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Post # 15 - Q507: Soon, the whole world will be able to unlock hidden messages from Q’s board! Learn now!

Ok guys, so let’s recap:

So far, we have unlocked hidden messages 5 times using various methods:

  1. The Covefefe Method that allowed us to [decode Trump’s covfefe tweet] and translate it from “despite the constant negative press covfefe” to “wait to die”. We gathered from this solved riddle that Trump is promising to completely dismantle MSM. Q877: The age of MSM is over.

  2. The Florida Guccifer Method that allowed us to [decode Q830] and unlock the hidden message informing us the Florida shooting was a false flag aiming at keeping Guccifer out of the news cycle and derailing Rosenstein’s explosive related announcement.

  3. The same Florida Guccifer Method allowed us to decode Q832 which unlocked the hidden message that AI and Sarin were somehow combined (in a way we have not figured out and that Q himself compares to magic) to create innocent mind controlled social warriors who can be used for demonstrations, shooting and even assassination.

  4. The T Method allowed us to [unlock Q907 and Q908] hidden messages about NK informing us Trump has in fact been in secret contact with Kim Jong Un since before September 2017. We also learned that Trump has successfully neutralized the bad actors who funneled military grade tech to NK, using it as their base for leverage.


I also introduced the Matrix Time Stamp Method based on times stamps between Trump’s tweets and Q’s posts. It has similarities with the T method for pulling solving grids but involves the use of a key like in the Covfefe Method. I have made a public announcement for help to speed up the research and get that method stabilized. I still welcome any help and will share findings as soon as it is completely figured out for general consumption. In the meantime, all the other methods cited above have proved themselves and are available for you to try throughout the board.

The very next day I posted the Q830 Florida Guccifer crack, Q posted: Q860 “first boom, did you catch it? The last one will be magical” Many are speculating about what he meant. Some are connecting it to the news. They may be right. I stated my belief is he was referring to Sarin and AI being combined to perform “magic” in Q832 and also to the very first time a hidden message from his board was publicly disclosed. I say “publicly” because I know there are some anons out there who have already unlocked many messages from Q’s board but have chosen to remain silent and to confine this information to a closed elite club.** I, on the other end, want people to be aware. I want people to learn these methods. I want people to unlock the board.


This is because I know that is what Q wants.** In Q507, he is announcing a day when all this will be wide spread:


This will be the AUTH tool you use when all of this becomes public to provide friends, family, others.

Do you think POTUS re-tweeted MAGA PILL for no reason?

We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

We believe in you.


This is why I am doing what I am doing. This is why detractors do not distract me.

So, detractors, whatever you have in your basket of tricks, [bring it on! And let’s have a party!] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fquGjSt8RpA) :)

“Cheered” up?! Good!! :) Now seriously:

We will not back down. We will fight the censorship. We will re-organize. Later today, I will post a brand new explosive unlocked message, so make sure you are around.

In the meantime, there is something very important you guys need to know. I hear from detractors: you are delusional, these methods are not decoding methods, these methods are not logically sound, you are reaching, you make your own rules, etc… Once again, we are not decoding. We are solving riddles. And this is the way it should be. Q is not talking to a small elite of mathematicians or cryptologists. This would not be fair. He is talking to anyone who would be willing to get his brain teased for a while with no particular academic knowledge and be rewarded with privileged information. This is the only way he can achieve the vulgarization process he is describing in Q507.

The reason why these methods come with a certain degree of uncertainty or subjectivity is because Q knows he has to defeat the AI in its effort to analyze his posts and also unlock the hidden messages it knows to be there. AI can only learn systems that can be logically replicated. But when these systems are purposely made unstable with well-crafted noise and humanization, AI is lost. This is why, while unlocking, you may see one option also working like “Sarin in AI real” could also be “Naira’s Airline”. But then, when you compute in the context of the original message and other T crossing methods like the 23X23 grid I showed you in the “sarin” example, you realize there is only one acceptable answer. The possible solutions being many is purposeful: plausible deniability and neutralized AI. This is what Q meant here:


These keywords and questions are framed to reduce sniffer programs that continually absorb and analyze data then pushed to z terminals for eval.

Think xkeysc on steroids.


Double meanings work well against sniffers.


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