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Post # 177 - Democratic Presidential Debate: A Rigged Circus and a Fake News Feast.

Are you following the Democratic Presidential Debates? You should. With the eyes you now have, it’s fun to watch how the Cabal is moving its puppets on the political stage while instructing its Fake News to guide the debates so that the democrat public continues to sleep.

It’s amusing to see the puppet masters having to draw on the ingenuity they lack to try to absorb the political deficit that Trump is inflicting on them and that thriving movements such as the Young Black Leadership Summit or Walk Away illustrate perfectly.

Let’s listen to Candace Owens about this phenomenon: video. And here is Ariana explaining how she’s proud to be a Deplorable after walking away: video.

Then, you also have the Trump’s poll numbers with Hispanics going from 19% to 50%: article

So on the 2020 chessboard, we essentially have 3 things going on:

(1) the Democratic Party is being depleted from its Hispanic and Black vote,

(2) Mexico playing ball with Trump on immigration induces there will be no additional illegal voters to worry about,

(3) The Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) that has been delayed by Trump at the Dems’ request is now a system ready to go.

(1) Means Dems are losing what they had, (2) means they can’t replace what they are losing and (3) means they can’t even access what they had in the pipeline.

Hahaha! Are you tired of winning yet?

Now you know why Dems asked the Maestro to delay the deportation process for 2 weeks: they need to gather their thoughts and see how they are going to play this.

What do you do when you see your opponent is thinking and hesitating? Yes: you keep moving.

That’s what the Maestro did by pushing our excellent Senate Majority Leader McConnell to pass a bipartisan $4.5 billion Humanitarian Aid Bill for the Southern Border. Nancy was hoping to pass her own bill and negotiate terms with Trump but Cryin’ Chucky let the Senate bill pass with a 84-8. Word in DC is she’s hysteric about this outcome and is reported to have privately said: “Schumer destroyed all our leverage on Wednesday by not being able to hold his people”. Link.

Do you see the play? Trump delayed the deportation process for 2 weeks, reinforced his political position at the border through a $4.8 billion bill he controlled, and can replay the delayed deportation card ad vitam aeternam and as long as the Dems are still hoping to miraculously unclog the pipe…

As you can see, we are witnessing a cerebral carnage. My free advice to Nancy and Chucky? Stop playing against the Maestro and visit this website: link

It is in this climate of confusion that the 20 candidate democratic rout was dragged into the two presidential debates.

First, we already know from Donna Brazil giving the questions to the Witch during the 2016 election cycle and from Q1515 that these debates are rigged by the DNC with the complicity of the Fake News.

Second, the purpose of these debates is for the Cabal to destroy whoever they want to destroy and to promote the puppet who has shown the highest level of docility.

Did you see how they played, yet again, the racial card by activating Kamala Harris against Biden on busing? She lied to attack Biden who could have argued that if she insinuated he was racist, then she would have to question Hussein who made him his VP. But as the Maestro said, there’s something going on with Biden. He was weak and could not shut her down. Conclusion: the Cabal wants to get Biden out of the race. He should have read that when Hussein refused to endorse him.

With this Kamala poisonous belly dance on busing, the Cabal thinks they’ve addressed the black vote issue.

Then for the Hispanic one, they instructed Beto O’Rourke to dust off his high school Spanish: until 6:20. Okay… Did you notice how Spartacus was looking at him at 6:09? We’ll find out why later, watch: until 37:44

Then, to spice things up, Castro suggested that transgendered men should be allowed to have abortions that you and I will pay for. Yes, not kidding. It’s right here: until 29:50.

In the background of this colorful circus, the Cabal is running subliminal programs and sophisticated filters to respectively format public opinion and fine tune their assessments of their puppets.

Here is the subliminal program to downplay the GOP sponsored Humanitarian Bill for the Southern Border: Img1

Here is the Iran Filter that ended Corey Booker’s career: Img2

Then, through the dress code, they show you who’s who and who works for who: Img3

And here is the explanation as to why the only ones who wore purple in debate 1 were also the only ones willing to abolish private insurance and favor a government run plan: Img4

As you can see, Crazy Bernie will be Bernie Sandersed again. He’s not going to make it. Biden will be progressively neutralized. Can you deconstruct the Cabal’s thinking here? They figured: since Trump controls the border and is ready to deport what we had in the pipeline for illegal voting, we’ll have to work with the existent voting pool. We therefore need to get the Black and Hispanic vote back from him. Kamala is black, she’s a woman, we are going to push her and attack Trump through the race and woman angle. We’ll then solidify her with a fluent in Spanish VP.

Hahaha! They don’t see this is a knock off of the strategic setup Trump defeated in 2016: HRC was a woman and Hussein was not only perceived as black but also as the President and he extensively campaigned for her! She even had her husband Bill and Crazy Bernie helping. How did it end?

‘Got your 2020 ballot ready? Let’s show them who the boss is again!

Q1856 These people are STUPID. Enjoy the show. Q

Now let’s talk about the technical breakdown in debate 1 that the Maestro tweeted about here: tweet

Let’s see what exactly happened: until 1:01:30

As you can see, the technical glitch happened exactly at 9:56PM Eastern.

They returned at 10:05:50 PM and Todd was finally able to ask his gun question for the third time: until 1:06:20

What if I told you that this “incident” was planned?

The Maestro revealed it in a riddle made of the first tweet related to the debate and the 9 following tweets posted that day. Here they are with their exact timestamps, which are -1H Eastern Time and that you can verify here: Img5


Let’s look at the first tweet of the riddle and decode why the Maestro referred to Air Force One: Img6

We can now decode each tweet individually, read very carefully: Img7 Img8 Img9 Img10 Img11 Img12 Img13


Here is the image with all timestamp deltas with Tweet7 at the center: Img14

And here is how the gematria was solved for each tweet: Img15 We can now transfer our findings in an easy to read image: Img16. By doing so, we see the sequence 43,46,47,48 appear from the second deltas generated by Twt2, 3, 4 and 5. 44 and 45 are missing and of course 44 is the relevant information which is code for Obama and validates HELLO THERE OBAMA=140. You can read the decoded message and discover how the Maestro has been regularly updating us on what was going on behind the scenes.

We now have multiple layers of information confirming that the Cabal, through its puppets HRC, Obama and the Fake News, planned this incident and that the Maestro was aware and used it to collect intel and evidence.

The final question is: what were they specifically trying to achieve here?

Answer: the hackers did their job when it was time for the gun question. Because of the glitch, Chuck Todd had to repeat his question 3 times. 3 times, he mentioned that the Parkland shooting caused increased gun activism. Why? Because he wanted to erase from public consciousness that, on the day of the debate, this happened: video

As you can see, increased gun activism was not the most important thing to remember from the Parkland shooting but the fact that those in charge of protecting our children neglected their duty or were even complicit. Here is a painful summary: video

Many have been fired along the way, starting with Sheriff Scott Israel, HRC’s friend. Those who were fired the day of the Democratic debate were the last to have to pay after the internal affairs investigation.

That’s what the Cabal wanted to put under the rug and replace it with another narrative that Chuck Todd had to be helped to repeat 3 times for it to stick.

Q128 Who controls the narrative? Why is this relevant? What is a spell? Dissemination. Attention on deck. There is an active war on your mind. Q

=== End of Post ===

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