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Post # 16 - Q’s board CRACKED again: Hillary’s private server was the key. It’s over! They are all going DOWN!



Ok guys, today we are going to solve the riddle in Q834. You first need to take the time to thoroughly read Q’s post because the unlocked hidden message is a secret answer or comment for the original post. You therefore need to have a good understanding of the context.

Just by reading the Q834 post, we gather:

  1. JP and his brother TP have played a role in using the HRC private server as an open source platform for sharing Special Access Program information which, among other things, led Russia to access Intercontinental Ballistic Missile technologies. Since we now know from Wikileaks that Obama was communicating with Clinton through that server, we may safely assume he knew why it was set up for. Obama is therefore part of all this treasonous operation and we have a final and frightening explanation of his famous “After my election I have more flexibility”.

  2. Snowden has played a role as a double agent on behalf of the CIA as the IT link using social media platforms to funnel the gathered information to selected recipients like Russia.

  3. Other High level US government officials are involved in the U1 scandal and in weaponizing NK for leverage as explained in a previous post.

  4. Russia, even after benefiting from this treasonous scheme, would tell the world to avoid an escalating confrontation with Trump’s US that could result in a nuclear conflict.

  5. Sessions is acting weak because he knows IG Horowitz has the goods. By giving him his full mandate and support to investigate the handling of the Clinton Server case by the FBI, Sessions knows that down the rabbit hole, the content of the server and the players around it would be finally exposed.


So this is the setting. That is what Q shares with us openly. Let us now explore what he says to us secretly. For that, notice we are still in the area of the board where we already have a key. Remember?



you have more than you”r” know.


The "r" is purposely there as confirmed in

Q831: misspellings matter. “r” the 18th letter of the alphabet is the key we are going to use with the Florida Guccifer Method.

Same thing, we write the post respecting punctuation as hinted at in Q831. Then, we highlight every other 18 character and every time we have gathered the anagram of a word, we start recounting from the next line.


This is what we get:  image1  image2  image3.

Now, to solve the final anagram, you remember?

We have to use the “light” in Q829 (KILL_BOX [1A-23x] Light_T_1A-23-go5) by “mapping” the text with the highlighted characters in a 23X23 grid.

We still respect punctuation and make sure we have 2 spaces every time the original text goes to the next line.


Because, just like in reddit: 2 spacebars=next line. This is what we get:  image4.

And, for clarity, putting in black unnecessary punctuation and adding colors,

we get this:  Image5.

Now, remember we have talked about the L, l, i and I in a previous post and how they could all be interchanged thanks to the hint in Q907. With the “light” on we can now solve the anagram naturally: All in H pvt end.

Which we can translate as follows:

All is in Hillary’s private server. That will be the end!


Q is telling us that all the information pertaining to how the Russians acquired ICBM tech, to the U1 scandal, to how North Korea got nuclear capabilities and to how social media tech was used against American interest is in Hillary’s Clinton private server! That, along with the names of all the US Government officials involved!

He is telling us Sessions has covertly instructed IG Horowitz to quietly investigate and acted weak to protect that investigation in order to make its conclusions even more damning!

When these conclusions are made public, it will be the END!!

The witch hunt Trump has been talking about all along will then be over because the hunted witch will be detained!! Trump’s double meaning talk is slick and lethal…

Now let me tell you a little more about that server.

This was the subject of one of my posts on CBTS:


Top 10 player [here now].


Q is telling us he was physically in the place where this IP is located.

After digging, we found out the following:

1) is the IP for Softlayer Technologies.

2) The server that hosted clintonemail.com in 2009 had IP and was associated to ThePlanet.com now known as SoftLayer and acquired by IBM a few years back. source

Q was telling us in Q701 he had all the goods about the top 10 players who used this server to sell the US to the highest bidders. Guys, can you imagine? Q gave out this information in early February! All this time was used by IG Horowitz to polish a damning legal case he started building way back and that no one involved will escape from. It will be the END. It will be a disaster.

I said it before, I will say it again.

They have been played.

Mueller was created to allow this parallel investigation to take place so that the witch could be hunted quietly. Mueller cleared the streets for Trump by selling false hope to the dems. It seems Adam is now waking up to this harsh reality.  video.

Everything will happen before the end of this current month.

Q911: March madness.

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