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Post # 135 - So you thought Trump caved? Then you are not paying attention.

==>[Special Note: A German Translation is here]

Let’s take it up notch. I think everyone is now ready.

Do you know the fundamental difference between angels and demons?

They are both controlled but the first group knows it and willingly participates in the manifestation of the Divine Commandment while the second has no clue what’s going on.

An anon asks: How do you know the future?

Q’s response: Q 2606 Control

Let’s take a close look at this tweet Img1 The Maestro uses the expression “OFF TO THE RACES”. Interesting choice of words. Did you notice the value is 141 and that the value for OFF THE TABLE is 100? Their difference is therefore 41. What’s the 41st letter of the alphabet? Yes, the letter O. Read it as if it were a number, what do you get? Yes: ZERO. These two expressions are therefore secretly equivalent. In this case, the Maestro preferred to use the first one. Why? Because it does not imply the presence of a counterpart. You thought Trump was negotiating with the Dems? He is not. He is running the Plan. Why would he negotiate with the Dems about building the wall when the wall is already being built? We, the Q community, already know the wall is being built and was financed by the Military Spending Bill. It’s in Q2582. Img2 In fact, the Dems know it too but they hide it from their base because explaining how that happened would cause them to admit they were outsmarted by Trump. Now why is the Maestro not more explicit about it? Because it allows him to play with the Dems, set traps here and there, get them to do what he wants, while he’s moving forward with the Plan. This is what true control is.

I told you in a previous post that perception is a key component in politics. Q confirms it here: Img3

Do you see it? Grounding Nancy’s plane gets people to investigate the usage of our Military and, more generally how politicians profit from the system, and, ultimately, how they become wealthy. Nancy’s opposition to Trump will be used by the Maestro to expose how the swamp wastes and misdirects our tax money while many of us are struggling to give them what they play with. Trump cornered Nancy and got her to say the SOTU was postponed until the Government reopens. Now it is reopened. Do you think she will schedule the SOTU? If she does not, she will be perceived as an unstable politician incapable of keeping her word. If she does, it would be suicidal: who knows what Trump can say when she’s sitting behind him and the whole world is watching? What if RBG conveniently “chooses” to pass away the day before? Another Supreme Court pick for Trump? How about the growing crowd of Dems willing to negotiate with him? What if they clap when she is not? Zugzwang. Politics at its finest.

Let’s go back to the tweet. The Maestro was aware many would not understand his move. He therefore invited them to pay more attention: “I wish people would read or listen to my words on the Border Wall”.

Let’s do that. Walk with me.

Did you notice “OFF TO THE RACES” is the title of a Lana Del Rey song? That’s connection 1. Img4 You know this pop singer right? In Feb 2017, she took part in a monthly mass ritual aiming at removing Trump from office and tweeted about ingredients and a list of “magical” dates. When asked if she did witchcraft against Trump, she confirmed. She is therefore a witch. The tweet says “witch hunt”. Coincidence? Connection 2. The official music video is not available on her YT channel. It was probably removed because of the bad reviews. I found a copy here. Bad. But then I found a very interesting channel which produces videos out of her songs using Hollywood movie footage. Here is their OFF TO THE RACES rendition. At 25’ notice the reference to ACE CHEMICALS with gematria value of 82. The capital letters of the tweet are IBWTIS. Value? 82. Coincidence? Connection 3. Now let’s look at the Maestro’s tweet on Jan 17 2019 where he quotes Gregg Jarrett. The capital letters add up to GJMDIFCNWH=97, same value as LANA DEL REY. Coincidence? Connection 4. For those who still have doubts, wait until I tell you what connection 5 is. Take a few seconds and listen to the Maestro as he is interviewed on Jan 12 2019 by Judge Pirro video. He says he fired James “Coney”. Now what are the odds we find in the OFF TO THE RACES lyrics the sentence: “I'm your little harlot, starlet, Queen of Coney Island”?! Keep in mind all these connections occurred within a 13 day timespan. We got it. This particular song from this particular artist rendered in this particular video from this particular channel is what we need to analyze.

