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Post # 142 - The Deep State's New Playbook against Trump.


[ Special note: For a German translation of this post: click here

Q told us what was coming. Here it is, in order: the end of the Muller probe, declassification, the OIG report, the truth revealed and justice served. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s unavoidable:


Now if you are a bad actor and you know this steamroller is on its way to you to obliterate you, what would you do? You know how the Dems operate right? Do you remember what they did with Justice Kavanaugh? Yes, they created a fire and then offered to put it out. It’s right here:

Q2200 PANIC IN DC D's offering to [KILL] sexual assault allegation v Judge K in exchange for immediate pullback of DECLAS. POTUS: Judge K will be confirmed regardless… Q

We get from this that losing the Supreme Court is less important for them than declassification. So? We can safely conjecture they are in super panic mode and that they are probably trying to start a huge fire they will also offer to put out. This is why, after the Mueller debacle, they are now targeting people supporting Trump offline and online, and are launching new investigations to quickly have something they can bring to the negotiation table. It will not work:

Q2816 NEW THREATS (investigations by [SDNY], [AS], [MW] in an effort to delay/prevent release ('insurance extension') WILL FAIL. TRANSPARENCY is the only way forward.

What if I told you that the Maestro informed us that the Dems were trying to negotiate and stop what’s coming? Yes. It’s coded in this super cool tweet. Hahaha! Who would have thought that by sharing this woman’s amazing skills he was showing his appreciation for the birth of an unknown star but was also talking about the Dems?! Img1 Look at the timestamp: 10PM. It points to Q2200, the very drop we talked about earlier and related to J Kavanaugh. Coincidence? To know more about this negotiation, we need to go to the next tweet. Img2 The capital letters add up to TJT=50, same value as BITS and you know from my previous decodes this refers to the date 02/09/2019 and the release of information and therefore confirms the DECLAS Dems are trying to stop. But then, inside Q2220, we see that a tweet from the Maestro and Q2208 are embedded. They respectively show underlined in red “PLAYBOOK” and “NEW PLAYBOOK NEEDED?” Do you see it? Do you think the lady PLAYING soccer and the embedded Q2208 sharing the same colors is a coincidence? With the lady PLAYING and the matching colors, the Maestro wanted us to triangulate we needed to focus on the question NEW PLAYBOOK NEEDED? This is the Maestro asking to the Dems: you are trying to stop the coming DECLAS, the playbook you used with J Kavanaugh was a disgrace and a major failure, how are you going to do it this time? NEW PLAYBOOK NEEDED?

As you can see, the conversation is getting very interesting. Let’s take a look at the next tweets to see if the Maestro said more about this. Img3 The first one was posted at 10:21PM, or 22:21 military time. We go to Q2221. It laconically says “Yes”. This is the answer to the question: NEW PLAYBOOK NEEDED? The Maestro is not backing down. He will DECLAS. As confirmed by Q:

Q2816 The DECLASSIFICATION of all requested documents (+ more) will occur. This is not a game. Do not let personal (emotional) desires ("do it now""now""what is taking so long""NOW!") take over. Logical thinking and strategy should always be applied. Game-Theory. WE ALL WANT TO SEE EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW.

The capital letters are TA=21 and WM=36, respectively equaling DNC=21 and SCAM=36. Then, the Maestro re-tweeted @real_defender who reminds us POTUS is a “president who keeps his promise”. The third tweet’s capital letters add up to RAMCLJC=60 which also equals ORDER=60. It’s about McCabe obeying Comey and points to Q2226 where we read: “No we are ddosing ourselves with over 330,000 IPs” and Q doubling down with “412,000 now. Q”. This is code for: McCabe’s recent attack on 60 Minutes was done under the Maestro’s order, as confirmed by Q:

Q2732 Dark to Light. The orders came from the highest office in the land. Q

For what purpose? To expose RR on his 25th Amendment plot. By activating McCabe this way, the RR domino falls and Comey’s next. Pretty cool right?

Now we have all we need to extract the Maestro’s hidden message to the DS and their Dems. Read very carefully.

This message was well received by the DS. They responded 2 days later through the HRC tweet linking a Politico article which in turn links to the now famous list of the 200 targeted Twtr accounts. Congrats to those who made the list! You are Top Deplorables and thanks to you, we have another instance confirming the collusion between Dems and the MSM Fake News that Wikileaks revealed!

Img4 Proof: the Politico article was posted on Feb 20 2019 at 6:05 AM EST. HRC tweeted the same day at 1:51 PM EST. The difference is 466 minutes. And it’s the value for:


Coincidence? You caught the last message is referring to Cohen and how they intent to use him to reduce his jail time by one second per lie… As you can see, HRC is using the Politico article as a conduit to tell Trump to get ready because the DS has a new playbook for him.

