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Post # 140 - Trump’s message from the battlefield: I took our money back. Next move coming.

[ Special note: For a German translation of this post: click here ]

So where were we? Yes, I told you about the 2 F15s and what they meant link. I told you that if the Maestro had sufficient assurance that the funds would not be misused like in the past, he would sign the Government Bill negotiated with the Dems and avoid a shutdown. If not, the next date to watch would be 02/20 or 02/21/2019.

Since then, we know he has signed the bill and declared a National Emergency. Do you see what’s going on?

I told you that the Maestro coded his negotiation strategy in the dates ACTS=01/03/2019, BETS=02/05/2019, BOTS=02/15/2019 and that since I=9, I conjectured a date to watch was BITS=02/09/2019. This was later confirmed by the Maestro and the news with the Schiff/Fusion GPS situation. Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed I did not mention that, since U=21, the date 02/21/2019 stands for BUTS! This date, which I told you to watch, actually has a broader function that supersedes the negotiation’s outcome: it announces the uncertainty zone in which the Maestro will plunge the Dems. Now that the negotiations are behind us, we can talk about this date more freely and reveal that the Maestro’s next moves are going to be the BUTS: I signed the bill, BUT I am declaring a National Emergency, I am acting like I am fine with it BUT wait until you find out what I am going to do on Feb 20th or Feb 21st.


You know what’s going to happen right? Did you notice the Maestro declared the National Emergency the next day William Barr was confirmed? Did you make the connection? He gave you the clue right here: video until 35:10. After talking about Chucky and Nancy, he “randomly” brings in the AG and says: “such an easy job he’s got”. Why? Because the new AG gets in when a National Emergency is declared! Do you see what this means for Barr? It’s like a kid entering a toy store with a candy and a pastry section with an EVERYTHING FREE sign at the door. Then, to make the kid’s experience complete, a dedicated White Hat DJ is playing McCabe’s newly released 60 Minute album through the store’s speakers:


Q2732 The orders came from the highest office in the land. Q


And of course, to help him carry whatever he chooses, our excellent kamikaze Whitaker, the Scaramucci of the DOJ, will be walking with him in the store:


Q2766 WHITAKER remain DOJ senior staff? Senior counselor in the associate attorney general’s office? Planned? Q

We’ve entered Phase III of the Plan. The phase that brings Justice. With Barr getting in and Whitaker knowing where all the bodies are buried, DC is in panic mode:


Q2724 A Traitor’s Justice. Phase III. Panic in DC. RATS EVERYWHERE.

This was the perfect time to troll the RATS and the Maestro did not miss this opportunity. On Feb 15, at 2:04 PM, he tweeted the first version of this tweet where we enjoy the Dems’ sorrow at the SOTU with the REM song in the background.

Img1 Peruvian coffee for those who noticed that the value for MAESTRO is 91 and that Trump “conducted” the Congress song exactly at the 1:31=91’ mark of the video. Coincidence? How about the length of the video being 2:20, which is the date for his next move?

Img2 Look at the timestamp: 2:04 PM. Let’s go to Q1404. It’s a string of letters and numbers. Let’s put it in the best search engine of the Internet, yes, the qanon.pub search box. It predictably shows Q1404 but also surprisingly Q743 which says among other things: “Investigate those in the front of the camera who scream the loudest”. Coincidence? Now you know the real reason why REM was instructed to file a copyright complaint...

When they make desperate moves like this, your “Q-reaction” should be: “what are they trying to hide? Who can be the targets of these investigations?” Well, let’s follow the instructions in Q1404 and see who’s in front of the camera.

Img3 We have exactly 13 shots and the 2 rookies in shots 4 and 11 are balanced by the 2 additional seniors in shot 5. Coincidence? Of course it points to the Maestro’s multiple references to the 13+ Angry Democrats and gives us this important confirmation: Mitt Romney is the new No Name.

Img4 After the REM complaint, the Maestro made a new version and tweeted it the next day at 2:40 PM. We go to Q1440: 4 explosions and A WEEK TO REMEMBER. What are these explosions? Why should history books remember this week? I’ll show you. Walk with me.