Before we do so, do you see the implications of what we have just found? If the Lana Del Rey theme started when the Maestro said “James Coney” on Jan 12 2019, it means he already knew at that date that, down the line, he may say: “OFF TO THE RACES”. So? He did not say it under pressure and therefore did not cave. He implemented his plan and we deduce his 21 day move was part of the Plan all along. Clear?

Let’s now analyze. First, there are so far 65 videos in this channel with an emphasis on Lana. Snoop Dogg and T.I. are also included… The channel was opened on Jan 20 2017 and the same day, the video Art Deco featuring the movie the Great Gatsby was uploaded. Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed this was Trump’s inauguration day and that the Great Gatsby is about the life of a non-conformist millionaire. The next day, Freak was uploaded featuring the movie Neon Demon. This is the type of salacious thing Buzzfeed would like… on April 5 2017, the Swan Song is uploaded, featuring the movie Jackie. Here are a few lines from the lyrics: Img5

A few months later, a missile was launched targeting AF1 from a submarine located in cold waters…

Take the time to analyze these song/movie combinations. Fascinating. Notice the video Ride is uploaded twice: Nov 16 2017 and June 15 2018 and the featured movie is Hot Rod… Ride? Rod? RR? I told you: fascinating.

Now that we know all this, we can go further and analyze the OFF TO THE RACES video which features the movie Suicide Squad. At the very first second, look how 666 is coded. Img6 Performing reductions of the gematria values, we extract two instances of 666 on the right and one on the left. If right is positive and left is negative or vice versa, one instance of 666 is the remaining message. We deduce we are in metaphysical territory.

Q128 What is a spell? Who is asleep? Dissemination.

Are you ready to hear what I am going to say?

Q1879 The choice to know will be yours. Q

At 25’, after falling into the vat of chemicals, why is the joker surrounded by red and blue and why does his hair become green? Answer: they have infiltrated both Dems and Republicans. Who? Those who make your hair green.

Q128 There is an active war on your mind.

Who is trying to conquer your mind?

An anon: Q Are we alone? Roswell?

Q’s response: Q2222 No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space. Q

So when our immigration laws say “aliens”, why are you dismissing the natural definition of the word “alien”? You thought it was referring and limited to humans? If you don’t expand your thinking, you will miss 90% of the conversation and what this wall is REALLY about and why POTUS created the Space Force...

Lana, our Witch of the Day knows these things. Look.

Do you see it? The ingestion of certain chemicals causes your mind to be conquered by extra dimensional entities. Once that happens, like a robot, you are driven. Read again. I have just revealed to you the door to Exopolitics and what a true invasion is.

For those who challenge you about the existence of aliens and their agenda against humans, ask them if they have ever seen a virus with their own eyes. Yet, the evolution of the disease it causes is proof it is gifted with intelligence. Once you add to this argument that your mind has a biology, the existence of aliens and their agenda become obvious.

So? The ultimate politician is the witch, the wizard or the warlock who covertly controls your mind with the help of extra dimensional entities. He tells you how to think, how to eat, how to spend your money and how to vote.

Mass Magic.

In addition to sending commands to your subconscious, these sorcerers create armies of “human robots” and disseminate them among us. They have a human form but they are not humans: their minds are controlled by some stupid alien civilization somewhere in the universe. Now you know what the Maestro really means when he says about MS13: “they are animals” and how they create Suicidal Squads like Taheb and his group to blow up the White House. Q also told you about this, it’s right here: Img7

Do you see the threat? What if I told you I deduced Q gathered intel that these human bots were going to be activated this past week end? Nancy’s letter to Trump where she worries about Government Security was released before anything happened so she could blame Trump down the line and say: “see? I told you!”. Trump skillfully cut them off when he reopened the Government.

Next, I will tell you how this intel was gathered and why the Maestro picked the number 21.

Q749 Now comes the 'conspiracy' label. Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. The end won't be for everyone. That choice, to know, will be yours. Q

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