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Post # 186 - Dan Coats, The King Elijah Party and The Very Big Win You May Have Missed.


Dan Coats out. Anons knew.

Q told us a long time ago that his ejection seat feature was activated and made this info obvious on Feb 2019 with Q2791. Later, on May 23rd 2019, with Q3347, Q made us notice that the Maestro bypassed Coats in the DECLAS process entrusted to Barr. I gave you the specifics about this in this article.

In other words, Coats, just like RR, was pushed out after a meticulous and lethal work of influence, power and relevancy demolition.

Knowing this, it’s very amusing to watch the Fake News trying to carve on Coats’ political grave that he resigned after Trump tried to hold him back. For example, commenting his resignation letter dated July 28 2019, which was a Sunday, the New York Times tried its magic on the few weak minds that still trust them: Img1

Reality is simpler: Dan Coats was fired. The Maestro told us why in the very tweet announcing his departure. Read very carefully: Img2

Do you see this I PLAYED THE FOOL = 153? This is Maestro telling the Deep Sate: you thought I didn’t know Coats was your guy? I knew when he failed to pass the Orange Test. The clock was ticking for him and I was patiently waiting for The Plan to do its thing. Now that it’s done, I’ll show you the play: Img3

Do you see this WHO’S THE BOSS = 153? This is the Maestro reminding the Deep State of this conversation: until 8:31

Hahaha! With what we now know about Seth Rich, Steele, Fusion GPS, Mifsud, the servers and the Cabal’s extreme effort to stop DECLAS, it’s hillaryous to hear Chucky say: “look at the Russian hacking, without the Intelligence Community we wouldn’t have discovered it”.

Can you believe this?

With the complicity of the Mockingbird Fake News, a US Senator was channeling the rogue part of the Intelligence Community on National TV and openly threatening the duly elected POTUS!

“You take on the Intelligence Community, they have 6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you”.

Oh yeah Chucky?


Let’s call it “Skip Sundays”. It consists of counting the number of Sundays between the day you made your swampy statement on Jan 3rd 2017 and the day DNI Coats was fired on July 28th 2019. We use this online tool and in the case we exclude from the count the day Coats was fired, we get 936 days including 133 Sundays. Value for CHUCK SCHUMER? Yes: 133! Coincidence? Hahaha Chucky! You got that? In honor of your swampy statement, the Maestro dedicated the firing of Coats to you!

Now let’s count in the day Coats was fired. We get 937 days including 134 Sundays and a spectacular connection appears with the Q board through Q3532 and “House of Cards”. Read very carefully: Img4

Pretty cool right?

Keep this 803 somewhere in the back of your head, Devin will tell you more about it later.

For now, let’s take a closer look at Coats’ letter.

First, did you notice how it was over mediatized Img5 As you can see, the letter is dated July 28th 2019 and the resignation is effective Aug 15 2019. Why? Because there are 17 days between these 2 dates! And this time Chucky, you know why we included the Sundays in the count right?! Hahaha! Coats submitted his “resignation” on a Sunday and Q has his fingerprints all over it!

Now let’s analyze the letter itself.

We gather all capital letters sharing a same vertical line or paragraph and solve the count. Then, we add up all the number digits and solve the count. Taking context into consideration to narrow the list of possibilities, this is what we get: Img6

Let’s start by solving IICSDNI=67 and extracting the key allowing PTWD=>THIS as I’ve showed you in past decodes. By doing so, we’ll uncover the first message Coats sent to the Network on his way out. Read very carefully: Img7

To solve the puzzle as a whole, we need to focus on LIE, CHEAT, STEAL. Peruvian Coffee for those who saw the door was KANSAS! I told you in this article that you’d be in for a treat if you follow KANSAS.


Let’s watch him tell us about LIE, CHEAT and STEAL: video.

Now you know what that “WHEELS” means: KANSAS is the [WHEELS UP] member of the Cabinet because, as Secretary of States, he probably spends more time flying around the world than on the ground. We gather from this that Coats’ “resignation” letter is pointing at Mike Pompeo AKA KANSAS.

Now how do we solve Coats’ IT WAS ALL FAKE?

We look around and find a Newsweek article mentioning that Coats was viewed as Mike Pompeo’s ally. BINGO!


