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Post # 134 - Trump’s Secret Message to Nancy.

=>[Special note: A German Translation is here]

Okay my friends, with the training you have now received, you already know Covington was a smoke screen designed by the Deep State to distract us right?


In my January 19th 2019 morning post, I told you about the assassination attempt on POTUS, its connection to JC, sleeper cells in the US, ANTIFA, Taheb and the related shenanigans with Nancy and her puppet Chucky.

I also told you about Lincoln’s assassination, the mysterious moving 4 and how it was related to Taheb’s arrest in Georgia. Peruvian coffee for those who caught that, the same day, the Maestro tweeted about Abraham Lincoln and moved his scheduled live speech from 3PM to 4PM. Img1 Coincidence? You know what’s going on right? Double Peruvian coffee for those who noticed the theme of the day for the Maestro’s tweets was the number 4! And a very special mention for those who solved this one using the SECRET OF NINE and what ONE NINE represents. Difficulty level? High. As confirmed by the Maestro in the tweet:   ‘Not easy!’ Happy hunting!

Now that we have all these confirmations from the Maestro himself, we know it was vital for the Deep State to remove our attention from what was really going on. Let’s look at the Maestro’s tweet on Jan 21 at 21:46. Img2 Do you see how he misspelled Sandmann? Where is the missing N? Since N=14, let’s subtract it and also add it to the timestamp 21:46, we get respectively 21:32 and 22:00. Now let’s go to Q2132 and Q2200. They are both about WRAP UP SMEAR. Q2132 is for Kavanaugh, Q2200 for Trump. Coincidence? Who is the Wrap up smear expert? Yes, Nancy as revealed in Q2360. Now you know the missing N stands for Nancy and why the word ‘smeared’ appeared in the tweet. This Covington story had Nancy’s hands all over it and it was about removing her from the news cycle. Why? To avoid the risk of more people making the connection between Taheb’s arrest and her canceled trip…

The Maestro also told us who executed this communication operation for her. Look at the tweet capital letters. Making sure you group them as hinted by the dash between ‘false’ and ‘smeared’, you get: NNNATC=66=PLANNED and LNSCC=51=ANTIFA. This Covington incident was planned by the Dems and executed by ANTIFA, in the disguise of the so called Black Hebrew Israelites who were present only to create problems. You remove them from the picture, Covington would have never happened, as well explained here.

Don’t be fooled. The Fake News Mockingbird media knew the truth about Covington all along. Their apologies are fake. Their initial coverage was a mass decoy.

After grounding Nancy’s plane, the Maestro knew the Dems would use their usual deflection play by creating violence, artificial disorder and division throughout the country. Hence the following tweet inviting Americans to stay home because of the ‘cold’: Tweet. You all caught 'cold' meant cold relations or division, 'Global Warming' meant warm relations or unity and when he says 'Amazing how big this system is', he is talking about the sleeper cells and all the networks the Dems use to create false flags and Fake News content. Take a close look at the capital letters of the tweet: B L C A W GW=71, same value as GAS MASK. That’s exactly what you need when the Dems are GASLIGHTING you with their smoke screen…

That’s the appetizer. Let’s now go through all the Maestro’s tweets posted on Jan 20 2019. Let’s connect the timestamps to their corresponding Q drops. For example the timestamp 7:40AM will be connected to Q740, 1:16PM to Q1316 and so on. This will provide the additional context required to decode the tweets using their respective capital letters. You get the following individually decoded messages. Read very carefully and try to follow how they were gathered. Notice subtleties like the way DEFENCE is spelled in the Five Eyes or how LIGHT SWITCH is connected to Q2672.

Decode 1/5Decode 2/5Decode 3/5Decode 4/5Decode 5/5

You got it?

Now let’s watch Nancy as she is commenting on the cancellation of the SOTU video. Did you notice she wrote to Trump on the 23rd? Img8 Those who are familiar with my writings know the number 23 symbolizes the Trump/Q dynamics as hinted in the password revealed in Q1415. Is it a coincidence? January 23rd 2019 was the 33rd day of the shutdown and we all know the number 33 symbolizes Freemasonry. Coincidence? How about the colors of the scarf she wears the day she is openly defying Trump? Exactly the same colors as the Chinese flag. Probably a coincidence…

From these individual decoded messages, we can now extract the secret message the Maestro sent to Nancy:

"Nancy, our economy is doing very well because I have put an end to the treasonous policies that were depriving the American People from its wealth and exporting it to China in priority. I have restored our Military might and have also built a big fat wall around their comms and mine. Being taken advantage of economically and militarily is over. Spying on America using the FVEY loopholes and tech companies is over. I have decimated the Deep State’s positions in the private sector and in the Government. There have been many resignations and many politicians are not seeking reelection. As promised, I am draining the swamp.

