately after he said “wages are up”? Peruvian Coffee for those who paid attention and remembered the decode in this article establishing that for the comms, wages going up was code for: it’s time for accountability! You heard that Mooch? You said what was going to happen to you yourself!

Why did the background music start at 42? Answer: because the video is 56 second long and 42 is exactly the corresponding ¾ ratio. This ¾ can be written 3/(2+2) which is code for 322 and confirms the Scaramucus 666 is a Satan worshipper and a secret society asset.

What do we do with this information? Do you see it? Gold chain, Greenland, Trump Tower, gold and exact ratio? Can you solve? Yes: the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio! This leads to a spectacular confirmation of my previous article describing how the Deep State Museum was created with Requiem in D Minor playing in the background. Take a few minutes and try to find the path yourself. Here is the solution: Img5

As mentioned earlier, the Scaramucus 666 is a species that does not learn from third party experiences. He’s currently invited to all Fake News shows to distribute hosts and viewers free tablets against cerebral and cardiac pain resulting from severe TDS. They obviously did not learn from the Avenatti circus. Here is how it started: video. And here is how it ended: video. In case you think this video was doctored, here’s the Fox version. And if you have a 5 year old kid prepping for Yale or Princeton, here is the version he should analyze: video.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

We deduce that TDS being a particular case of Insanity is a hypothesis that deserves to be scientifically explored...

At this point, I’m sure many of you are thinking: “is SB2 OK? We thought this post was about Trump saying he’s the Chosen One.”

Well, I had to first remind you in which context he said it. We are in the middle of a conversation with the Cabal reptiles like the Maherus Panicus or the Scaramucus 666 and how Trump is shutting down their rat lines. As mentioned by Bill, the “anxiety level is very high” because despite the Fake News, they are very well aware that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and is happily singing from a secure location.

Now that the table is fully set, let’s bring the main course. Ready? Do you like Hip Hop? Watch until 2:11

Did you catch it? At 1:37, he said: “I bring you the Chosen One, big Jeffrey”. You know who Jeffrey is right? And you know what that P.I.M.P meeting is all about right? Coincidence? You think pulling this video is a stretch? Here are the multiple confirmations from the tweet and the subsequent decode: Img6

Now you understand that China is just a front. With their controlled financial operators, the Fake News, the Dems and the C_A Squad, China is one of the many tools activated by the Cabal to stop us from resurrecting America under Trump’s leadership. The America they want is a sick, spied on and government assisted America, decimated by drugs and begging for food stamps. This is why they are hoping for a recession, are praying for it and are desperately plotting for it. Yes they hate Trump but the reason they hate him is because they hate us and cannot stand that he’s working for us instead of working for them.

Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q

There’s more.

The Maestro wanted to give us yet another confirmation that he was closely following our conversation with the Maherus Panicus.

He coded it in the 2 tweets dropped on Aug 24th 2019 where he explained his “joke” about being the Chosen One. Read very carefully: Img7

For those who still doubt that this reference to the Chosen One was the Maestro confirming my conversation with Maher and everything I revealed through it thanks to the comms, I’ll ask them a simple question: how would you explain that I’M THE CHOSEN ONE=153 and SERIALBRAIN/MAHER=153!

Q1225 Confirmation? Coincidence? Learn our comms. Q

=== End of Post ===

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