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Trump’s SOTU Address: an amazing speech, a necklace and a secret in plain sight.


Wow. What a speech!

“Tonight, I ask you to choose Greatness”.

This line alone sums up all the high aspirations this man has for our country. It’s not about one guy being low or another guy being high or kicking anything, it’s about ALL OF US being GREAT! What a lesson…

Look at the polls Img0 This speech was pure political GENIUS.

Of course, the Fake News and its horde of human bots, bots, possessed influencers and other social media hybrid creatures focused on something else. Something low. Something meaningless. This time, it was about the Maestro’s tie. Img1

When I saw this, I had to determine if this was another coded message from the Maestro. I looked around and found the sequence that helped answer this question: Img2 As you can see, when the Maestro steps in, his tie is perfectly straight. It is only after he shakes hands with Rep. Billy Long that it’s naturally displaced. There was therefore no rationally intended message with the tie. However, for those who know how the Spirit operates in the material realm, BLUE KACHINA is the door...

All this got me thinking. I took a closer look at Nancy’s necklace. Did you notice that during the Maestro’s speech, it was heavily leaning to the right? Was it a fashion fancy or the way the necklace was designed? Img3 A picture of Nancy entering Congress shows it’s none of the above: her necklace was perfectly straight. It was also perfectly straight as she was standing next to VP Pence waiting for POTUS. It only got displaced at some point during Trump’s speech.

Next? We have to determine, just like we did for the Maestro’s tie, how the necklace was displaced. To remain consistent, let’s stay with the Fox News feed: Img4 Look at the screenshots at 31:12, when POTUS introduces FLOTUS and at 35:40 when he introduces Joseph Riley, Erving Walker and Herman Zeitchik. Nancy’s necklace has noticeably moved to the right. We now know something happened between 31:12 and 35:40.

At 31:33, the Maestro confirms his 16:41 tweet about unity by saying these amazing lines: Img5

Stand up ovation. Nancy claps, and as she is sitting down, this happens: Img6

Bingo! Nancy displaced her necklace and made it lean to the right immediately after POTUS called for unity.

Coincidence? Is she signaling she is ready to move the red and blue pearls of the House more to the right and meet Trump halfway? Is she saying yes to Trump’s call? Did she hear Trump’s warning and is now ready to stand up to her unhinged left wing? Is she ready to really play ball and put an end to what Trump called further in his speech:

“ridiculous partisan investigations”?

Let’s take a closer look at the tweet. Img7 Capital letters LSOTU=87, same value as I NEED A SIGN. This is Trump coding his call for unity: “do you want to work with me for the benefit of the American People or do you want a confrontation you now know you will inevitably lose? Let me know”. The timestamp is 16:41. Let’s go to Q1641. We find the line “shareblue”. Do you see it? This “blue” is the group of moderate Dems Trump is inviting Nancy to “share” with him to make Congress work. These reasonable Dems could be spotted as Trump was entering the House, they were the ones trying to shake his hands or even get their hats autographed… Notice at 27:23 how one of them insistently taps on Trump’s back to get to shake his hand and how Minority leader McCarthy skillfully makes the connection. Politics at its finest folks…

Now you know that Nancy’s necklace represents the House and that its colors were not chosen randomly. Red for Republicans, blue for Dems. Nancy is an experienced politician. She knows that when her opponent has demonstrated his skills and power, the smart thing to do is to accommodate him as much as she can and that is what that necklace leaning to the right means. Did you notice Adam and his Little White Bodyguards Cortez and Co? Look: Img8 Soon, it’s going to get bloody between Nancy and her far left wing. I can tell you that.