I am fully aware the Russian hoax was created by the Dems to cover their tracks and to distract me and the American People from the real threat our Nation is facing:


I am focused and know the real target. Very soon, the real numbers will speak and China will come to the negotiation table. I saw the colors of your scarf on January 23 2019, the 33rd day of the shutdown. The American People is now trained to understand symbolism and deduce your undisclosed allegiances. That’s your choice, but be careful: this is now out of the realm of politics. This is about conspiring with foreign forces to undermine the President’s agenda and security. This is about activating sleeper cells or organizations like ANTIFA or MS13 to jeopardize the security of millions of Americans. This is TREASON.

My job is to keep America safe and TREASON will neither be tolerated nor unpunished. I have expanded GITMO and am currently building new prisons. Do you remember Kavanaugh’s hearing? Military Tribunals are doing their job. Should you chose to persist in undermining our National Security, you may end up the way No Name did.

It is now clear the wall’s ultimate purpose is to protect America from a planned invasion and is therefore more a matter of national security than about immigration. The American People is starting to see why you are not willing to negotiate. I am aware you are actually the minority in your party and that my recent proposal about border security caught the interest of many Democrats. Perhaps they will soon see through and chose America over the shady and uncertain path you are engaged in. In the meantime, know Q is everywhere. We have it all. All the tweets, the fake names, the burner phones, the emails, the servers, everything, we have it all. We know who did what, how and when.

Your choice. GJ coming. It’s right here:

Q2672 GJ testimony underway in several states. Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL. Far beyond political corruption/sedition.

Once the light is switched on, there will be no coming back and the tidal wave will reach the House:

Q2672 Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator? Lights on. Q

So? Trying to eliminate me and hoping to take over? And when it failed, manufacturing Covington to distract people? Don’t you get it? I know the entirety of your playbook and, with God supporting the Patriots who are standing up and praying to save America, you will fail at everything you try. I have been preparing for this for decades. This is the very reason I am walking on earth. I am the Commander in Chief of the most skilled and powerful Military Forces in the world. One signature with a random pen on my desk and your plane was grounded.

Think about it".

Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q

=== end of Post ===

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[ Following are a couple of comments from the comment section of the preceding Post ]

comment #1) -

... regarding the Missing [N] on Sandman... Notice the very clever Homophone that POTUS used which confirms he is referring to Nancy:

The tweet is written: [n] followed by & C

If sounded out this says: n&C. or; Nancy. (If said all together: Nandc )

And there is an additional twist:

"& C" could also be said like this: "And See? we are removing [N]ancy

or phrased as it is like this: [n] and See? = [n = removal] & C?

Later on in SerialBrain2's post there is yet another confirmation this time regarding the "Snow" :

re: the Fake News coverage and Covington:

..."Large parts of the Country are suffering from tremendous amounts of snow ..."

Well, You've heard the term: "You're being "snowed" = to mean ..."you're being "fooled"

comment #2) -

Notice how quickly the DS wrap up smear, FF, and other diversions are revealed and taken down? It used to take weeks, now it takes hours. Thank you for the 5 decode graphics, they are enormously telling and very helpful. Nancy's ego made a power grab commitment she can't fulfill. They promised her the WH when she became speaker, she didn't think about the consequences of failure. But further to that, her arrogance has blinded her to the truth that we would never accept her as president. There would be a civil war in this country if she tried to become president.

What does 100 million armed US citizens marching on Washington look like? President Trump has a very large and loyal following of patriots who would be willing to die to protect this country.

Those people (DS) don't mess around. They use their assets and get rid of them when they become liabilities. Think of HRC - how much press does she get today? She had to cancel her world tour for lack of interest. They will all become part of history's dustbin especially once the military tribunals and indictments begin.

Pelosi looked very nervous in her post CODEL trip cancellation interview. She was dithering more than normal and her nervous hand movements (did she go to mime school?) were more frantic.

Why was she going to Egypt, which doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US but is the home base for the Muslim Brotherhood (Obama, Jarrett, Holder), and Brussels is home to the EU. She was taking her entire family (children and grandchildren) to Afghanistan, a war zone? What was she going to do there?

"There is no honor among thieves" is something Nancy should remember. She decided to back the wrong side and she should be careful, this is treason of the highest magnitude and she will go to prison or hang, which she richly deserves. And her $200 million plus fortune? All illegally obtained through insider trading, secret arms deals, sellouts, pay to play, and self enrichment of the highest order.

One way to fund the wall is to seize the assets of all of these career politicians -- they make billions during their political careers.

Nancy was being investigated for insider trading in 2011 see link

Pelosi's husband, son, and brother-in-law invest in solar panel industry and now California requires solar panels on all new homes? see article She doesn't even bother to hide her financial crimes.

President Trump's agreement to postpone SOTU is brilliant. It shows that Nancy is holding the entire House hostage to her power grab. Now they have to force a negotiation without her, maybe even force her from the House since she is acting like a despot instead of a speaker. 'Every dog has its day' and Pomeranian Pelosi is going to see her day too. 'Be careful Nancy' you're on thin ice and it's a sunny day in DC. Light dispels darkness.

Another brilliant decode SB2, thank you. I always look forward to your comms.

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