Img5 I told you how the 2 F15s in Q2675 were connected to Feb 15 and to the integrity of the flow of government funds and that it was connected to Q2674 through the Y=25’ delta. Now let’s take a look at the Stock Market. Why? Because Government fund circulation has an impact on the health of the economy and therefore indirectly on the markets. Did you notice that on 02/15, the DOW jumped 444 points and closed at 25,883.25. Do you see it? These 2 25s are the letter Y and Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed the 883rd letter of the alphabet is also Y! The DOW that day was YYY and Q coded it in the timestamp delta 2 weeks before! Let that sink in.

How is this possible? What’s going on? The answer is in The Art of the Deal. Read very carefully: Img6

Now the next question would be: why Y? Img7 The answer is in Q142 and Q667 where we learn that the 3 Y families and their ancient satanic bloodlines controlled the FED and the Stock Market. They flexed their muscles on Feb 2 2018 when they made the Dow plunge 666 points.

Img8 In the AF1 reflection riddle,  I told you how they also sent the NK B2 message to Trump through the July 3rd 2017 NASDAQ glitch. These were the 2 major messages to Trump from family Y issued from the Stock Market and reminding him they controlled it. Well, on Feb 15 2019, exactly 54 weeks after their second message, the Maestro responded with the DOW hitting YYY, which represents the 3 family Y in Q142. Peruvian Coffee for those who deciphered the meaning of 54! Since 54=2+(2X26) it means you picked the letter B and then circled the alphabet 2 times, which is coded by B2. By putting the DOW at YYY 54 weeks later, the Maestro is saying: “Hey you, the 3 Y families from Q142, I got your B2 and 666 messages about the Stock Market, here is my response. Goodbye.”


Img9 The Maestro took the Stock Market back from the Cabal’s hands and signed the government funding bill because he also shut down all the routes described in Q489 that allowed them to take our money with our uninformed consent and use it against us. How do I know?

Img10 It’s coded in the Maestro’s 12:21 Feb 14th “funding bill” tweet he later deleted. Going to Q1221, we see the line ‘Trust funds’ and information about deposit routes which is code for: I am funding the bill because I trust the funds and control their routes. He re-tweeted the correction 6 minutes later and 6=F. Keep this, we’ll get back to it. The capital letters of the new tweet add up to RWH=49 which is the value for DATES. Adding the 6 minute delta to the date of the tweet gets us to the 2/20/2019 date coded in the duration of the trolling video. The Maestro confirms this date has to be watched.

3 mn later, at 12:30 PM, he tweeted about the Parkland shooting. Img11 Why 3 mn? Because he wants us to see the 3 close to the 14 that brings in the number PI=3.14 which means that SANCTIONS ARE COMING as explained in the Cabinet poster decode and as announced in Q759 where Q informs us HRC, BC, CC, Hussein and others were all implicated in the Parkland shooting. I told you here that this shooting was a ritual using the powers of the number 17=3+14. Confirmed by the capital letters OPFOAN=67=DARK MAGIC and:

Q759 Do you believe in EVIL?

This PI=3.14 is also in Q2718 linking to a tweet from RunningTheRace where he noticed the National Emergency went public exactly at 3:14, as shown on the watch in Q2647. Now let’s follow the timestamp. We hit:

Q1230 We came here for a reason.

Do you see it? We are told we came to the National Emergency status for a reason. The reason is SANCTIONS ARE COMING and this is why Q makes us notice in Q2718 that it coincides with Barr’s confirmation. Now there is something really ironic about all this. The Maestro needed to declare a National Emergency to launch the Justice phase with Barr. How do you do that without too much noise? You maintain the wall feud even though you have resolved this issue with the Military Spending Bill and you thank Soros for bringing his caravans:

Q2502 What vested auth does the Constitution grant a sitting President re: matters of NAT SEC? Thank you, Mr. Soros. Q

Img12 The next tweet is connected to Q2158 and we are informed the Rothschilds and Family Y are imploding. The last tweet is connected to Q2216 and this Q&A refers to the conversation the Maestro had with Family Y at the Stock Market. Capital letters: TAEYTCAD=102= GOT RAGE ON. They are very angry. Understandable: they lost the Stock Market and Government fund access. It was time for a false flag.

Img13 It happened the next day. Do you remember the F=6 I told you to keep? Here is the second one: capital letters=GAIAH=26=FLAG. The timestamp connects to Q1811 where we are told they are in full attack mode but it’s still a wonderful day! Why? Because we took our money back and they’ll now have to fall through the cracks of a National Emergency.

Q147 You are witnessing history. Q

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