Img5 This conversation between the Maestro and the DS about the playbook is confirmed by Q in Q2878. Do you see this CROOKED [[[HILLARY]]]? The value for CROOKED is 71, same value as the AMAZING=71 the Maestro used to describe our famous unknown soccer player. Coincidence? Do you see it? We went full circle. This conversation between the Maestro and the DS through HRC is confirmed and it’s undeniably about the Deep State’s new playbook to fight Trump.

What if I told you I saw this playbook?

Before I tell you where and what it is, you need to know why it’s crucial for the DS to have a new game plan to stop Trump and the DECLAS. Img6 Look at the capitalized line in Q2878. I’ll decode one for you, try to decode the other 2. The last line reads JUDGEMENT DAY COMING=190, same value as THE UNDENIABLE PROOF=190. What is this proof? Do you see this [[[HILLARY]]]? I gave you all the tools needed to open layered doors with this type of key in previous decodes you will find in the archive. If you pursue this, you will see the DS and HRC asked Trump to back off on the crimes found in the server[s] and on pedophilia in exchange for not applying their new playbook. As you already know, among these crimes captured by the server[s] we have U1, the CF, Seth Rich’s murder by 2 MS13 members, Scalia’s murder, the Awan IT Scandal, the selling of SAPs, ICBM tech, NASA tech, the organized loss of US space dominance, the Iran nuke deal, the NK Nuke/Missile Tech operation, tactics on their 16 year Plan to Destroy America and other doozies implicating high level US Government officials and businessmen as described in Q834, Q436, Q438, Q570 and Q1195. Phew! And of course, on pedophilia, we all know that in addition to what is found in the servers, this issue culminates with the HRC video:

Q854 Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5). EX-rvid5774. We have it all.

As you can see, the crimes are countless and horrifying. Imagine all this coming to light. For the DS, this CANNOT come to light.

Q1603 The game is over when the public knows. The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you. You will FAIL.

Hence the playbook. They had to have a new one, a powerful one, a playbook dissuasive enough to make Trump back down. I will now show you where it is.

Img7 Let’s go to the link about our excellent 200 Deplorables. Look at the navigation. Every time you see unnecessary capitalization, your decoding alarm should go off. The capital letters add up to TWATEIFR=102, same value as THE GAME PLAN=102. Coincidence? This is where they hid their playbook. Now look at the text. There is only one sentence highlighted. And it has 2 numbers: 200 and 140 million. Do you see it? This refers to the position of the watch hands at 2:00 o’clock which can also be 14:00 military time. This was the key needed to read the graphic with the images of our excellent 200 Deplorables.

Img8 The images are distributed in such a way that, if you superimpose the 2 o’clock position to the set, the watch hands point at the images symbolizing the hidden orders and tactics in their new playbook. Here is how you extract the hidden messages: you draw a circle, position the arms of the clock at 2 o’clock and extract the 2 images (sometimes the third one on top is relevant). Then, you decode what they symbolize put together. In this example, it’s pretty obvious with the flag at the center and states in different colors at 2 o’clock, it is about dividing America. And here is the summarizing image: Img9

I have drawn several other circles to extract additional orders revealing the Deep State’s strategy against Trump. You’ll find them in [The 2 O’clock Deplorable Playbook]. [see the 2 O'clock Deplorable Playbook below on this page]. Train and see how I decoded each of the sets. Like the division decode, some of them are easy. Others are more intricate like the one about biological warfare with a picture of young Trump and Vlad III Dracula which leads to Youth, Trump and Blood which leads to Life, Enemy, and DNA, which leads to bio data, bio warfare and bio weapons as hinted in Q1167.

Try to draw other circles with your friends/family and compare your results. Good luck!

Q354 Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism. Therefore, they were sloppy. Q

=====The 2 O’clock Deplorable Playbook.=====


The following images are a list of tactics the Dems intend to use against Trump to stop the sequenced process Q described here:


You will find in the post entitled The Deep State's New Playbook against Trump (Above) how this playbook was identified and how the coded messages were extracted. I recommend you read that article (above) first before going through the following images.

In the disguise of or in addition to targeting 200 Twtr accounts, the Deep State essentially used the list to communicate their playbook. It is important to read the article mentioned above to understand how all this works.





Investigate Trump’s family over several generations




Electromagnetic Attacks


Investigate Trump and his Family’s Finances

Find intelligence on hidden MAGA supporters


Demonize MAGA – Fear Tactics


Promote Socialism






Bio Warfare


Sabotage the Military


Target MAGA supporters with Legal System & Law Enforcement


Divide the American Family


Fake News


The Stormy Play


Weaponize the Judiciary System with our Assets


Sanctuary Cities


Satisfy Moloch


Controlled Opposition and Fake MAGA


Wall Street


The Youth and Entertainment


Trump’s Military Records


Voter Fraud: Denial & Projection


Voter Fraud: Protect and Assist Assets

=====End of Post====

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