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Post # 14 - Using the T Method to CRACK Q's board: Secret and brilliant Trump’s moves on North Korea!


Ok guys, I am re-posting here the decoding method called the T Method. This method unlocked the hidden message on North Korea and informs us how POTUS is skillfully and subtly conducting the matter. This post suffered an abnormal amount of attacks on CBTS and was taken down shortly before the community was banned: image. Despite these attacks, the upvote remained at 460. This tells you you guys need to master this method. If you do, Q's board will become nuclear! And they know it. So here it is.

As most of you know, North Korea, just like Iran, was used as a base by bad actors. What made the situation diplomatically delicate for Trump was these bad actors developed/imported/funneled therein military grade technologies they would use as leverage if threatened in any way. Our poor Kim Jong Un, like an hostage in his own country, was in the middle of this, trying to save himself and his people from the wrath of these 2 parties fighting: one being Trump and the Legal United States Government, the other being international private interests in collusion with rogue former and acting US government officials. And to make things even more sensitive, you have China monitoring the situation and wanting to be aware ahead of time of anything that could destabilize the region and therefore impact their geopolitical and commercial interests. So that’s the setting. Read Q’s board to know more about this.

Now I would like you to focus on 2 posts:

An Anon posts Trump’s tweet about NK and his comment is ‘I swear Trump is killing me here.


HAHA He keeps putting out clues he has already talked to Kim. And Q’s response to that Anon is:

Q918: You are learning. How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here. Q

In another post, an Anon sends ‘it’s been corrected’ along with the tweet where Trump refers to his conversation with President XI JINPING.

Q cryptically responds in

Q907: 11 :11.

Ok, I will show you what these conversations between Q and these brilliant Anons mean.

Let’s take this second tweet, remove all punctuation, and ‘map’ the result in 11X11 grids as hinted in Q907.

Verify it.

We get 2 grids: Image1

Now, read carefully. This is key to understand: we are going to form words out of these letters based on patterns in a +-90° or 180° continuous T shape, like this:  Image2.

Starting from the top left corner, start scrolling downwards and every time you see the anagram of a word in compliance with the accepted pattern, and making an intelligible sentence trail, highlight it. If you find a word that does not make a natural sentence trail, skip it.

For the first word, we see ‘CeiIinG’ even though I am aware the I in JIN PING is a cap ‘i’ and not a small cap ‘L’ I will keep it in there and I will explain why at the end.

Continuing this process we progressively get the following words from the 2 grids: 

Image3   Image4 Image5  Image6  Image7  Image8  Image9

And finally this sentence:

Ceiling on North Korea gone. United Nations intend to repair NK’s role in the region. (a)

The L being corrected is the meaning of the ‘it’s been corrected!’ in Q907. And Q’s response 11:11, is code for: solve the riddle with 11X11 grids and interchangeable significance [:] between l, I, i and L.

So you see how these Anons are communicating with Q and why the board is full of cryptic messages like that? This is all yours to go find out if you agree to expand your thinking.

Not convinced? Let’s try another one. For future reference, let’s call this method the T Method. Let’s take Trump’s tweet on Q918, let’s put it this time in a 11X12. Same process. This is what we progressively have:

Image10  Image11  Image12  Image13  Image14


And, with final corrections:

North Korea sent me an elite to sign a commitment. (b)

Now connecting the content of these 2 hidden messages (a) and (b) to their 2 original generators (the 2 tweets), and analyzing the timeline of events, we can draft the following easy to digest ‘press release’:

Trump and Kim Jong Un have been in secret discussions since before October 2017. Kim Jong Un has sent an elite emissary to Washington to reach an agreement in which North Korea committed to put a hold on its missile tests, effective September 28 2017. Since then, Trump has successfully neutralized the bad actors who were holding Kim Jong Un and North Korea hostage. He has also convinced the United Nations to build a roadmap leading to the lifting of the sanctions and even perhaps the unification of the 2 Koreas with the blessing of China.

Now, that is some high level diplomacy right there! In a healthy world, this is a Nobel Prize for Trump at each of his birthdays! You see Trump is way ahead of what we are being told in MSM and this is why this Anon is laughing: he knew how to solve the riddle, he knew how to read Trump’s tweets based on Q’s teachings.

So all the things I am disclosing in my posts are things some other Anons already know but they decided not to speak out. They probably read my posts smiling. The reason is because they know most people would focus on the messenger instead of the message. They think: “I am not going to waste my time fighting unnecessary battles with incredulous nit-picky people who are going to question my intellectual abilities”. I know this because I used to teach mathematics to very unusually gifted young people in an elite school in Europe: they would remain silent when they understood and nervous and vocal when they didn’t (which, thank God happened very rarely). When I wanted some action though, I would ask them things I knew they could not solve! Please God, once again, forgive me.

So there you have it guys. As I said before, this thing is all yours. And as you can see there is no fixed method. Q is sending us brain teasers, riddles. He wants us to adapt to any given intellectual situation and be rewarded with privileged information you won’t even see in his public posts which are already pretty controversial, to say the least. I took the risk to show you these things and I am glad a great number of people have picked up. I took this risk because I believe in you. I really do. And seeing the number of people responding positively, it seems I have made the right choice. Detractors will always be there, it’s ok. Don’t be discouraged by their inability to comprehend what is going on here. Don’t let them discourage you trying to solve Q’s riddles, may be they have an agenda… May be they were sent… May be they can’t unplug from the Matrix…


We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

THEY are watching.


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