KANSAS played Coats and put him to sleep by letting him think that based on their cooperation when he was head of the CIA, they were allies. No no no Dan, IT WAS ALL FAKE. You were being tested. The Team has to run tests. All the time. It’s right here:

Q3532 The SWAMP runs deep.

Q2468 [SWAMP] contains RED & BLUE.

Q1286 SC on team? SC off team? Questions reveal answers. Time will tell. Q

You failed the Orange Test Dan. You know, the one about the “origins” of FISAGATE. This one: video.

As head of the ODNI, this should have been your first self-assignment and main priority in order to protect our freedom and the integrity of our electoral process. Instead, you made friends with Shifty and Brain Naan who were praising you while KNOWINGLY lying about the one who trusted you and appointed you. Not only that, but you also became a major blockade for DECLAS. Not good.

So? KANSAS took care of you. Diplomatically. Silently. That’s what he does. Ask the Witch. Img8

The day before you were “resigned”, as soon as the Maestro started the King Elijah RAT Party at 6:14 AM, KANSAS immediately turned on the music to make the dead cat bounce and Devin brought the Pop Corn all the way from France. You were not aware of the Goodbye Party on your honor Daniel? Here it is: Img9

After the dead cat bounced, meaning after you were fired pursuant to losing your influence, KANSAS confirmed that you were given a chance to be on Team but you blew it and now that you are gone, a new era for American diplomacy has started: Img10

Do you see it?

I told you here the implications of this drop:

Q714 Public: FBI/DOJ/O-WH/SD Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns Expand your thinking. Q

and how the Cabal was using the international Intelligence Community as a consolidated supranational entity to run all Governments through blackmail and soft, hard, collective and individual terrorism. If you know this, you’ll understand taking the ODNI back from the Cabal’s control is key for the spreading of The Great Awakening around the world:

Q190 USA vs. Necessary to cut strings from foreign bad actors. Necessary to form WW alliances to defeat.

There is no true, fair and efficient diplomacy without the State Department, the Intelligence Community and the Military working together harmoniously. The State Department must be fed with accurate and relevant intel from the Intelligence Community and must be supported in the positions it takes by a strong, reactive and agile Military.

Colin Powell was picked by history to provide the perfect counterexample of this reality with the WMD deception: watch until 1:52.

Hundreds of thousands killed and wounded human beings later, Powell admitted he was deceived by the Intelligence Community: until 6:15.


Through the control of the Intelligence Community, the Cabal was unilaterally deciding when they thought you, I and our loved ones were to be given a forced opportunity to die and to kill innocent people for any bogus reason they would sell us between 2 TV ads.

This tremendous power was obtained by the Cabal after decades of silent infiltration of our political infrastructure through the C_A, its affiliated spy networks and secret societies. Those who are familiar with the Q board and my writings understand this process culminated with the Muslim Brotherhood control of:

  1. the White House through the couple HUSSEIN-MICHAEL,

  2. the Intelligence Community through VJ and Brennan,

  3. Congress through the AWAN operation.


Thinking they would win the 2016 election, the Cabal positioned MB asset HUMA in HRC’s cabinet to continue their 16 year plan to destroy America described in Q570.

For all these reasons, POTUS had to make sure the ODNI was on Team and correct it if he felt with KANSAS that it was not the case.

134 Sundays after Schumer’s statement on MSNBC and 230 years after the creation of the State Department, it’s a new world and a beautiful day. You know what that 230 means right? Yes, it’s the Trump/Q 23 dynamics I told you about in the past. Enjoy: Img11

We have another great patriot from Congress who joined the BIG WINNING dance at the King Elijah Party. Did you spot him? Yes, I’m talking about John Ratcliffe who masterfully played the Mockingbird Fake News making them forget that the loss of Coats was a bigger problem than his nomination: Img12

Are you tired of winning yet?

You know what makes a party perfect? The sight of the bouncers dragging out those who try to sneak in with Fake IDs.

Did you solve how Mockingbird Con Man Al Sharpton tried to sneak in and was especially slammed with just one tweet from the Maestro?

Hahaha! I’ll tell you in my next article.


=== End of Post ===

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