Speaking of Adam, Peruvian Coffee for those who saw the preceding tweet was about him. Img9 Capital letters MILNYTUSLNY add up to 184, same value as SPORTS BETTING. The Maestro is referring to the BETS about Adam in my previous post. Look at the timestamp: 12:08 PM. Let’s go to Q1208, it talks about AS. Coincidence? It says: “expand further” and pulls in Wendy, Hussein and Allison Mack. It also connects to an article about the death of Mariah S. Coogan. The Maestro is letting us know that the conjecture linking AS to BETS via the SOTU date was over the target. In addition to the heat building up on his Russia probe leaks, AS is also targeted by what we, the Q Community, already know about what happened at the Standard Hotel. The process is launched. Now you know what Adam was signaling when surrounding himself with all these Little White Bodyguards…

Now question: who do you think the Maestro is talking to when he codes in his tweet: “I NEED A SIGN”?

Do you remember Nancy’s scarf on the 33rd day of the shutdown? The scarf with the Chinese colors?

Who do you think really controls our corrupt politicians, planted businessmen and Fake News media? The Russian hoax was created as a smoke screen so that the American People could not spot who they really work for.


In this article , you will learn how China controls an international media network and how it’s activated. Fascinating. If you are not aware that America’s wealth has been deceitfully exported to China which in turn spread its tentacles in America and worldwide with the help of our top politicians, businessmen and Fake News media operators, you are missing 90% of the Q conversation. China’s economic success is artificial and was only possible because our former politicians allowed it. This is why the Maestro does not consider President Xi, who also has his Deep State franchise, as an enemy: he does not blame it on the Chinese, he blames it on our stupid and treasonous political and business leaders.

Q1959 China hacked HRC server? False. Access was granted.

The Maestro’s strategy is to correct this by attacking the very foundations of this artificial success. Hence the trade war, Huawei and other asphyxiating geopolitical moves like Venezuela or the recent US military operations in Africa. This integrated economic warfare approach is what General Mattis did not see and that Trump is running behind the scenes. It’s devastating. Soon, the fruit will be ripe and China will have to accept Trump’s checkmate and negotiate with him a real trade deal with real numbers and a real currency.


In the meantime, President Trump and President Xi have to establish trust and show what they respectively control.

This gives me the opportunity to keep my promise and tell you who tipped off CNN about Roger Stone’s arrest. I know it looks like two different things but bear with me, you’ll see the connection very soon.

Did you notice that despite being the first on the case, CNN remained evasive about the number of vehicles and FBI officers dispatched to raid Stone’s house? Img10 The rest of the media quoted Stone and informed us there were 29 FBI agents and 17 vehicles. This, in CNN language, is translated to “a dozen officers” and “a number of law enforcement vehicles”. Why is CNN avoiding these numbers? Of course they hate the number 17=Q. But there is more. This number 29 stands for A LAMB=29. You caught that Mueller got Manafort first, then targeted Corsi, then Stone. Why? Because he’s moving his way up:

Q1009 Why is Mueller going after 'inside plants'?

Stone is a sacrificial lamb allowing Mueller to gather more info and get to the big guys:

Q2102 What happens if Mueller 'proves' 'Free Speech Systems LLC' aka 'InfoWars' is linked to a Foreign Intel Agency or other Non_Domestic entity?

Another function of the sacrificial lamb is that Stone lied to Congress and his arrest sets the stage for the future arrest of all those who lied to Congress, as rightly pointed out by our excellent Sarah Sanders here.

Now you know why Stone’s arrest had to be mediatized. But then how do you activate the Fake News media when they hate you? Img11 Answer: you talk to their boss. If you are attacked by an angry dog, would you rather “negotiate” with the dog or with the one holding the leash? Look at the timestamp of the Maestro’s tweet about CNN: 11:16 AM. Let’s go to Q1116. It says: “Thank you Xi, good start”. Do you see it? The White Hats activated China to tip off CNN and they are thanking them for doing so!

This achieved 2 things:

  1. China gave proof of their control over the media

  2. tested and verified comms at intermediary level

The intermediary level comms with China were skillfully shut down by the Maestro to destabilize their intel assets in the US. This worked so well, the Chinese Ambassador epically complained about it in front of an astonished Chris Wallace. Video.

Now you know why the Maestro compared negotiating with China to negotiating with Chuck and Nancy. It’s one and the same thing. Except in one case, the dog does not try to bite and knows how to clap…

Q2496 Item used when walking a dog? Q

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