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Post # 136

The NO CAVE Strategy: How Trump played Nancy, Chuck and the Deep State.

I promised to tell you how the number 21 was chosen by the Maestro to determine the number of days the Government would remain opened. It’s fascinating.

First, you have to understand that each date, each timestamp, each word used has a meaning. The Maestro does not do anything randomly. Everything is planned and carefully designed before implementation:

Q181 Everything has to be carefully crafted and tooled prior to release. Godspeed, Patriot. Q

Q2445 Military planning at its finest. Q

Is the plan monolithic? No. Like a chess game strategy, it has multiple layers and several possible paths depending on the enemy’s response and fluctuations in the field:

Q577 Moves and countermoves. Strategy warfare.

Q2604 SESSIONS' forced release of name [HUBER] to House created another variable. Use Logic.

If you understand this, your dive into the Maestro’s and Q’s comms will bring you all kinds of intellectual rewards and pleasures.

Did you notice the SOTU dates were coded? The initial SOTU date was 01/29/2019. The re-scheduled SOTU date is 02/05/2019. Do you see it? Img1 For the first date, since A=1, C=29=3+26, T=20 and S=19, the hidden message in the date is ACTS. For the re-scheduled SOTU, since B=2, E=5, T=20 and S=19, the hidden message is BETS. The Maestro negotiated the initial SOTU date knowing fully well he would change it down the line. He attached the code ACTS to this date because the corresponding phase in his strategy was the theatrical phase. It started with the Oval Office showdown with Chucky and Nancy. The Maestro made sure the press was there to relay everything: Trap 1. Then, he pushed Nancy to cancel the SOTU and to state she would consider a new date after the government reopens: Trap 2. Then, he canceled Nancy’s trip: Strategic Move 1. Then he reopened the Government to put Nancy in Zugzwang: Strategic Move 2. End Result: the SOTU is re-scheduled on the 02/05/2019 and to make sure everyone understands he was playing Nancy all along, he codes the word BETS in the new date. Conclusion: he won the BETS. He gets his SOTU and gets to re-shut the Government if needed. Since the wall is already being built, he can re-use the government shut down card for other purposes behind the scenes and as many times as needed. Until the Dems themselves cry for mercy and loudly confess: STOP! The wall is already being built! That’s when he will say: I told you. This is why, in his tweets from January 31 2019, he stopped beating around the bush and stated clearly for the first time, unequivocally, that the wall was already being built. With these tweets, he carpet bombed the Dems with a B52 but they are not aware of it yet. Word is there is also a time difference for political awareness… Img2 Now you understand what these 2 bushes really meant in the 14:19 PM tweet and how it is connected to Q1419 as another Q proof: Q told us months ago the wall was already being built.


Now what is the third relevant date? Yes, the date of the second possible Government shutdown: 02/15/2019. Try to identify what the Maestro coded in this date. Take a pen, I’m waiting. Peruvian Coffee for those who found BOTS: 2=B, 15=O, 20=T, S=19. Now let’s analyze the tweet where the Maestro gives details about the 21 days. Img3 The timestamp is 9:01AM. We go to Q901 and find the principle in this drop is about matching dates. Let’s call it Principle 901. Next? We apply this principle to the new SOTU date. Since Feb 15 2019 is in the future, we go to Feb 15 2018 and we hit Q772 where Q is explaining how MK-ultra victims can be remote controlled through their mobiles phones using different frequencies of the incoming signal. Coincidence? No. These are the human BOTS coded in the 02/15/2019 SOTU date and that I told you about in previous posts. Conclusion: the number 21 is connected to human bots.

What if I told you that you already know one of these bots?


You remember I gave you the connections with the Lana Del Rey music video Img4 and Img5. Now let’s go to 2:04 in the video. Img6 Do you see the license plate? It says 469AT. What is 69? Yes, it’s HARLEY who was introduced in the very beginning of the video. You extract it from the license plate and 4AT remains, which when re-arranged is AT4. This is the weapon Taheb, 21, and his group wanted to use to blow up the White House. But since AT=21 and 4=D, AT4 can also be written 21 D which is code for 21 days. Conclusion: we are told Taheb was one of these remote controlled human bots activated to attack the White House and Government buildings. You remember Coney’s Mockingbird tweet right? Then you know who activates these bots and how it is done.


