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Post # 130 -Trump’s Cabinet Meeting Poster: The Art of Destroying the Deep State. [Part 2]

Before you proceed, make sure you read Part1 here.

So what do we do next? What comes to mind when I say: 3,4,5? Yes, 2 and 6. And when the I-SEE-A-FROG Anons see a picture of a journalist, a 6 and a 2, they immediately scream: COVFEFE! Why? Because COVFEFE=62 and I told you in this post  COVFEFE was referring to Trump’s promise to dismantle Mockingbird media.

Now you understand why Anderson, out of blue, brought in COVFEFE in his second video (wearing a red tie): he understood Kelly Ann’s additional clues and was able to clarify the decode he made the day before (when his tie was blue). I do not have the space to go through it in detail but here is a synthetic image Img7 You will see that by purposely mistaking the age of the 2 month old November tweet with 3 months in order to draw attention, then showing Michael Jordan’s 23, then saying ‘Elf on the Shelf’, he’s pointing at Gingerbread GITMO Q2595 and its timestamp structure. He then confirms GITMO through the insistence on Winter is Coming’. You know what or who Winter refers to right? It’s Damon Winter, the Pullitzer NY Times Photographer who made a beautiful collection of black and white photos of GITMO link. He then pulls in Acting Attorney General Whitaker by playing with the phonetics resemblance with Game of Throne’s White Walker and finally brings in the framing of black hats in the CIA=13 through the trolling Fake News Time Magazine cover dated 3.1.2009. Excellent decode AC! I see you have some knowledge of falconry and noticed the code bar of the trolling magazine was 25-2-7-4-1-3-5 which is Y B G D A C E and reads BY CADGE when re-arranged! Framing of all the actors and scams on the Time Magazine cover confirmed!

Let that sink in. This trolling fake cover was made in 2009. When do you think the Maestro started preparing for his carnage of the Deep State we are currently witnessing?!

Conclusion: with his blue tie, AC informed his network he was guessing the poster meant the legal framing of high level officials and rogue C_A operators and their transportation to GITMO.

The next day, wearing a red tie, he shared an interpretation with more confidence using Kelly Ann’s additional clues. Let’s listen to her until the end video. The clues are here: “I think the President speaking for 95 minutes and holding forth in a number of issues shows his transparency… He’s always been for transparency, 55 minutes in the cabinet room last year…”. Why is she talking about last year? What is the 55th letter of the alphabet? Yes, 55=3+2x26=C. How about the 95th? Yes, 95=17+3x26=Q. Kelly Ann is saying the transparency agenda went from C last year to Q today. C is code for all the CNN, CBS, CNBC, C_A and everything Centralized with 4AM Mockingbird routines, as confirmed by the capital letters in AC’s Q345: IEWAQ=55, while Q is Q. When AC heard this, he immediately understood the poster was about Trump’s war against Mockingbird media: COVFEFE.

With this in mind, AC first confirmed the GITMO component by saying at exactly 1:04: “Kelly Ann Conway continued to speak for a minute and 4 seconds ». video Coincidence? No. 1:04=64 sec and 64=GITMO. Then, notice the length of the video is 209 sec which is the value for PERHAPS THERE IS A KEY=209. What key is AC talking about? Peruvian coffee for those who answered COVFEFE!

Do you realize the magnitude of what I am sharing with you here with this AC example? I am showing you how the Deep State tries to decipher Trump and disseminate in plain sight the information to their top operators without disclosing too much. Why? Because they need to keep the base of their pyramid in the dark to prevent their structure from imploding. They know about GITMO and everything else but their base should not know. This is the main reason why they hate Q: he trained Anons who understand the comms and who are selflessly sharing their discoveries and all this is being done without infringing National Security regulations. The issue is not about the Black Hats hacking the White Hats and vice versa, this is an old game they both know how to play. The issue is the general public awareness. Your awareness. It’s right here:

Q1602 The game is over when the public knows. The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you.


Let’s go back to the riddle and apply the key AC is talking about to the message ‘SANCTIONS ARE COMING’. Img-8 I showed you how to do this in previous posts: you write the message, then you repeat the key above the message until it covers it entirely, then you change each letter of the message using the number of steps indicated by the key above. For example, since C=3 is above the first letter S, we need to walk 3 steps backwards to decipher S, we hit P. For the next letter A, we need to walk 15 steps backwards, we hit L and so on. When all the letters are transformed, we extract all the words appearing in the last row and try to identify the relevant in-context message. Here, we see the hidden message is MY Q CIA. The Maestro is informing us that the CIA has been purged from its rogue elements. He won the Game of Thrones after his election. He has now strengthened his Presidency and has successfully neutralized all the Deep State plants in the Agency. It is now his ‘Q CIA’, meaning he knows he can trust them because they are Patriots. This confirms AC’s apprehensions in his first decode.

This discovery about the key got AC excited and he could not help but mention the second picture with the message ‘THE WALL IS COMING’ the Maestro posted on Instagram video. What did AC see? Img9 Look at the dimensions of the picture: 640 by 640 pixels. Coincidence? No. We now know the territory: GITMO=64 and IS REAL=64. This 640x640 pixel is code for GITMO IS REAL, just in case there are still doubters out there. Let’s now apply the key COVFEFE to the message on the picture. We find the Maestro knows his way around Instagram, he knows posting there is mainly about showing your art. He therefore took the liberty of a little fancy by inviting us to read from right to left and identify the hidden message: MY ART IS Q.

Hahaha! Thank you Mr. President for these challenging riddles and for your entertaining way of trolling the Deep State while destroying them to the rhythm of your vibrant symphonies and colorful light effects!

Are you tired of winning yet?

Q2461 YOU ARE WITNESSING THE SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION OF THE OLD GUARD. Forced exposure. Standard deviation broken long ago. P—A—I—N  Q

=== End of Post ===

=== Addendum: Additional insight from comments by SB2: ===

From the comments:

An Anon asks:

"SB2, Why did you subtract the numbers from this decoding and this one and did not add them?"

SB2' reply:

Thank you 'anon'! - The convention is to encrypt, you add the key and to decrypt, you subtract. Digest this by seeing it naturally: you close/secure a safe by activating/adding a key.

If you want to go further, study Caesar and Vigenere Cipher and their variations. If you want to know how to use automation tools, go to AW9's archive and read post33 and post34.

Once you master these techniques, you will the be able to use them in different settings naturally.

Good luck! ;)

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