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Post # 183 - The secret message behind Ivanka Trump tweeting “United Kingston”.

Are you enjoying the show?

Are you sensing the acceleration since Epstein’s arrest?

Have you caught that George Nader, a key Mueller witness, was indicted on child sex trafficking charges? link. Did you make the connection with Q2118? Hint: [RR] opens 2 doors.

As to the comms, are you detecting the multiple confirmations from POTUS?

For example, did you hear him refer to Rolls Royce several times at the rally in Greenville after I published this image from this article? Let’s watch him tell us about Crazy Bernie until 53:28.


I know you are all waiting for Part2 of my article about the SQUAD. It’s coming. Don’t miss it.

Today, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up about Ivanka and the monumental “error” she made yesterday when congratulating UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Following the footsteps of her father the Maestro, she gave us a wonderful and memorable “United Kingston” instead of “United Kingdom”. Priceless!

She did so well that, a few moments after she posted, United Kingston was trending on Twitter.

Look how the low IQ Fake News mocked her and discover how she’s secretly enjoying trolling the desperate Cabal: Img1


You know what’s going on right?

Let’s get to it.

First, you have to notice the Maestro posted a tweet at 6:54 AM where he included the numbers 15 and 16. Then, Ivanka tweeted United Kingston at 7:06 AM and the Maestro re-tweeted at 7:23 AM. 9 minutes later, at 7:32 AM, Ivanka posted her corrective tweet. Do you see the pattern here? Try to pull these tweets and solve. When you are done, compare with the solution and its decoded message: Img2

As you can see, she received very high honors from the Maestro after this Covfefe-type operation.

Let’s now find the message she coded. I showed you the following method in previous posts like the ones solving HAMBERDER or COUNTRTY. You have to count the number of steps required in the alphabet to get from each letter in the error string to each letter in the corrected string and analyze the extracted key. To get from KINGSTON TO KINGDOM, S is corrected to D, T to O, O to M and N to nothing. For example, since S=19 and D=4, you either need +11 steps to go from S to D if you are going from left to right (because you are circling the alphabet, after Z=26, you keep counting from A=1+26) or you need -15 steps if you are going from right to left. If you remember, in the hamberder example, I explained that we had to look for additional clues in the riddle to determine whether we were going right (+) or left (-). In our case, Ivanka made sure that the 7:06 AM timestamp of the United Kingston tweet pointed to Q706 where we see in minus sign in brackets. Pretty cool right? She told us right there that we had to count steps from right to left and analyze the result. Try and do that on your side and compare with the solution with its decoded message: Img3

So Ivanka’s typo has 2 components: the bone for the low IQ Fake News and the meat for us, the Q Movement, who are learning the comms. Do you see why she picked these 4 letters S T O N? I’ll tell you later. Peruvian Coffee for those who have solved this at this stage of the conversation!

Let’s now enjoy our steak. Open your Bible and read the decoded message very carefully: Img4

Do you understand what is being said here? I have just revealed to you the secret meaning of this verse:

So, because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath, the Jewish leaders began to persecute him. In his defense Jesus said to them,My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” John 5:17.

If you think like the Rabbis of the Sanhedrin, know Nicodemus knew the Torah perfectly and did not understand this verse. It is intended for those who raise their intellect above the secret of the Sabbath and know through certainty that everything that happens in the horizon already happened in cycles in the Spirit…

The baby needs 9 months to appear for our eyes to see, but while waiting, he’s in the presence of the Father…

I will stop here. For now.

At 2:01 PM, Ivanka tweeted this. Did you solve that capital T? Let’s go back to KINGSTON and its 4 disruptive letters S T O N. Do you see it? Considering the sequence of letters in the alphabetic order (A,B,C…M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z) ST elliptically brings the surrounding letters RU and ON brings MP. With that capital T, what do you get? Yes: TRUMP! Hahaha! Ivanka signed the KINGSTON “error” perfectly!!!

You think she stopped here? Look how she brings HAITI into the equation, why the Maestro mentioned the number 9 in his 7:23 AM tweet and why she corrected her KINGSTON tweet 9 minutes after the Maestro congratulated her: Img5

You think HAITI’s appearance is a stretch or a coincidence? Then look how the Maestro confirms it in his 6:32 PM tweet: Img6

Do you want more?

Did you notice the Maestro’s choice of words when expressing his sadness about Bob Morgenthau’s passing? Wait a minute. Morgenthau. Did you catch it? Our current conversation with the Maestro is about chemtrails right? Are you familiar with Morgellons? If you can handle it, watch until the 1:08.23 mark. 

I am sure the Maestro will tell us about black goo soon. But did you catch how they were already advancing their trans humanist agenda by progressively and covertly transforming us into bots using nano bots disseminated by chemtrails? That was the end game. Harald brilliantly made the connection with black magic and demons and if you think about it, you’ll see that the visible shape of the Morgellons are just the vehicle with which the archons or demons move around in our dimension. Now you know why in the movie BONE, the rapist pretends to kill bugs, why the husband is a car dealer and why Harald makes the connection with the Bush family and Skull and Bones. Under Satan’s command, these extra dimensional species entered our planet illegally with the complicity of governments, secret societies and magicians. They sometimes presented themselves as “bug killers” when in fact they were “rapists” and “robbers” with a long term agenda written by Satan himself. I strongly advise you to go through the scientific component of Harald’s work and understand how the Demonic Cabal was replacing us.

Question: why did the Maestro mention Morgenthau the same day Ivanka made her United Kingston tweet?

Answer: so that we use the same solving method to get from MORGENTHAU to MORGELLONS.

Since there is no specification from the riddle on which +/- polarity to pick, we keep both results and BINGO! The riddle reveals who were behind this extra dimensional population replacement agenda and how they were operating. Read very carefully: Img7

Now we may conclude and pull the Q drop connected to the 1:43 PM timestamp. We hit Q2543 where Q describes the Art of Trolling the Fake News media and here is the decode: Img8

Do you see it? We now know Ivanka excels in this art.

TRUMP, kingston, chemtrails and BONE have all appeared in this riddle and it would be a crime of lèse majesté to end this article without mentioning TOM BROWNE. He is a talented jazz trumpeter from Queens who, to support his family, became a full-time pilot after leading the R&B charts in the 80s with his song Funkin’ for Jamaica. Let him tell you about the Village Door and his amazing story: video.

So, where do you get the 1?

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q

=== End of Post ===

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