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Post # 129 - What Was Trump’s Cabinet Meeting Poster All About? Fascinating.

[Part 1]

Wednesday January 2nd 2018, POTUS hosts a Cabinet Meeting at the White House. The media is present and as discussions are ongoing, a movie-style poster is sitting in front of Trump with his picture and the words “SANCTIONS ARE COMING NOVEMBER 4”. It’s just sitting there. Cryptically. It’s never talked about, never even slightly mentioned, never even pointed at.

Hahaha! I love this!

Of course, after this event, we were treated to the usual MSM and social media outburst. Img1 It’s not surprising he is usually mocked but sometimes, you can find very smart headlines like Fortune’s showing the Maestro ingeniously winking or RT’s making an interesting use of the word “puzzled”.

You and I already know we are in very stable genius territory right? Let’s solve the puzzle.

First, let’s notice it was generally reported that the Maestro tweeted the same poster on Nov. 2 2018 with the date November 5. Img2

Now let’s walk around the Fake News Mockingbird media to know what the Deep State has to say about this and gather some clues. I told you in previous posts, I usually start with BBC but strangely enough, they did not report on this… My usual next stop is CNN and Anderson Cooper in particular. I discovered him after Q345. He is a wealth of information when you want to decrypt the Deep State’s moves and concerns. I gathered by watching some of his shows he is an assiduous reader of Q and of the many Anons he seems to not like… Let’s hear him give us his first impressions on the poster and try on your own to identify the relevant clues: video. You got it? Now let’s listen to him the next day in a CNN video entitled “Anderson Cooper tries to decipher Trump's Instagram post” video. Done? Did you gather enough clues? Keep them somewhere in the back of your head.

Now let’s analyze the poster. Why did the Maestro change the date from Nov 5 to Nov 4? To answer this question, many have made the connection with Q2417 which is pertinent since it is related to cinema and was posted on Nov 4. Img3

Even though this connection is solid, it does not answer the question why the Maestro used Nov 5 in the first place. This Nov 5 date has to mean something. It is a relevant piece of the puzzle and needs to be interpreted. How? This is where you need to expand your thinking. Look at this conversation:

An anon: >Iran next. A tougher nut to crack, Q-Team. I hope your negotiations with Mahmoud are going well.

Q’s response:

Q890 Resolved by 11-11. Q

Those who are familiar with all my writings know what Q means here with 11-11. He is giving a clue to the anon who wants to ‘crack’ the ‘tougher nut’. Q’s message means: ‘if you want to solve this, use a matrix with 11 rows and 11 columns’.

Let’s apply this tool to the message ‘SANCTIONS ARE COMING’ using the two dates Nov 4 and Nov 5. To do that, we draw a matrix made of 4 columns and 5 rows and “map” the message into the matrix. Like this: Img4 As you can see, there is no extra space left and the message fits like a glove. Coincidence?

Now take a close look at the matrix. What do you see? Try to identify words that are naturally appearing using straight lines and no skips. Do you see it? Img5

The anagram of the word CINEMA appears. Coincidence? The Maestro coded the word CINEMA in the tweet and the poster to confirm they are connected to the cinema picture in Q2417.

At this point, a legitimate reaction would be to raise the question regarding the choice of November and these 3 mysterious vertical lines in the 2 Os. Well, I will show you this puzzle is really amazing.

First, notice if you separate the 2 vertical lines around the middle vertical line in the O, you get 11, which is November, and a circle with its diameter. Img6

Now, what does an image of a circle with its diameter represent? Peruvian coffee for those who answered: the number Pi=3.14! Yes, you knew Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Second, notice that the dates 11-4 and 11-5 are not random. For 11-4, if you count 11 columns and 4 rows, circling the matrix when you get to the 4th column, you hit the letter C. If you do the same with the date 11-5, you hit the letter N. And you know C=3 and N=14. 3 and 14. And here is Pi again, in all its glory! Coincidence? No. The Maestro coded the letters C and N included in CINEMA with the vertical lines in the 2 Os and the 2 dates! This is an additional confirmation we are hitting the right word CINEMA in the 4 by 5 matrix and, cherry on top, if you notice C+N=3+14=17=Q, you know you are instructed to go to the Q board.

To confirm this, the Maestro tweeted his Oval Office speech about the Southern Border link. Did you notice it starts at 3:14 and leaves 45 seconds at the end? A first layer of understanding would be to say he is hinting at Q=17=3+14 in the beginning and at himself at the end. Then, if you notice the video could have more simply started with a 17 second delay to give us Q, you realize he is in fact confirming Pi=3.14 with the 3:14 delay and our 4 column and 5 row matrix with the 45 seconds at the end!

These multiple layered ‘coincidences’ confirm Q2417 is indeed the drop the Maestro wants us to analyze through this tweet and this poster.

Q2567 How do you 'safely' & 'securely' communicate w/o breaking the law and violating NAT SEC? >Add multiple layers of 'coincidences' which mathematically proves legitimacy (standard deviation)< At what point do people wake up? Q

Let’s analyze Q2417.

The first layer of information in Q2417 comes from the file name DrMBzbjX4AAPU6j. Group similar character types, you get DMBXAAPU=82, rzbjj=66 and 46. These 3 numbers are the respective values for POOR ME, PLANNED and CHAOS. The Maestro is letting you know the feud about the wall is planned. It’s needed for what is going on behind the scenes. So? Relax, get some pop corn, pick any of the 3 movies the Q2417 theater offers and enjoy the show, it’s GITMO time.

The second layer of information is coded in the size of the picture: 1,200x670 pixels. Do you see it? Q is giving us 1,2,6 and 7. What’s missing? Elliptic language, he’s saying 3,4,5. Next? We go to Q345 and who do we find there? Anderson Cooper!  The CNN decipherer of the day!  Coincidence?  What do we do next?

End of Part1. 

Click here for Part - 2 -Trump’s Cabinet Meeting Poster: The Art of Destroying the Deep State.

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