As you can see, this Principle 901 is pretty powerful. Let’s then go back and apply it to the BETS date, the date of the re-scheduled SOTU. Before we do so, we need to notice there has been a fire building up lately. Img7 First, on January 22 2019 Trump Jr put Schiff in the spotlight accusing him of leaking his Intel Committee testimony. Then, on January 31 2019 the Maestro called out Schiff about his lies related to the blocked phone calls. The heat is building for Schiff. What do you think may happen to Schiff by BETS day, the day of the SOTU? Let’s apply Principle 901 to that date. We hit Q664 dated Feb 5 2018 and it’s about Schiff and the Maestro accusing him, along with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper, of being a liar and a leaker. Coincidence? Q asks:


Q664 Would POTUS make a serious accusation if the TRUTH wasn’t about to come to LIGHT?


What do you think? Is the LIGHT about to shine on SCHIFF? Could it happen by the SOTU? BETS NOW!


Now that you see how the Maestro is coding these dates. What other date do you want to watch in February? Yes: BITS, which is 02/09/2019. It’s a Saturday. Data dump? The Servers? Emails? We’ll see. Set your alarm.


Last piece of the puzzle? The historic Fentanyl bust at the border. You did not know it was related? I told you about ACE Chemicals and the wall in my last post and 3 days later, Border officials announced the largest fentanyl bust in history. Coincidence? Do you remember the Maestro’s tweet quoting Gregg Jarrett which gave us 2 connections to LANA DEL REY? Look how FENTANYL was also coded in the tweet: Img8 As you can see, the capital letters of the tweet and FENTANYL have the same gematria value of 97. Double Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed the Maestro coded the Fentanyl chemical formula in the duration of his 2:19 PM video about the border: in C22H28N2O, adding up the number of atoms for C, H and N in the compound gives you 22+28+2=52 and with the additional O at the end, you get the video duration 0:52. Now you know why in the timestamp corresponding Q drop, Q says:

Q1419 I’d watch the news that day.

A few hours later, the historic Fentanyl bust at the border made the headlines. In the light of all this, for those who still doubt Q, I don’t know what to say. Perhaps, they should just quit, trade their car for a donkey, their house for a turtle shell and go to the southern border to showcase their edgy caravan to potential Soros-like investors…


Now what does Fentanyl have to do with all this? Yes, it’s one of the chemicals used in what Q calls the ‘therapy’ phase in conjunction with hypnosis, brainwashing, torture and trauma to create the ultimate mind control human bots. I don’t have the space to go through the specifics here but I may write an entire post about mind control one day. Q gave us all we need to know about it. Highest classification. In the meantime, you may study [Q772=>Q779] for the general foundation and Q2306 with Q2319 for the Blasey Ford particular case. You may also want to watch this video for the basics and re-watch the Bourne action movie series as if you were watching a documentary…

Q166 Jason Bourne (Deep Dream). Q

Now look at the timestamp of the Fentanyl tweet: 19:14. Let’s go to Q1914 Img9  It connects to this question:

[JC] Did your email trigger a FAKE NEWS blast?    [note  here is a close-up of the Yellow portion of Q - 1914  in Img9 ]

James Coney is pulled in through the Fentanyl bust and the Maestro is letting us know it was made possible because his comms were monitored. Do you see it? We went full circle. All this started with Comey’s Mockingbird tweet, where I told you in this post he was activating the sleeper cells like the one Taheb was part of. Fentanyl and drugs in general being a key component for the creation of these Taheb-like human bots, this should not be surprising to you.

We’ve gathered all the pieces of the puzzle. Arranging time. Ready?

Everything that has happened since the "clash" with Nancy and Chucky in the Oval Office was part of a MIL/Intel operation. The NO CAVE operation. Here it is. Read very carefully: Img10

There are many other things I could tell you about this NO CAVE operation, the way the Maestro coded how Clowns are using drugs, international money laundering and secret societies to advance their 666 Mark of the Beast agenda and how the wall is making them lose control. Unfortunately, I am running out of space. For those who want to discover these gems, start with this tweet.

Next, with God’s Permission, I will tell you what Roger Stone’s arrest is really about and who tipped off CNN. What if I told you CNN does not even really know? You would be surprised if you knew the truth. It’s all in the Maestro’s tweets… Happy hunting!

Q2234 Imagine the frustration if we weren't here communicating w/ you. Q

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