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Post # 138 - Trump’s Secret Message from El Paso: The Pieces of the Puzzle.

==>[Special Note: A German Translation is here]

Let’s talk about the Maestro’s trip to El Paso. Amazing stuff.

Before we proceed, I will issue a warning: the type of information the Maestro is now unveiling is not for everyone. It seems he has now decided to open the door to the big picture. The real one. The one Q describes in the following drops:

Q167 POTUS opened the door of all doors. Expand your thinking. What is the keystone? Q

Q269 Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info) Stone - the force/strength capable of yielding power to act on info Key+Stone=. Q

Q749 Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. The end won't be for everyone. That choice, to know, will be yours. Q

Did you understand the second drop? Q is talking about those who know the full range of the conversation and who have the intellectual and spiritual means to become active on the battlefield…

It's probably a good time to go back and take a deep dive into my Q Occult/Spiritual Series in the Archive.

Since the road is going to be a little bumpy, I thought it would be a good idea to start by listing all the confirmations we have received from the Maestro about the previous decodes.

The Coded Dates Confirmed.

I told you in this post the date 01/29/2019=ACTS was referring to the show, the theater act and the trap leading to the Government shutdown that were needed to politically expose the Dems. Well, read very carefully what the Maestro said in El Paso here: Img1 Confirmation 1.

I told you in the [same post] that the date 02/05/2019=BETS was referring to the SOTU and to the fire building up around Schiff. 3 days later, the Maestro posted a tweet with capital letters adding up to SPORTS BETTING=184 and pointing to a Q drop about Adam Schiff. Img-a Since then, the heat around Schiff has not stopped growing. Confirmation 2.

Img2 I conjectured the date 02/09/2019=BITS, which is a Saturday, was referring to some kind of data being released. Since Saturday was closing the week, this data had to become public at least a day prior. On Friday morning, the Maestro tweeted about Adam’s meeting with Glenn Simpson and the related article stated photos of the meeting were taken. Confirmation 3.

I told you the date 02/15/2019=BOTS was referring to the MK Ultra army created to perform false flags and that the southern border was the entry point for the importation of human bots and the maintenance of groups like ANTIFA or MS-13. The Dems confirmed this decode in a spectacular way by asking the reduction of the number of beds maintained by ICE and the release of criminal aliens link. The Maestro tweeted about it with capital letters adding up to OBEY and pointing at Q818 which is explicitly referring to an MK ULTRA false flag, MSM’s implication and the coming corrective measures through libel laws. Confirmation 4.

The fifth confirmation is the most amazing one. Img3 In this post, I introduced the controversial subject of extra dimensional entities and that the word ALIEN should primarily be understood with its original meaning when talking about immigration. I made the “outlandish” claim (not outlandish for anons) this is what the wall is really about and that we are in Exopolitics territory with extra dimensional entities trying to invade our planet through the control of human minds and biology. 6 days later the Maestro tweeted: “Human Trafficking, Drugs and Criminals of all dimensions – KEEP OUT!”. Coincidence? This tweet was first posted at 4:59 PM with an extra N. It was corrected and reposted 4 minutes later. Peruvian coffee for those who saw the letter N refers to the greek letter NU used in physics to represent the frequency of a wave. For the time delta, since D=4, we deduce the hidden message is D-WAVE. What is D-WAVE?

Quantum Computing: the New Religion.

D-WAVE Systems Inc is a quantum computing company claiming to be the world's first company to sell computers which exploit quantum effects in their operation. The general idea is to tap in resources from parallel universes through the use of quantum computers and import them to have an effect in our world. You got it: magic! Let’s watch until 8:00 how D-WAVE’s founder Geordie Rose describes these machines: video. “It feels like an altar to an alien god”. Okay… But there is more, watch until 10:40. Did you catch it? Our magician of the day confesses he’s not pulling out resources from parallel universes but from their “shadows”. This is the very essence of magic in its darkest form and his deluded audience is buying all of it.

To know more about this, let’s decode the Maestro’s tweets. He tweeted twice on Feb 3 2019.

Img4  The first tweet was very entertaining and challenging to decode. It was posted at 16:14 and this time going to Q1614 did not help. I was intrigued by the sentence: “He shot a 64”. When the Maestro gives you a number, it always means something. I finally found the way by opening the Bible. Since Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible, the timestamp 16:14 can be read Genesis 6:14. This verse is about Noah’s Ark and says: “Make thee an ark of gopher wood”. Since the tweet is about Tiger, Jack and golf, this “gopher” is one pronounced L away from being in context. You would then have a clear path from gopher wood to golfer wood and finally to Tiger Woods. Pretty cool right? Where do we get the L? Peruvian Coffee for those who saw L is the 64th letter of the alphabet and this is why the Maestro said: “He shot a 64”! Hahaha! Thank you Mr. President, this was awesome! What do we get from this? We get we are in biblical context and this helps decode the capital letters. They add up to ETTGHHTMNJHJT= 163 which is the same value as NIMROD THE MAGICIAN. First clue.

Img5 The second tweet was posted at 17:03. We go to Q1703 and see RR. This brings the ROD that confirms the NIMROD found earlier. Capital letters add up to 264 for the first group and 93 for KEEP OUT. Because of the minus sign, we subtract and get 264-93=171 which is SAVIOR OF MANKIND and BLACK HOLE DIMENSION.

Why do we keep both of them? Because they respectively echo the capitalized STRONG and KEEP OUT from the tweet. I’ll show you. Peruvian Coffee for those who know their Q drops and connected SAVIOR OF MANKIND to the US Military through Q114 and solved STRONG! To solve KEEP OUT and why it’s related to this BLACK HOLE DIMENSION, you need to watch the Maestro until 9:30 here. Did you catch his hands’ circular movement when talking about the portals? He is alluding to the BLACK HOLE DIMENSION from which extra dimensional immigrants are illegally entering our planet, our biology and our homes. If you doubt this, ask yourself what kind of “human pain” he is really referring to when answering the next question video. Do you know the ultimate target for criminal aliens in their effort to destroy human society? Answer: the atom of human society, the couple. Now you know why the Maestro said this about human pain:  “The husband that lost the wife or the wife that lost the husband to an illegal immigrant that came 5 or 6 times that shouldn’t be here. That’s the human pain.”   Yes, he is talking about the disturbance of the human couple caused by extra dimensional entities and that led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Flood in the past… This past is our future as we approach the Return of Christ:

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matthew 24:37

If you don’t know Noah’s Ark and the Flood was about genetic manipulation, the alteration of the human form to create hybrid alien species and ultimately trans-humanism and the antichrist agenda, then you probably don’t know Sodom and Gomorrah was about conscious or unconscious sexual intercourse with extra dimensional entities in order to set the stage for the destruction of the human couple.

So? We are under attack. From other dimensions. Through technologies like quantum computing and the CERN Hadron collider, a group of Satanists have partnered with extra dimensional entities to facilitate this invasion. They are resurrecting ancient technologies used by Nimrod and are refreshing the other “scientific” experiments that caused the Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

You thought the engineered illegal immigration was just about destroying America? Now that you are aware of its metaphysical component, you know it’s bigger than you thought: it’s about destroying mankind.

What is being done about it?

POTUS in El Paso: the Human Wall.

With these new sunglasses, you are now able to see the truth beyond visible matter and understand that the wall is about protecting humans from extra dimensional attacks. Collectively and individually. Img6 Now you know why the Maestro instructed his local political base to form a human wall at the southern border in prelude to his visit to El Paso: it signifies the wall has always been about mankind. Literally.

Why El Paso? Because it means “passage” in Spanish. These are the “gates”, the “portals” to our human biology and faculties.

Next, we will gather the remaining pieces of the puzzle and extract the Maestro’s secret message about this planned extra dimensional invasion. You'll see, it’s fascinating.

Q1009 The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more. Q

=== End of Post ===

Below is a corroborating comment from a Reddit anon:

Anon Reddit user comment:

Fascinating and really underscores the message Q has repeated that 'the truth would put 90% in a mental institution' and it would not be for everyone. I wonder what people will do if they learn that movies like Men in Black are documentaries, not fantasy.

After I watched the glasses video this one came up, which explains the presence of multiple dimensions, beyond the 4 we are aware of. We are being prepared for a new cosmic level of awareness and truth that is going to shock the world. I'm ready for it but even so, I wonder just how much it's going to change the world. Your series on Q and the Occult is brilliant and definitely a primer for this new awareness.


Great comment and excellent link J11! Thank you for your contributions.

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